Aug 062014

No 10 vibrationsIt’s beautiful, and that’s all it has to offer. I love the color scheme of the Ceramix No. 10 from Pipedreams. I think it’s wonderful that they are trying to bring ceramic sex toys to the masses, but they need to bring stronger vibrations to the mix. Ceramic toys sealed with a body-safe glaze, are safe to use. You need to be careful not to chip it, as ceramic (unsealed) is extremely porous and absorbent, not to mention possibly sharp. However, it’s going to be extremely difficult to chip a Pipedreams Ceramix, as they use a high fire glaze with yttrium within in the ceramic; the same as jewelers use.

This is not a small vibrator; in fact it’s quite large for a traditional design. It’s heavy, and doesn’t transmit the vibrations you hear at all. It’s loud, and the sound is very misleading. It sounds like strong vibrator but feels like that same vibrator wrapped in a down comforter. The vibrations are lacking in power and boring. The picture you see above, was extremely hard to take. When placing the vibe in the water, it only rippled the surface for the first three seconds. After those three seconds, the water looks extremely still.

No 10 vibrations 2

The button is made of silicone, as is the area where the removable end meets the ceramic. From there up, the end is plastic. There are 6 different settings. The first three are different strengths and the other three are different vibration patterns. The first three patterns are underwhelming; the one I tried the most was the third and strongest. I tried letting the vibrations carry me something resembling an orgasm; that didn’t work. So, I tried reaching into the “Sure Thing” folder of my Spank Bank, and still nothing. My wrist was sore from trying to add pressure, I tried holding it lightly on my clit; this vibe did nothing. I admit the past year of reviewing has given me an acquired taste for strong vibrations, but I have still used weak vibes out of pure necessity (i.e. all powerful vibes are dead) and have had success. I didn’t with the No. 10; not even close. Also, the the only way to turn the No. 10 off, is by cycling through all of the settings. You are not able to turn it off by holding down the button, as you are able to do with a number of other vibrators. So, if you are in a hurry to turn off your No. 10, you have to hurriedly cycle through to the off setting.

The No. 10 is powered by 4 AAA batteries; another thing I’m not a fan of. Not simply because disposable battery powered vibes tend to be less powerful and are wasteful, but because twisting the end off and on can have differing results. Sound confusing? What I mean is that when you twist the end back on, with the batteries in it, it can be a challenge to find the sweet spot for it to turn on. If you don’t hit this “sweet spot”, the vibe won’t turn on at all. This leaves me feeling like it isn’t tight enough, when I have to twist backward from the tightest it will go. Every time I put batteries in it, I have to go through this (I don’t leave batteries in the toy because I don’t want them to corrode).

Ceramix No 10

The color scheme is beautiful. The light blue with black stripes is something to be admired, but what good does a pretty vibe do me if it doesn’t get me off? I think if  Pipedreams had used a stronger motor this would be a great vibe. The ceramic is a great alternative.  It does retain my body heat and will hold it for little while. Don’t be mistaken, it’s not like stainless steel toys. Those pick up heat quick and hold it for a long time. This holds lukewarm and cool temperatures for a shorter amount of time. Before I forget, I want to be clear about the coloring. This isn’t a uniform color scheme. Each stripe is different. I don’t know if they are hand painted or if they just stick in a machine and a brush makes its rounds. I like it because it reminds me of ceramic pieces I made years ago. Again, though, this is not a reason to buy a toy, function is.

I’m not impressed with the Ceramix No. 10 at all. I like the colors and I appreciate their attempt to make a ceramic vibrator, but colors and a “new” material design doesn’t get me off. It is waterproof, but it does take disposable (or rechargeable if you have them) batteries. The No. 10 lacks the power needed to warrant a tradition design. If a traditional design has a powerful vibration, I’d be all over it. This one does not, but I guess I can say that I have a nice ceramic piece. As sitting on a shelf, is all it’s going to be doing.


Jun 142014

I have two versions of the Revel Body; the first and second version. The first version I received was quickly deemed obsolete and a second version came out soon after. The first version was extremely weak, and the instruction manual was ridiculous. It had 8 pages of warnings; such as “Don’t use on loose skin.” That one made me crack up to be honest. This warning is gone from the second versions instruction manual, thank goodness.


When I opened the package with the Revel Body, and saw that they included all of the attachments, I was eager to see how it would play out. All of the attachments are extremely different in shape. All of them are covered in pink, buttery smooth silicone, and all of them have extremely strong magnets in the bases. I was quick to take a Package of the Day picture, and get the Revel  Body on the charger. I wanted to see how this baseball vibrator worked.

revel vibrations

After I charged the Revel Body, I went through the cycles. They range from a thumping piston-like movement to standing still while humming. The Revel Body’s technology moves the magnet attachments up and down within the orb, this is caused by the linear motor (i.e. magnet motor). The range starts slow,  moving the attachment up and down the most. As you ascend the levels, the attachment moves faster, with less range. When you reach the highest level, movement is non-existent and it sounds like a hearing test. The levels of intensity are as follows: 1) Oh, look! It’s moving! 2) Still moving, and sounds like a boat motor. 3) It’s moving less but it’s faster. 4) Okay, that faster, but where did the motion go? 5) Is this going down in intensity? 6)Am I pressing the wrong button? 7) Is this thing even on? I hear it, but I’m not feeling it. Weird. 8-10) All I hear is the pitch of the motor going up, and the attachment isn’t even moving anymore. What the hell?

