Nov 112013

Spunk DripAlright, I’ve been won over. My husband has been won over. FINALLY, a lube that does exactly what I want it to. It feels real, and lasts long. I’ve tried other lubes that I like and love, but this one tops them all. I have lubes that I love exclusively for toys, that flop when I use them for skin to skin sex. Not the SPUNK Hybrid. I reach for it every time I go to use my toys, and every time I’m having sex. For my husband to remember the name of a lube is unheard of, but to have him specifically request one lube over another is a miracle. Top that with the fact he tells me that we should gift it to a couple we know, and I am simply blown away.

Spunk on Rex

Spunk Lube is put out by D. Enterprises and is located here in California. I love that Spunk Lube is manufactured in California because it gets here so quickly. Order one day, within two days it’s here. Plus, Jeff, the creator, is constantly shipping product. So there is very little delay of the product actually getting on the road.  The Hybrid, is a water-silicone hybrid lube. It has the wet feeling of water-based lubes, and the silky feeling of a silicone lube. It’s safe to use with all sex toy materials (glass, silicone, metal, etc.).  I’ve used it on Tantus silicone, Vixskin, glass, and stainless steel. All were left unaffected.

Spunk on my hand

The feel of the Hybrid is very wet, and slick. I know that sounds vague as fuck, but that’s what it feels like. It looks like male cum, hence the name SPUNK, but it isn’t sticky. It spreads easily and stays relatively thick. This plays out so well during sex for us. Usually we have to stop and reapply multiple times during a session. With the Hybrid, I’d say we average only one reapplication. Which is huge. I have an IUD, and since having it, I’ve noticed I don’t get as wet on my own as I used to.  I need the lubricant to provide that for me. Not just slick like the Spunk Lube Silicone, but wet. It lasts longer than my other water-based lubes, too. If I’m using a toy or penis with a lube, and it’s left outside of my vagina for too long, it can dry. Not crazy fast, but I have only a small window of time to use it on that one application. With the Hybrid, that window of time is significantly longer.

*Keep in mind that I tried the Hybrid, before I tried the Spunk Lube Pink. The Pink has all of the same qualities of the Hybrid, except that it is free of glycerin. So if you’re sensitive to glycerin, the Pink is a fantastic alternative. It’s slightly thinner than the Hybrid, but just as great.

The ingredients for the Spunk Lube Hybrid include: Water, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxymethycellulose, Glycerine, Methylparaben.

Spunked Palm

Spunk on Rex head

One interesting thing about the Hybrid is that after the lube dries on a toy it becomes almost like a skin. Not hard to get off, just obvious when you look at your toys after a session. When it happens, if you wet it, it hydrates the lube and you can continue to go. Meaning when you’re having sex, and it starts to dry, a little bit of water and you can keep going without having to reach for the bottle right away.

One thing I don’t like about the Hybrid is that it becomes tacky if you don’t hydrate the lube or reapply. So if you’re up for a quickie and grab the Spunk Lube Hybrid, be sure to have a wet wipe, or something to wipe it away afterwards. This also means that the pump tip can have a gummy glob blocking it. It’s just like a lotion bottle that’s been left untouched, you get it out of the way just by using the pump.

Overall, I’m in love with the Spunk Lube Hybrid. My husband is in love with the Spunk Lube Hybrid. It last longer than my other water-based lubes, and feels like my natural lubricant without being sticky. It’s a non-staining lube, so I don’t have to worry about over shooting the mark when applying or dropping a toy on the bed. It’s thick when I pump it out, meaning that it doesn’t just slide off;  it gives me time to get things in order. I hate having to rush to catch the lube before it drips all over the place. Like I said though, it does contain glycerin. So if you’re looking to avoid glycerin, there’s always the Pink version. Now that I have the Pink, I have the feeling my husband is going to take over on the Hybrid, while I stick to the Pink.

Spunk B&W


 Thank you SPUNK Lube for providing me with the Hybrid, in exchange for my fair and honest review!