Jun 132014
Package of the Day - Pedro from Primal Hardwere

The Pedro is here! As soon as I saw Pedro, I had to have it. It’s a rare dildo that can be left by a kitchen sink and nobody be the wiser. I’m excited to take Pedro on. This thing is HUGE, but so soft. It’s amazing that this dildo looks so realistic, yet is Read More

May 222014
Blog Tour

Alright, alright! I’m doing the blog tour! I’ve been asked by a variety of people to join in on the blog tour; such as Naughty Reenie, Red Hot Rosaline, and Kinky Biker Mom. The most recent, and the final straw that broke this camel’s back came from Vulgar Vag. Bear with me people, I’m a Read More

Mar 232014
Package of the Day from Pipedreams

I was having a really good night, when I came home from my night class to a package from Pipedreams. Something about a package full of sex toys makes a good night a better night. I’ve been curious about the Ceramix line since I first saw it, so I’m looking forward to giving it a Read More

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Mar 192014
Review : Hippocampus from Exotic Erotics

I laughed when I saw the Hippocampus medium in person. Alright, to say I laughed is a bit of an understatement. I cackled like a lunatic, uncontrollably, for the first few hours. This thing is HUGE. I’m happy to say that I love it. It’s not just a pretty dildo, it’s an amazing dildo. It’s ginormous, Read More

Mar 112014
Review: Serene from Blush Novelties

This is my second dildo from Blush Novelties, and results were interesting. The Serene was a bit of an underdog in the beginning. When Blush said they’d be sending it, I was excited to see how the design would work with my body. However, when I saw the tip, I was doubtful of its effectiveness. Read More

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Jan 262014
Review - Plunge Paddle from Tantus Inc.

This thing HURTS.  When I first got it, I had a stroke of genius and I smacked my palm with it.  I dropped the paddle, held my hand, and walked around hunched over, while muttering insults at myself.  That’s how my first thirty seconds with the Plunge Paddle went. Okay, so the Plunge Paddle from Tantus, Read More