Jun 242015

IMG_3072The Raptor (small) from Exotic-Erotics is a biggun’. It looks like a scorpion tail on steroids and it’s happy to see you. I had to give it a try. I mean look at it; it’s a crazy looking dildo, and I get to pick its unique coloring. Some things you have to see in person to really appreciate it, and the Raptor is one of those things. It truly is a bizarre design.

The description on Exotic-Erotics’ website talks about how a dino might want to take you from behind. However, I’m sitting here watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, wondering if this isn’t some kind of demon dick. Hell, now I’m thinking about which demon it could belong to.

The Raptor is made from body safe platinum silicone and they can make it in an array of shades and hues. I happen to be obsessed with brightly colored dildos, so this is a perfect fit.

The Measurements:

Raptor measurements

I’m holding it in my hands right now (well, when I’m not typing) and thinking, how in the hell does this get considered small? When I first tried to use it, I wondered the same thing. I didn’t try to use it in a traditional sense of word. I wasn’t using it to see if it would make me cum; instead I was trying to see how much would actually fit inside me. I can tell you right now, not much.

IMG_3047Aside from the fact that this is an extremely wide toy, a lot of the length is wasted on the pronged tips. It made it pretty disappointing, not being able to utilize the bulge. At the same time, the bulge is oblong, so it’s not too wide from one angle, and huge from another. This makes it damn near impossible to use it vaginally (for me). That’s one thing that’s frustrating about reviewing, it sometimes feels like whining. “If only it was like this”, “if only it was like that”. I understand that sometimes the design isn’t intended for my uses. I’m sure this dildo would work well for someone who is extremely familiar with mondo anal play. However, the thought of trying to fit the Raptor up my ass, makes my asshole tighten.

The Raptor arrived in the customary pull-string bag (it’s a free option when you order). The box is plain with no indicators of what it contains, they even ship it under the name EE. The bag is comes it is a light cotton and the color is a toss up. I like it because each bag is made to fit each toy. I have different sized dildos from EE and each bag fits that particular dildo. This makes for very convenient storage.

IMG_3045While I am in love with the colors, I’m not in love with the Raptor. I think that EE needs two versions of their dildos. The ones that are intended primarily for anal and ones that are useful when used vaginally. Many of their designs are appealing but the length is too much. I mean that the bulge is inches away from being useful. Most times I order larger toys because I want the girth, but the length of the dildo leaves me with nothing. Granted the Raptor’s bulge is too wide for me (the oval shape really doesn’t work), but if it wasn’t quite as large and if it wasn’t so far away, I think it would have been nice (sans “pincers” of course). I think that’s where the biggest flaw in the Raptor lies. The dual tips takes away usable length. There’s only so much room to fit, and that’s a waste of space.

I ordered my Raptor in a medium firmness for the shaft and hard firmness for the base. I’ve ordered all of my dildos from EE with this option. I’ve found it to be consistent and works well with their varying designs. The silicone isn’t the smoothest I’ve encountered, but I have found that it does hold lube in place fairly well.

Overall, I don’t like the Raptor’s design. I don’t care for the pincer that take up precious space within me, and I don’t care for the length. Exotic Erotics seems to cater to the advanced anal players out there, but not so much to the vaginally inclined. I think that they have serious potential to cater to the size queens out there, if they thought smaller (in length and in the oval of the bulge) and where to systematically place varying width. Hopefully soon this will happen. Until then, I have one of the craziest dildos I have ever seen, in the brightest color scheme I’ve ever ordered. So for that, I am grateful.

Update: Exotic-Erotics just let me know that from now on, most of their new designs will have mini-versions. Also, there are some short and stock dildos in the works.

Thank you, Exotic-Erotics, for sending the Raptor in exchange for my fair and honest review.

If you feel up to the Raptor challenge, by all means click on the link below.

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Dec 132014

Amsterdam wet modMondo Cock. That’s the Amsterdam for you. Think big and then double it. It’s a pillar of black silicone waiting for a hole that’s up to the challenge. I couldn’t pass up the chance to give this behemoth a try. I consider myself a bit of a size queen, so naturally I had to give it a go. It took some time, it took some patience, and it took a hell of a lot of warming up. The design of the Amsterdam is unrelenting. The head of the Amsterdam is not to be taken lightly. To the touch, the silicone is soft and mildly squishy. In use, the Amsterdam has little to no give to it.

