Jul 032013

GE DIGITAL CAMERAThe Cush is my first O2 dildo from Tantus, and it won’t be my last. What really drew me to the Cush was the girth and the temptation to try Tantus’ highly regarded 100% silicone O2 formula. The O2 formula is the softest silicone that Tantus carries. I had heard a lot about the O2 formula, so I waited in the shadows waiting for the perfect time to strike. When I did go *clickity*click*click* and bought the Cush, I was genuinely excited. I had been wanting to try a girthy toy for quite awhile. I loved my slimmer toys, but after while I was left wanting. I needed to find out if girth is was what I needed, and so entered the Cush. By trying the Cush I was able to find out something more about my body, and get off in a much more intense fashion. I honestly think that they should have named it the O2 Ridge, rather than the O2 Cush.


When I’m using the Cush it’s a toss up. There are times that the ridge blows my mind, and there are times where the ridge is too much and borderline painful. Most times a quick twist of the wrist, with the ridge pointing down, and we’re good to go. With the ridge pointing up, I line it up with my g-spot and use short, deep thrusts. With that I’m able to have a g-spot or x-spot orgasm. It all depends on which happens first. On the rare occasion, I’m able to have both, and WOW. I found the extreme ridge is best used with short thrust because the ridge can sometimes feel like it’s scraping my urethra.

When the ridge is pointed down it’s a whole different ball game. With it pointed down, it rubs my perineum wall and nearly creates the pleasurable pressure you get when you’re having anal play. It’s just more intense, and the ridge limits the length of strokes you can use without it being painful. Again I stick with those deep, short thrusts. I did try it anally, and the ridge was way too much for me. I’m not huge on extreme texture anally, and the Cush was no exception. I took the necessary precautions of warming up with a large plug, and I played with other dildos larger than the Cush. It’s just when I went for it with the Cush, I could only thrust a few times before having to call it quits.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAThe soft bulbous head is great for the deep strokes, because I can get a little wild and I’m not a fan of bruising my cervix. There have been times that my cervix does get in the way. With a little bit of maneuvering I’m able to move past it, and hit my back wall. When that happens I am over the moon. I’m able to it rub against my cervix, and still take more length. Since the first ridge is rounded, it makes the deep strokes smooth against my cervix and I’m able to enjoy the girth of the Cush. An all around win.


A few things about the Cush :

-It’s made from 100% platinum silicone, meaning it’s sterilizable

-Overall height – 7 1/2″
-Insertable length – 6 3/4″
-First ridge circumference – 6 1/8″
-Second ridge circumference – 5 7/8″
-Shaft circumference under second ridge – 5 1/2″
-Base diameter – 2 1/2″

Initially when I got the Cush, it was the girthiest toy I owned. Since then, I’ve moved on to much girthier toys. I still like the Cush, but it doesn’t get as much play time. When it does, it’s when I’m looking to play with a girthier toy, that’s on the stiffer side of the spectrum and of course, looking for some extreme texture.