First off, I don’t like it, care for it, have interest in using it again after this review, and you won’t hear me suggesting it. I’ve had the Revel Body for quite awhile now, and during that time I’ve found that the Revel Body just doesn’t work for my body. Every time I’ve used it, I have used all of the attachments, with all of the speeds, with lube, without lube (there are no patterns). Every time, I am left with nothing. I’ve tried using it lightly on my clit (as suggested), I’ve used pressure. Nothing. Don’t get me wrong, the vibrations definitely vary between thumping to non-existent, but that’s about it. The website says to hold the Revel Body lightly against the skin. Um, why would I want a toy that can’t hold up its movement under the pressure of its own weight? I used no pressure, just the weight of the Revel Body, and that took a lot of the sensation away. Holding it away from my clit, left me feeling nothing as well. Like I said, I’ve used all of the attachments, and still nothing. I did, however, figure out that the attachments will make great magnets on my fridge.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe first attachment comes standard with the Revel Body, it’s called the “Rose”. Its shape reminds me of a powder puff, only super small. Its silicone is buttery soft, but has very little give to it. When in use, this attachment does nothing for me. It’s too broad, and to be honest, in the beginning I was worried about bits of flesh being caught with in the Revel Body (remember the warning from the first version?). Once I got over this fear, I was left waiting. Come on, sensations! Any time now! The only response I got was a motor boat sound coming from my vulva.

ConaThe second attachment available is the “Cona”. The Cona’s silicone is the same buttery soft silicone that covers all of the attachments, only it’s softer. Not in texture but in design. The Cona is shaped like a cylinder, and is quite pliable. However, in use this does softly pinpoint the sensations. As I’ve stated before the sensations are lacking, so it doesn’t do much to help. All it does is pin point the thump or hum, depending on which setting you have it on. This attachment isn’t very easy to clean, but it isn’t impossible. I found a fingernail works alright, as well as a strong stream of water. Also, it takes a long time to dry, as the water sits within it.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe third attachment is the “Ever”. It’s a strange shape; it looks like a smooth water’s surface when a single drop of water falls upon it. It looks like a nice attachment, but it again does nothing. You can feel a difference from the Rose attachment, but does not translate into an orgasm.

FawnThe fourth attachment is the “Fawn”. It looks like a rubber, dog hair removing, lint brush to me. That’s how it feels too. The silicone isn’t soft enough and feels as though I”m getting jabbed. On the highest settings it’s still uncomfortable. Also, this attachment is extremely hard to clean. Every time I think that I’ve cleaned it thoroughly, I always end up seeing that tell tale white within the bristles.

NikoThe last attachment is the “Niko”. Honestly, I don’t know how I would describe how it looks, I think the picture is the only way. The Niko is a toss up when it comes to stimulation. It either feels like someone trying ram your clit with their tongue, or it’s like you’re poking your clit with your finger tip (on the highest settings). If that’s your thing, that’s great. It isn’t mine.

I’ve tried all of these attachments with lube, without lube, out of water, in the water. The Revel Body doesn’t work for me. With most toys, I’m able to weasel an orgasm out of it. Not with the Revel Body. I spent most of my time searching for anything resembling an arousing feeling. The whole toy, with all of the attachments, left me frustrated and bored.

do like the quality of everything that True Sonic Tech sent me. The packaging is exquisite (the way that the attachments look like display items), the boxes are strong, sturdy and nicely done. The quality of the toy and attachments are nicely done. Even though I think they are a waste of time and money, the quality is top-notch.

Revel travel collage

The Travel Bag and charger is in a class all of its own. I have yet to see another company put as much time and effort into storage for a sex toy. The bag is made with strong material (think backpack) and with a strong zipper. The bag is the perfect size for the toy, with a breathing hole at the bottom (I’m not kidding). Also, there is a drawstring portion within the top half of the bag. Here is where you would store the travel charging cord and USB wall charger cube. The travel charging cord is made from study wire with strong fabric around it. I honestly think that this is the best charging cord I’ve seen yet. The USB cube is a standard wall charger that is included with the toy. So, I have three of them now (I love them; so handy).  I seriously wish that other toy companies would take a page out of True Sonic Tech’s book in regards to the quality of the storage and travel cord.

So, overall, I would say, save your money and buy something else. I would recommend the Mona 2 or a We-Vibe Touch. The Revel Body isn’t a toy I would take a risk on, since it is $130 and that’s just the toy with the Rose attachment. Every other attachment is $19. The Travel Bag is just under $30. As I said in the video, you’ll find that if you buy everything Revel, you will find that you have bought the most expensive USB wall charger you’ll ever get.

Thank you SheVibe and True Sonic Technology for sending me the Revel Body with all of the attachments and Travel Bag, in exchange for my fair and honest review.

If you’d like to buy the Revel Body, click the link below to use my affiliate code.


Jun 052014

Mona 2I am so behind on this review. The reason? I HAVE BEEN USING IT NON-STOP. I’m not kidding. Since I received it from Burlesque Toys, I have been using it daily. I take it on trips with me, regardless of where I’m going. It’s always with me. I am in love with my Mona 2. The power, the shape, it’s rechargeable and waterproof. My clit has been waiting for this for a long time.

The Mona 2 is made by LELO a Swedish company and have quite an array of toys that they have designed. I had no experience with LELO prior, aside from the Tiani 2 (which I still haven’t used) and the Ella (which I love to take with me on trips as well).

Burlesque Toys, the company who sent me the Mona 2, is an online sex toy shop that only carries body safe materials, located in Delaware. They started out of necessity when their founder Grace Love went to a brick and mortar shop only to find toxic toys and leaving the shop feeling trashy (their word). They are a very enthusiastic company, always open to talking to customers. I was surprised when the Mona 2 showed up in three days after the confirmation email from them. Honestly their timing was perfect. I was stoked to be able to take Mona 2 with me when I went to Chicago for my belated honeymoon.