I love the look of the Amsterdam. It’s a great giant pillar of Tantus silicone. It’s fun to grab, swing around, or just marvel at. Tantus makes sex toys out of 100% body safe, ultra premium silicone. When it comes to cleaning or sterilizing my sex toys, I’m partial to boiling. I have a huge pot in which I boil all of my toys, and even then the Amsterdam has to be boiled in positional shifts.

I always boil my toys before I use them; it gives me a chance to eye ball the newcomer and it gives me a thrill. While I was boiling the Amsterdam, however, I was thinking of a game plan. The Amsterdam is 2.6″ in diameter (that’s 6.6 cm), and 10 1/2″ in length (or 26.67 cm). After using the Amsterdam several times I have to say this: Put aside half an hour. This isn’t a toy that you just run up to, jump in the air and land on. If I were to try this, I would look like the cartoon that runs into a brick wall and shatters into a million pieces. I usually don’t need a ton of warm up, but the Amsterdam required me to bring out my big guns.

I’m proud to say that my vagina survived the Amsterdam. The blunt head with the extreme girth, nearly split me in two the first time around. I warmed up with the Pedro, and it still took two attempts to fit the Amsterdam. I was covered with Maximus lube from my mid thigh, to my lower belly (not on purpose). The first time with Amsterdam was not a cake walk. The “X’s” felt like they were cutting my urethra as they passed, and I had to call it a day. I was surprised that I was able to fist myself after taking out the Amsterdam, though. Honestly, after the Amsterdam, there was very little resistance to my large hand. Being able to fist myself that easily was definitely a first.

The second time I tried, it was relatively close in time (maybe a day or two), and I was able to take the Amsterdam much quicker. This time it didn’t feel like the “X’s” were cutting me, and it was pleasurable. I made it down to the middle of the third X this time, and was able thrust slowly. For me, the Amsterdam’s primary appeal was the full feeling it gave me. I can’t say that it brought me to a thundering orgasm, but it did provide me with a new sensation; my absolute limit.

When looking at the Amsterdam, get out your ruler. Get out something that is close to the same diameter. I had seen pictures, I had gotten out a ruler, but still, seeing the Amsterdam in all of its silicone glory was humbling.

I don’t know when I’ll be using the Amsterdam again. I’ll probably save it for special occasions or for when I feel like testing my limits again. In the mean time, I hold it has a vagina trophy. Even though, I wasn’t able to orgasm with it, I feel like I have jumped the Grand Canyon and lived.

Thank you Tantus, for sending me the Amsterdam in exchange for my fair and honest review!

If you feel up to the Amsterdam challenge, click the affiliate link below.


If you really love the design but this size is too much, give the Amsterdam small a try!

It’s 6″ (15.24cm) in length and 1.5″ (3.81) in diameter.


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Jun 052014

Mona 2I am so behind on this review. The reason? I HAVE BEEN USING IT NON-STOP. I’m not kidding. Since I received it from Burlesque Toys, I have been using it daily. I take it on trips with me, regardless of where I’m going. It’s always with me. I am in love with my Mona 2. The power, the shape, it’s rechargeable and waterproof. My clit has been waiting for this for a long time.

The Mona 2 is made by LELO a Swedish company and have quite an array of toys that they have designed. I had no experience with LELO prior, aside from the Tiani 2 (which I still haven’t used) and the Ella (which I love to take with me on trips as well).

Burlesque Toys, the company who sent me the Mona 2, is an online sex toy shop that only carries body safe materials, located in Delaware. They started out of necessity when their founder Grace Love went to a brick and mortar shop only to find toxic toys and leaving the shop feeling trashy (their word). They are a very enthusiastic company, always open to talking to customers. I was surprised when the Mona 2 showed up in three days after the confirmation email from them. Honestly their timing was perfect. I was stoked to be able to take Mona 2 with me when I went to Chicago for my belated honeymoon.

