Jul 062013

Vixen Creations Randy SiliconeI drooled over his pictures for months. I longed for the day that I could call him mine. Then came the day I saw a friend post that her Randy was for sale. After a decent, gleeful, freak out, I was able to buy him from her. I was so excited I nearly chewed through the box. When I pulled him out, I was thrilled by his promising girth and gorgeous swirls of color. I took him to the sink and washed him with soap, then threw Randy in the cauldron to be sanitized.

To be honest, after I sanitized Randy, I only had a few minutes before I had to jam out the door. Me, being me, I took that as a challenge. So with some Maximus water-based lube, I hiked up a leg, and worked Randy in. I was surprised that I was able to take him without any warm up. Happy, really. I knew that I would go about it the right way (proper warm up), the next time, but I just had to know if I could “take” him. GE DIGITAL CAMERA

I had been wanting to move up in size, ever since I fell in love with the girth of Vixen Creations Vixskin Maverick, and Randy seemed like the most sensible option. I took into consideration that Randy comes in Vixen Creations supple Vixskin with an inner-core of their standard pliable silicone. I knew it could be difficult going from Vixskin to regular silicone, while moving up in girth, but I just couldn’t stay away from Randy’s beautiful coloring.

When I did slow it down and warm up the right way, I opened up with Maverick and then took on Randy. His smooth curves allowed me to take him with out any difficulty, and as soon as I had him all of the way in, I stopped to enjoy the deliciously full, stretched feeling he gave me. I’d never been so full, as Randy is the biggest toy I’d ever tried.  When I did start thrusting, I found that his large head limited the length of strokes I could take, and was somewhat uncomfortable. But, when I rotated him, with his head facing down, I couldn’t silence myself. My moans were echoing off of our vaulted ceiling, and I wasn’t about to stop.GE DIGITAL CAMERA

It was hard to keep thrusting while cumming with Randy. It was so intense and bearing down nearly stops Girth Boy in his tracks. I was able to persevere by keeping him deep and the thrusts short. The post-orgasmic spasms were extreme, as I put my legs together and Randy kept me open. When I finally roused myself to get up, I was left feeling thoroughly fucked and to be honest, a little loopy. I walked to the sink with a goof grin on my face, and had to lean against the basin to keep myself from swaying (my knees tend to get weak after a great session).GE DIGITAL CAMERA

I have tried him in different positions and the only one that is a sure thing, was on my back. Randy’s hulking figure tends to get caught up on my pelvic bone, but it’s only a position change to fix. I’ve also tested out his suction cup base. On the wall, it doesn’t last past one bounce before losing suction and you end up slamming your ass into the wall. On a seat (I used the side of our bathtub, it has a generous amount of space), it will stay in place, but as soon as you really start bouncing, it will again lose suction. The only way for it to work is to hold it in place with one hand.

A few things about Randy:GE DIGITAL CAMERA

-Randy is made from Vixen Creations 100% Platinum silicone

-Measurements: Insertable length – 5 1/2″ front & 6 1/2″ back

-Circumference around the head and middle of the shaft 7″

-Diameter of widest sections 2.23″

-6 1/2″ circ. at the base

-Base width is 3 1/2″

I fell in love with Randy from Vixen Creations, rather quickly. He lived up to my expectations/hopes, and quickly became one of my top favorite dildos. He is somewhat squishy and has some flex, but because of his girth, he loses some of the pliancy you get with other Vixen Creation toys. My only issue with Randy is that his base is extremely flexible because it isn’t as thick as the rest of the body, and isn’t rigged at all. This can make it difficult to keep a firm grasp while pumping. I found it easiest to pinch one side (with my thumb, pointer, and middle finger), and lay my other fingers flat against the base. Making it to so I can pull him out and push with my flat fingers.


Overall: My excitement over obtaining Randy was completely justified. The smooth curves worked well for this first time girth chaser, but some positions can be uncomfortable.  I’ve had some difficulty successfully getting off via g-spot, but my x-spot orgasms are extremely powerful. Since falling in love with Randy, I have obtained the T-Rex by Tantus. I now use Randy to warm up for the T-Rex, and he’s the only reason I could move up to a larger size. I do use Randy as a finisher, and he still leaves me with that goofy grin on my face. His size isn’t for everyone, so keep his measurements in mind when considering Randy. Personally I took one look at him and thought, “Challenge Accepted”.

*Keep in mind that it is safest to move up in size is with proper warm up. Also, do not use silicone lube with Randy as it may damage the toy. If you insist, spot test on an area that is not insertable.

 If you want to give Randy from Vixen Creations a try, he’s available at SheVibe.

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