When I opened the mailbox to see the package containing my Mona 2, I squealed. Keep in mind that my mail box is one of those industrial ones that contains the entire block’s mail. Still, I squealed, I clutched the Mona 2 to my chest, and skipped home. I’m not kidding, I skipped. Neighbors be damned, I was fucking excited and I still am.

Mona 2 packaging

The Mona 2 from LELO comes with the standard LELO extras; the storage bag, the card of authenticity, small packet of LELO lube, and the charger for the toy.

Mona charge

The Mona 2 is amazing. I’m sure you’re sitting there thinking ENOUGH WITH THE ADJECTIVES! TELL ME WHAT MAKES IT AMAZING! Alright, here we go. The Mona 2 is made with from body safe materials – plastic and 100% silicone coating. The silicone is buttery smooth. It grips flesh gently when dry, which I love for when I’m using it externally. With a little bit of water based lube, it inserts easily. The buttons are a dream. Why are they a dream? There are four of them, they are all raised and separate. This makes it really easy to know which button I’m pressing when I’m not looking. Also, if things get a little slick, I’m able to easily grip them.

The Mona 2’s rumble is something to respected and admired. I mean it. The rumble is strong and fast, there is a buzz to it but just the right amount. The rumble carries through my g-spot stronger than I’ve ever felt. Usually when I stick a vibe in my vagina, I’m sitting there thinking, “I can hear it, so it must be on.” The Mona 2 doesn’t leave any question in my mind that it’s on. I’ve actually been afraid of using it internally. I’m not afraid of the orgasm, but rather of squirting all over my bed. Instead I take it into the bath, and have my way with it there, or in the shower. Doing it there I know I won’t be doing laundry over and over. I’m hoping to one day get my hands on a Liberator Throe (*stares dreamily into the distance*).

Mona 2 vibrations

The Mona 2 isn’t silent but it’s definitely quiet. It can barely be heard from the under the covers, which I appreciate. Nothing worse than reaching into my spank bank while trying ignore the sound of a legion of bees on high alert. There are 6 different patterns with the Mona 2 and 8 different speeds/strength settings. Personally I am in love with the highest, steady setting. After I’m finished, the lower settings ease me off of the Mona 2.

I love that the Mona 2 is waterproof, as I love taking toys into the water (shower/tub). I love that it holds a charge of two hours and doesn’t take long to charge. When the battery life is running out, the four buttons will flash. I like that it does that so I at least know that the end is coming. Usually when a vibe does without warning, I’m pissed off. When the Mona 2 dies, I sit there thinking, “fair enough, you did warn me”. The silicone covering of the bulbous end is smooth, but does need water-based lube for insertion. I do not recommend using the Mona 2 anally. There is no flared base and therefore not safe for ass play. The bulbous end is 4 1/2  in. in usable length, the circumference is 4 1/2 in. at the widest.

Mona front

Mona side

I am in love with my Mona 2. I never thought I would love broad vibrations. Honestly, after the Mona 2, it’s hard going back to go back to any other vibrator. In fact, when my Mona 2 does die, it takes me a long time to get used to the narrow vibrations of my Salsa backup.

The Mona 2 is a life changing toy, in my experience. That’s a huge statement, but it’s the truth. I never leave this toy behind when I go on trips. It has me coming with in minutes if need be (I love quickies when I’m busy). With the length of the Mona 2, I’m able to sit back and relax, and the vibe does all of the work.

Oh, Mona 2, how I love you.

Mona 2 sign

I saw this sign driving through a nearby county, and this is all I saw when I saw it.
Yes, sex toys are always on my mind.


Thank you Burlesque Toys for sending me the Mona 2, in exchange for my fair and honest review!

Apr 272014

dream vibeIt has been a long time since I last used a traditional vibe. Okay, so a year isn’t a huge amount of time, but it definitely feels like it. When Good Vibrations, told me they’d be sending it to me, I had to look it up. I wasn’t really familiar with the Lovelife line. The Dream looks like the definition of a “probe” to me. Just to be clear, I’m not saying that aliens are using the Lovelife Dream to do research on humans (I’m sure their probes are water-proof).

OhMiBod logoReal quick: OhMiBod is a company New Hampshire based company that has been around since 2006. They first came out with the iPod vibrator that a lot of people have seen (I remember seeing the commercials for it). They have since grown and added many more vibrators to their repertoire.

Honesty time; I’m not a fan of this vibe. I was left underwhelmed by the vibrations, but I do have to give them credit for their interesting patterns. I would have loved those patterns had they been stronger, and I’m usually not a fan of patterns. I’m usually the person who goes straight for the highest setting and doesn’t stray from there. There are 7 different patterns and 6 different intensities. If you don’t need a lot of power, this may be the vibe for you. If you like warm-up toys, this may be the vibe for you. As it stands, I don’t like warm-up toys. I like toys that can handle and finish the job they start. Needless to say, this toy couldn’t handle it. I’m happy to report that the vibrations are of the rumble variety, rather than buzzy. Using this toy internally was underwhelming. The vibrations didn’t carry through my vagina much at all. At the same time, I was worried about getting my juices all over the controls, when taking it deeper. Just not a good combo at all. The Dream is 7.1″ in overall length, and 1.4″ in diameter at the widest point of the usable end.

