Jul 262013
Oh, to be 19 again.

*click to enlarge* This is what happens when you go to visit your gf in Santa Barbara. This was back in ’05, and I was obviously having a good time. My best friend’s neighbors had their front door open, with this guy in their living room. They were standing around it, giggling. I had/have no Read More

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Jul 252013
What my days look like...

*click to enlarge* As a stay at home mom, and sex toy addict, this is what my typical day looks like. From left to right: LELO’s Ella, 5 loads of laundry, my VZ’s, mail, phone, Twitter.

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Jul 202013
Sinful Sunday - Butt Tongue

*click to enlarge* Tongue tricks are sexy, there’s no denying that. I can do the clover, I can tie cherry stems into knots, but this one I love to bust out because it makes people giggle. I have a butt in my mouth. See what others are doing this Sinful Sunday, by click the link Read More

Jul 132013
Sinful Sunday - Incentive

*click to enlarge* I always send my husband sexy texts when he’s working, but this one had him eager to get off early. . Click the link below, to see who else has been Sinful this Sunday.

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