Jul 032013
Dark Place

I walk to the door on the verge of tears. I’m overwhelmed with dread, fear, and regret. I put my key in the door and for a moment I can’t find the strength to turn it. I have to put my head against the door to keep myself from losing it. Tears silently streaming down Read More

Jun 282013

Since I’ve just started being self-hosted and am new to WordPress, please bear with me as I figure everything out. It may be quick, it may be slow, either way I’m here and I’m going to continue doing what I love. Thank you for your patience and support. This is really confusing and new, but Read More

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Jun 242013
Mis Tres Amigos - Neo, Juice, and Twist, by Tantus Inc.

These plugs of three, I could not let be. To be honest, I bought these three 100% platinum silicone plugs, because I wanted to add variety to my collection. I’d browsed for plugs multiple times and these three just kept popping up. The Neo caught my attention first because I knew it would work well Read More