The Dream vibe is made from ABS plastic with a silicone coating on the usable end, and can be sterilized by wiping it with alcohol or bleach. I personally take toy wipes to it. This brings me to my number one issue with this vibe. It’s not waterproof! They spent a lot of time making useful patterns, semi-decent vibrations, and they don’t waterproof it? I like taking my toys into the shower and bathtub. I like being able to wash my toys thoroughly in water, without having to worry them.

Love ButtonAlright, on to the button. The “Love Button” looks like a person who is about to be sick after reading a long book in the back seat of a car, with a stomach full of questionable leftovers. The button is hard to push down  to turn it on (you hold it down for 3 seconds). It definitely takes more force than my Mona 2 or any of my We-Vibe toys. Also, the fact that it’s all one button is very inconvenient. If I’ve got lube on my hand, it’s extremely hard to figure out which side of the mondo button I need to push. It does light up when it’s in use. You can see the little strip around the button; that lights up when it’s on, and pulses when it’s charging.

Lovelife DreamThe Dream vibe comes with a USB charger, instructions, and a storage pouch. The packaging is actually quite sturdy and nicely made. I keep the Dream vibe, with its charger, in a zip pencil case. I’m not a fan of draw string bags, unless they have a stopper on them. I like the idea of a USB charger, only I would like it if it also had a wall adapter included. I usually sit with my lap top on my lap while sitting on the couch. So to have to charge it on my computer is extremely cumbersome. Fortunately I have a wall adapter from my cell phone, so I’m able to get around it. It does make it easy for those on the go who don’t want to deal with a big charger.

As I said before, I don’t like the Dream vibe. While I give it props for it’s great variety of patterns, the vibrations weren’t enough for me. I hate that it isn’t waterproof. Seriously, why make it at all? The button is a serious hassle to hassle to use, and the nauseous looking face on the button is off-putting. If you don’t need extremely strong vibrations, and don’t need a waterproof vibrator like I do, this may the vibe for you.

lovelife close up


Thank you Good Vibrations for providing me with the Dream vibe free of charge, in exchange for my honest review!

If you’d like to make the the Lovelife Dream Vibe your own, click the link below to use my affiliate code.


Nov 162013

gvibe modI was intrigued by the G-Vibe. I had no expectations going into this one. If you’ve read my reviews, you know that I’m usually excited to try a new toy, but this one simply had me interested. I didn’t know if it would be a toy for me to love or if the toy would make me want to tear in two. When I first got the G-Vibe, I was irritated by the fact that they had the name of the toy on the shipping label. When I opened up the box for the G-Vibe I had to take a double take of the vibrator on the packaging. The picture of the G-Vibe on the box is almost a neon pink. The actual G-Vibe is almost a pink pastel. Not even close to the color on the box. If you look at the website, they don’t try and hide the pastel.

gvibe innards mod
Now the G-Vibe has the information about the toy on the side of the box. It states: “One-year Warranty, Water resistant, Rechargeable, Medical silicone (Phthalate-free) and ABS, Six vibrating modes, Quiet, Two motors on tips.” When you flip open the magnetically closed top, you’ll see the G-Vibe nuzzled in white foam with a tab to pull it out. Underneath is the the USB charger (doesn’t have a wall charger attachment), a white storage bag (think large microfiber sunglasses case) with the letters FT on it, and a little fold out booklet with the illustrations of how to use the G-Vibe. I love the sturdy feel of the storage, and the fact that foam is real foam and not a Styrofoam cut out. I use the whole box as storage, rather than putting it all in the bag. It stands up nicely on my bookcase.


The toy itself is made of medical silicone and feels buttery soft. It does require water-based lube to be used comfortably, but not much. The handle is made out of ABS plastic. All of which can be wiped down with isopropyl alcohol, or a wipe. The G-Vibe is NOT waterproof, so get rid of any silly little delusions you have about taking this one into the tub. It’s not going to happen. The foldout booklet that comes with the G-Vibe has no information outside of suggestions of what you can do with it. Here’s what’s inside the booklet, as soon on the Fun Toys website:

GVibe Instructions

 I’ve tried the G-Vibe at least 8 different times. Most of the times that I’ve used it, it’s felt like it was stabbing my cervix. When it comes to vibrations, my experience have varied between two different feelings. The number one reaction to the vibrations is that I’m hearing a cell phone vibrate somewhere under a blanket. That’s it. I’m simply hearing it. Not feeling it. When I do feel it, it is somewhat extreme against my g-spot, but because of the flexibility in the arms, I can do nothing but sit there with it in place. Even then, after awhile, I’m back to hearing it only. Keep in mind, this is with both arms inside of me. When the G-Vibe is outside of my body, I can definitely hear it. It’s not whisper quiet. It will be covered by a T.V. at normal volume though.




When I tried to use it clitorally, the flexible arms were extremely disappointing. It’s extremely awkward if you try and use both hands to maneuver it. I tried using just one arm, and then two (as depicted). Neither worked. I tried using one arm on my clit, while the other one was inside of me. Again, nothing. The width of the arms is too broad for me to use it with just one arm. Then when I try to use both on my clit, the gap between the two arms is too big for it to be effective. Even when I hold it closer to the tips, to close the gap, it doesn’t work, since it loses a lot of the vibrations in my hand.

I will say this though, the vibrations do have power. They just get lost in the flexibility of the arms, when used internally. When I was able to put it against my g-spot, I did enjoy it. A lot. As I said though, the flexibility in the arms makes it impossible move it around with the guarantee that you’ll find a solid angle again.  Here are the vibration patterns, as seen on Fun Toys’ website:

gvibe vibrations

Here is some info about the G-Vibe:

-It’s 9 1/2 inches in total length (ears together).

-The insertable length is 6 inches.

-It’s splash-proof, not waterproof. (No bath/shower fun with this one. (Lame.))

-The width of the ears (at its widest) is 1 1/16″.

-The motors are located 1 3/4″ down from the tips of the ears.The width of the toy is 1 1/2″, and 1 1/8′ on the slim side.

-To click it on, you hit the + button, and to turn it off you hit the – button until it shuts off.

Overall, I like the idea, but I don’t like the results. The flexibility in the arms makes it near to  impossible for g-spot stim when I try to thrust with it. When I do try to thrust, I end up stabbing my cervix. Not my favorite thing to do in my spare time. When I did align it with my g-spot, I was wowed by the vibrations, but the inability to apply pressure made me lose interest. Eventually I would go from feeling the G-Vibe to just hearing it. It’s not a super loud toy, but it isn’t whisper silent. I could hear it under the blankets (2 heavy blankets and 1 comforter). I appreciate the vibration patterns, and the intensities (the highest is the one I stuck with the most). It has serious potential, and it might work for some as is, but it didn’t work for me.


Thank you Fun Toys for providing me with the G-Vibe free of charge, in exchange for my fair and honest review!

You can find the G-Vibe at! Click the link below to use my affiliate link!

small lovehoney


Oct 162013

DukeThe first time I saw the Duke, was in Jenna’s tweet of the Tantus booth at ANME. I saw the Duke and I was excited. The COLOR. The fact it looked like a handle-less version of the Anaconda. And, the COLOR. When Tantus asked me what I’d like to review, I jumped on the opportunity to try the Duke. I couldn’t wait to get to the house, when I picked up the package from the mailbox. I cracked open the box on the way back from the mailbox, I had to see the color in person. When I got back to the house, I ran outside to take a Package of the Day picture, and loved that I could see the swirls of the iridescent blue in the shaft.

Duke w/ vibeSimply put? I love it. I’m not a fan of it as a vibrating dildo, but then I’m not too thrilled about vibrating cocks. It’s nice that it’s an option for those that are. I tried it with the included Tantus bullet, and with my Salsa. With the Salsa, it was obviously stronger, but I find the vibrations distracting more than anything. With the Tantus bullet, it was even worse. The Tantus bullet is extremely buzzy, and doesn’t get me off by itself, let alone in a silicone cock. Like I said though, it’s a nice option for those that like their dicks to go, “buzz, buzz.”

Duke Standing TallNow back to the Duke itself. The Duke is made by Tantus, one of my favorite sex toy manufacturers. They push for body safe materials in general, but they start by making body safe toys. The Duke is made from 100% premium platinum silicone, and the vibe is made from ABS plastic. The Duke can be sterilized by boiling (3-5 mins), by bleach (10% solution for approximately the same time), by running it in the dishwasher (sans soap). I use dish soap mostly with silicone toys. Unless I use a toy anally, or find out I have a yeast infection or something. Not what you wanted to hear, but it’s the truth and it goes with having a vagina. Now the bullet, you can sterilize somewhat, but not with boiling or a dishwasher. It is waterproof though, and you can wash it with dish soap or wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. I say “somewhat”, because it has a rubber ring around it, where the two pieces meet (and the button). Rubber is not sterilizable.

Duke headThe Duke is the ultimate in-between dildo, for this size queen. It’s not too big, it’s not too small, it’s in the middle. I usually like a lot of girth to my toys, but also love smaller, well positioned toys too. The Duke is right in between. Having had the T-Rex’s mega ridge, and the Raptor XL’s smaller ridge, I didn’t know what would come from the Duke’s. I’ll tell you right now, Tantus found the perfect middle ground of both. The creases under the coronal ridge are amazing. They remind me of the Anaconda, but they’re spaced out more, and almost rounded in comparison. With the Anaconda I have to use a toothbrush to clean it. I haven’t had to with the Duke. The ridge with those creases… mmmlicious. They pull on the ridges of my urethra sponge, and it feels amazing. The ridge puts a fabulous amount of pressure on my g-spot, and again, it hits my urethral sponge. The urethra sponge is in between your urethra, and the inside of your vagina. I love having it stimulated. The girth of the head of the Duke (1 7/8″) feels amazing, and the shaft (slightly over 1 1/2″) has enough drag to keep my vagina at attention.

The size of the Duke is what really makes it an “any time dildo”. There are days where my vagina doesn’t want anything in it. Girthier dildos can’t gain entrance, and longer dildos are held at bay. The Duke, however, makes it past with no problems. The length of the Duke (a hair over 7″ total, 6 1/2″ usable) is perfect for my vagina. I can take the whole thing, and feel no discomfort. The reason I mention it is because I can get a little crazy when I’m thrusting. The Duke, allows me to get crazy with out turning my cervix into a punching bag. Also, I can keep my thrusts short and rest my wrist on my pubic bone. Always a plus on a lazy day.

Every time I’ve used the Duke, I’ve enjoyed it. Standing, lying down, it doesn’t matter what position I’m in, I’m having a good time. It has made me cum numerous times, and I cum in every position I’ve tried it. Something I love about it, because I have dildos that I love using standing up, and then they suck when I lie down. I have an orgasm with the Duke, regardless of position. The matte finish on the shaft gives me little, to no problem with the aid of some water-based lubricant. Even when some of the lube is washed away in the shower, it doesn’t hinder me. The Duke is a dildo I’ll be taking with me on trips. Its gorgeous color, and guaranteed orgasm design (for me), makes it a gem in my collection.

Duke Lengthwise

Thank you Tantus for providing the Duke, free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review!

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Sep 242013

WeVibe TouchAfter falling in love with We-Vibe’s Salsa, I honestly thought I’d never try something that would come close. Closed minded of me, yes, but I’m being completely honest here. After a rough start I thought I was going to write off the Touch as second best, but now that I’ve thoroughly used it for weeks, I have to say something I did not think I’d ever say. The Touch is giving the Salsa serious competition. They are neck and neck. I have been picking up the Touch more often than I have the Salsa. Boom. Truth bomb.

Alright, first off, I’m going to clear up any confusion about the color of the Touch I’m reviewing. The first Touch We-Vibe sent me was purple, and I used it in my Package of the Day post. When I looked at the innards of the packaging, I noticed I was sent a Tango manual and the Touch was fully charged. I was confused by it, so I contacted We-Vibe. They wrote me back saying they were sending me out another one, that I could keep the purple one or dispose of it like a battery, and that they had found a teal one! I was over the moon about it, because the teal color has been discontinued and it’s the one I’d been wanting.

Okay, moving on. The first time I used the Touch, I was less than impressed. Not by the vibrations but by the extreme drag of the silicone We-Vibe uses. My pussy was bone dry, and rearranging the Touch was extremely distracting. I’m not usually one to be put off by a first experience, but I was in this case. At least for a few days. Then I figured I’d take it in the shower. I fell in love with it. The silicone drag allowed me to keep a grip on it, and the shape of the scoop left little to no error when using while standing. After the shower, I took it to the bed and had a great time there. Since then, I gotten over my initial dislike of the silicone and have grown to like it. I’ve come to appreciate it, since I don’t have to worry about it sliding off or out of place when I’m using it.

Touch scoopMost of the clit vibes I had used before the Touch were bullets. This was the first one I’d ever used that covered the majority of my clit, but still had pinpointed vibrations. I’ve always found putting a plastic vibe directly on top of my clit to be irritating and borderline painful. So I’d always put it to the side of my clit. With the Touch, I’m able to put it to the side, but at the same time cover most of it, and it’s extremely comfortable. The scoop in the tip is the reason for it. Rather me having to find a comfortable position with a bullet, all I have to do it wiggle the Touch in between my labia and I’m ready to go.

The silicone surrounds the whole vibe, except for the dime sized charging port at the base. It’s somewhat squishy, but in no way soft. It has a ton of drag, and picks up lint  like a static-charged balloon. The majority of the silicone is in the pointed end. The silicone is pliable with a small amount of pressure, but it’s still firm in use.

Touch LogoThe strong vibrations of We-Vibe’s design are diminished by the silicone, but I wouldn’t list it as a negative. It’s different. I feel that it takes the slightly buzzy quality of the plastic Salsa out, and leaves just the deep rumble. It took me a second to get used to it. The Salsa is extremely strong, but it does have a buzz to it. I love that about the Salsa, but getting used to, and appreciating, the deep rumble of the Touch took a second.

The Touch has 8 vibration patterns. In order to get to one, you have to cycle through until you get to it. If you want to save your favorite setting when you’re done, hold the button down for 3 seconds. To turn it back on a quick press of the button will turn it back on. If you try and hold the button to start it back up, it won’t turn on. When I was first getting used to the We-Vibe vibes, I kept thinking that they were dead because when I held the button down it wouldn’t start up.

These are the 8 vibration patterns, as seen on We-Vibe’s site.

1  LOW  3000 rpm VIBE

2  MEDIUM  3600 rpm VIBE

3  HIGH  4200 rpm VIBE

4  ULTRA  4800 rpm VIBE


6   WAVE



Touch Charging PortThe Touch takes 90 minutes to charge, and has a magnetic charging port. This can be either extremely easy or extremely annoying to use. I personally keep my We-Vibe charger on my nightstand, so I can charge which ever vibe (since it’s compatible with my Salsa too) needs to be charged by just leaning over. I have to make sure the charger has enough slack to stay up on its own, otherwise it’ll keep pulling off of the vibe. You can tell that the vibe is charging by a pin sized light on the charger. It will turn off when Touch is fully charged. The light is annoyingly small. Half of the time I have to search for it to make sure it’s charging. There are two parts to the charger; the charging port and the power cord. You plug the power cord into the charging port and you’re ready to go.

I’ve only really used the Touch on my favorite pattern, Ultra (4th in the cycle) and I get about 50 minutes on one charge (I’m not sure, as I’m not timing my sessions).  It’s annoying when it dies because there is no death rattle, it just stops. No warning and no real decrease in power, just dead.

Touch PackagingThe Touch does come with an over-sized satin-like storage bag for the Touch and charger, but it’s not something I use. I just keep my Touch in a drawer organizer with my other vibes and go-to dildos. The packaging of the Touch, is the same as the packing for the Salsa. My Touch arrived safely, but outside of that, the packaging doesn’t serve a purpose. I hold on to the packaging just in case anything were to happen to the Touch, as We-Vibe has a 0ne year warranty on them.

The Touch packs a thuddy punch that I love, and the shape is EXTREMELY comfortable. Probably the most comfortable vibrator I’ve ever used. It’s comfortable in my hand, comfortable on my clit, the silicone keeps it in place. The vibrations are extremely strong and it holds its charge for a decent amount of time. It is a hassle to clean, since using a wipe is out of the question because of the extreme drag of the silicone. So every time I use it, I have to take it over to the sink. Still, it’s the vibrator I’ve been picking up non-stop for the past month. I’d recommend the Touch to anyone and everyone.

Touch Side Shot

Thank you We-Vibe for providing this Touch in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Jul 292013

FlexWhen I saw the Flex from Tantus, I was excited. I love my butt plug and dildo pairings, so to me this was an obvious choice. I mean a DP toy, made out of body safe silicone? Sounds fantastic, right? That’s what I thought. When I held the Flex in my hands for the first time, I was dubious of the anal arm. I’m not a huge fan of anal probes, and that exactly what this is. I figured, what the hell, I’ll make it work. Now I know, that if I have to make something work, it might be time to stop and really question the reason behind buying a toy. If I have to make it work, I probably don’t need it. Anyways, I grabbed my Maximus water-based lube, and slathered it on. The first position I tried, looked reminiscent of the Captain Morgan stance.  Putting in the Flex definitely takes concentration, and flexibility on my part. The anal arm constantly wants to bend and you’re literally trying to get a bulge the size of a jelly bean, into your butt, while keeping a dildo inside of you. Not easy. Especially since the dildo is nearly the same length as the anal arm. I finally figured out that doggie style (chest to the floor because I need both hands) or a strange duck stance (squat with my butt pushed out) have the higher success rate. Keep in mind I use this toy by myself, and it would be a lot easier with a partner. Especially, since having to keep the anal arm from popping out while thrusting, and away from the dildo (if it does) is extremely difficult.

Flex flexedWhen I do get it in, I’m always hopeful. For the first couple of minutes, I’m tricked into thinking “this time is going to be different”. It feels great, but then the bulges on the anal arm start to hurt. Especially because the lacking size of the dildo, it requires to me thrust hard and fast to feel anything. It’s not like I have a dead vagina when it comes to slim dildos, but because of where the dildo is connected to the arm, it’s halted by my perineum. So essentially it’s a slim, straight up and down, short dildo. Not something that I would pick out of a line up, by itself.

Here are the measurements for Flex:Flex base

Overall height – 7 1/2”
Dildo length – 5 1/4”
Dildo head circumference – 4 7/8”
Dildo shaft circumference – 4 1/2”
Anal arm length – 4 1/2
Anal arm bead circumference – 2 1/2”
Base width – 3”
Bullet length – 3”
Bullet circumference – 2”
Battery size – N1

tantus vibeThe bullet that comes with Flex is made out of plastic, and has a rubber o-ring at the bottom of the threading to make it water proof. The bullet only has two settings; on and off. The vibrations are of the buzzy variety rather than deep and rumbly. When I use the vibe by itself I’m unable to get off. As soon as I press it into my clit, the vibrations diminish and are more irritating that titillating. I can feel it vibrate the dildo and flex holeanal arm while I’m holding it, but when I have the toy in, it  just vibrates about an inch into my vag and not at all in my ass. I do like the vibrations in the beginning but because of the dense silicone, it ends up being frustrating more than anything. I end up pulling the vibe out and use the hole as a grip. I put a small amount of lube on the bullet to make insertion and retrieval easier, but if I put too much, I can literally make the bullet shoot out of the base. All I have to do is squeeze the shaft, right above the base. The farthest I’ve gotten is about 4 feet. Without lube, it’s nothing but trouble.  I tried it without lube once, and ended up having to get the needle nose pliers. The bullet didn’t break, but there is a huge gash on the side from using different things to try to get it out.

Overall, I’m less than impressed by the Flex. I think it’s great that there’s a body safe DP toy, out there, but I found the dimensions boring. I love that Tantus made a DP toy, I appreciate the effort. It’s just the two designs together aren’t fulfilling. The anal arm is too narrow and the bulges are irritating. The dildo is far too slim and short. The fact that the anal arm flings itself against the dildo, when it pops out, means that you have to stop and clean the toy. In regards to the Flex, I’ll stick to my butt plugs and dildos.

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Jun 212013

Before I got the Salsa in my hands I felt like I was living the words of the Bonnie Tyler’s song Holding Out For A Hero. I was waiting for a vibe that would take me away, save me from disposable batteries and the sound of a thousand wasp nests, but had mind blowing power. I was doubtful at first. It was like looking at Clark Kent and trying to see Super Man. You knew it was him, but you couldn’t get past your doubts. Well, I finally did. I got the chance to to fly around the bedroom with this quiet delight.

I feel liberated. I feel free. I feel like I’m finally in the “know”.  I feel like a testimonial on an infomercial. “Before I found the Salsa I spent tons of money on disposable batteries (cue falling money on the green screen), and my husband was constantly waking up when I was using my old toys (cue husband violently tossing and turning). It took me forever to cum with my old vibrators (cue rapid time lapse). Now I’m saving money for new toys, my husband sleeps soundly, and I’m currently a boneless heap of flesh.” Sometimes you have to take the leap of faith with highly revered toys. I did and my feet still haven’t touched the ground.

The Salsa works GREAT as a substitute bullet for vibrating toys. There are some toys that I wouldn’t risk it getting stuck, but there many toys this will work well for. Like bullet sleeves and ticklers. The Salsa takes the nice design and amps it up to 11. Make sure you spread a little bit of lube on the Salsa when inserting it into the toy, this helps getting the Salsa out, without having to reach for needle nosed pliers. Before you stick your Salsa into another toy, check to see how difficult it is to get the bullet out that’s include with the toy. I thought I would be able to stick my Salsa in my Flex by Tantus, but before I did, I used the bullet that was included. Even with lube, the bullet got stuck, and I ended up fucking with it until I broke it. So before you risk your bullet, check to make sure retrieval is easy and safe for the toy.

*With that in mind, do not use this toy for anal insertion. You think losing it in a toy is bad, imagine sitting in the ER waiting for them to call your name. It’s dangerous and very risky. Don’t risk puncturing your colon, just because you think you have a handle on it. So I say this with love, DON’T STICK IT IN YOUR BUTT.

The Salsa is waterproof, so this opens the doors to many fantastic places you can use it. You can use it in the bath, shower, pool, in the rain. It’s up to you. I love not having to worry about it, when I’m hopping into the shower for some fun time.
Some quick stats on the Salsa –

-It’s made from hard 100% body safe ABS plastic (the same thing Legos are made out of). It’s made from food grade material, it’s non-porous, phthalates-free, latex-free, and hypo-allergenic. Yay! It can be used with all types of lubricants. Which can be tricky if you’re going to couple it with a silicone toy. Do not use silicone lubricants with silicone toys. If you insist on using silicone lube, spot check it on an area of the silicone toy that is not insertable, before you proceed.

-It’s 3 1/4″ long and the circumference is 2 1/4″.  The slightly flared base is 2 1/2″ in circumference.

-It comes with a magnetic charger, that when including the plug-in, reaches 6 feet in length. (This is great if your plugs are in hard to reach places.)
Okay, now onto the fun stuff. The Salsa.

When you get the Salsa it needs to be charged for 90 minutes. You’ll know it’s charging by a small pin hole light on the charger. When it’s finished the light will shut off. Keep an eye on the clock, as the light may go off if there is a weak connection. Magnetic chargers can be finicky about the connection. When you press the button on the base, you’ll see that you don’t need to press it hard. I’ve found with other vibes that you have to press extremely hard for it register. Not with the Salsa, there’s no need to try and shove your finger in there to turn it on. After it’s on, you can run through the different vibration patterns. The Salsa has 8 vibration patterns.

1  LOW  3000 rpm VIBE

2  MEDIUM  3600 rpm VIBE

3  HIGH  4200 rpm VIBE

4  ULTRA  4800 rpm VIBE


6   WAVE



To turn the toy on, you simply press the button. To turn it off, you hold the button down for three seconds. When you start it back up, it will start on the last pattern you used. The only way for it to start on the lowest setting is if you flip through the patterns to turn it off.

Each of these vibrations is relatively quiet. It can be slightly heard from under the covers, but impossible to hear through a closed door. The vibrations of the toy can be felt strongly in your hand when in use, but it isn’t an overly buzzy vibration, so it doesn’t hurt your hand. Nothing worse than feeling like you’re holding on to an electronic shock pad, when you’re trying to get off.

I love that cleaning the Salsa is so easy. You can use a baby wipe, soap and water, or wipe is down with isopropyl alcohol. I love it because I tend to leave my Salsa in a desk organizer in my top drawer of my night stand. A quick wipe, and away it goes.

Now the packaging for the Salsa is interesting. It’s a nice look, but can be a hassle to use for storage. I personally have only held on to it for this review. It comes with a white satin bag that is big enough to hold the Salsa vibe and the charger. Making it nice if you need a small bag to take on the road with you. The white satin bag is folded within a small plastic bag, and in the white box, along with the charger/power cord. Under the small box is the small manual that has extremely basic instructions (basically everything I told you about charging it before use). The actual charging port is removable from the power cord, and is held in place by a plastic positioner along with the Salsa. My Salsa was shipped in a bubble bag and it got to me unscathed. So, know that the packaging is made of sturdy material and will keep your toy safe during shipment (that doesn’t mean you can go stomp on it).

To be honest, it took me awhile to get around to investing in the Salsa, I was a skeptical non-believer. When I heard that We-Vibe was discontinuing it, I knew I had to get my hands on this unicorn before it was nothing but a fantastical legend told by sex bloggers the world over. Fortunately when it came, I had a lot going on, so I was able to leave it on the charger without hovering over it. I took it upstairs for the test. Pants off, laying on the bed, I started it up. It took me a second to figure out that it didn’t take more than a simple press of the button to turn it on, but when I got it up to the 4th setting (my favorite) I had to sit up. I couldn’t believe that such a small vibe held this much power AND that it was so quiet. *Boom* Mind blown. Then when I touched it to my clit, I jumped. I’ve had vibes that dance around in my hand like ferret on crack, but when in use they were seriously weak. Not the Salsa. The crazy dance it did in my hand, was the same on my clit. Even with extra pressure it powered on. Within two minutes the Salsa (with the help of a personal fave from my Spank Bank) had me on the verge of slipping into post-orgasmic coma. I say verge because I had to shake it off and go pick my kid up from day care. I’m happy to say that since then I use it at least once a day or night, and each time the results are the same–Bliss.

I use clit vibes primarily for a quick thrill. I like to be able to stop whatever I’m doing, get out my vibe for a quickie, and be back to whatever I was doing within a few minutes. I don’t always do this, but for the most part, it’s what I’m able to get in during a busy day. Since I received it two weeks ago, I’ve only had to charge it three times (that’s including the first charge). I’ve used it at least 6 different times on a single charge. There is a very slight decline in power as it loses it’s charge. It’s very small but noticeable. Just know that after you feel that slight loss of power that it’s going to come to an end soon, because within two uses it’ll just die. No drawn out death rattle, just done. I keep my charger plugged in behind my nightstand, with the magnetic charging port next to my lamp. The length of the cord is great if you live in a place where outlets are few and far in between.

I love my new found hero, the Salsa. I wish the charge lasted longer, but with the cord being right there, charging is a breeze. I thought the small size would make my hand cramp, but because of its power I don’t have to apply much pressure. The small size makes it great to use with a dildo as larger vibes can pinch delicate flesh between the itself and the dildo of day. I’m thoroughly impressed and am proud to say that I am now a believer.

~The Salsa IS being discontinued. So snatch it up while you still can.~