When I opened the mailbox to see the package containing my Mona 2, I squealed. Keep in mind that my mail box is one of those industrial ones that contains the entire block’s mail. Still, I squealed, I clutched the Mona 2 to my chest, and skipped home. I’m not kidding, I skipped. Neighbors be damned, I was fucking excited and I still am.

Mona 2 packaging

The Mona 2 from LELO comes with the standard LELO extras; the storage bag, the card of authenticity, small packet of LELO lube, and the charger for the toy.

Mona charge

The Mona 2 is amazing. I’m sure you’re sitting there thinking ENOUGH WITH THE ADJECTIVES! TELL ME WHAT MAKES IT AMAZING! Alright, here we go. The Mona 2 is made with from body safe materials – plastic and 100% silicone coating. The silicone is buttery smooth. It grips flesh gently when dry, which I love for when I’m using it externally. With a little bit of water based lube, it inserts easily. The buttons are a dream. Why are they a dream? There are four of them, they are all raised and separate. This makes it really easy to know which button I’m pressing when I’m not looking. Also, if things get a little slick, I’m able to easily grip them.

The Mona 2’s rumble is something to respected and admired. I mean it. The rumble is strong and fast, there is a buzz to it but just the right amount. The rumble carries through my g-spot stronger than I’ve ever felt. Usually when I stick a vibe in my vagina, I’m sitting there thinking, “I can hear it, so it must be on.” The Mona 2 doesn’t leave any question in my mind that it’s on. I’ve actually been afraid of using it internally. I’m not afraid of the orgasm, but rather of squirting all over my bed. Instead I take it into the bath, and have my way with it there, or in the shower. Doing it there I know I won’t be doing laundry over and over. I’m hoping to one day get my hands on a Liberator Throe (*stares dreamily into the distance*).

Mona 2 vibrations

The Mona 2 isn’t silent but it’s definitely quiet. It can barely be heard from the under the covers, which I appreciate. Nothing worse than reaching into my spank bank while trying ignore the sound of a legion of bees on high alert. There are 6 different patterns with the Mona 2 and 8 different speeds/strength settings. Personally I am in love with the highest, steady setting. After I’m finished, the lower settings ease me off of the Mona 2.

I love that the Mona 2 is waterproof, as I love taking toys into the water (shower/tub). I love that it holds a charge of two hours and doesn’t take long to charge. When the battery life is running out, the four buttons will flash. I like that it does that so I at least know that the end is coming. Usually when a vibe does without warning, I’m pissed off. When the Mona 2 dies, I sit there thinking, “fair enough, you did warn me”. The silicone covering of the bulbous end is smooth, but does need water-based lube for insertion. I do not recommend using the Mona 2 anally. There is no flared base and therefore not safe for ass play. The bulbous end is 4 1/2  in. in usable length, the circumference is 4 1/2 in. at the widest.

Mona front

Mona side

I am in love with my Mona 2. I never thought I would love broad vibrations. Honestly, after the Mona 2, it’s hard going back to go back to any other vibrator. In fact, when my Mona 2 does die, it takes me a long time to get used to the narrow vibrations of my Salsa backup.

The Mona 2 is a life changing toy, in my experience. That’s a huge statement, but it’s the truth. I never leave this toy behind when I go on trips. It has me coming with in minutes if need be (I love quickies when I’m busy). With the length of the Mona 2, I’m able to sit back and relax, and the vibe does all of the work.

Oh, Mona 2, how I love you.

Mona 2 sign

I saw this sign driving through a nearby county, and this is all I saw when I saw it.
Yes, sex toys are always on my mind.


Thank you Burlesque Toys for sending me the Mona 2, in exchange for my fair and honest review!

Mar 192014

HippocampusI laughed when I saw the Hippocampus medium in person. Alright, to say I laughed is a bit of an understatement. I cackled like a lunatic, uncontrollably, for the first few hours. This thing is HUGE. I’m happy to say that I love it. It’s not just a pretty dildo, it’s an amazing dildo. It’s ginormous, but for my vag, it’s perfect. I like a lot of girth, and with the Hippocampus I get it. Sure, it’s long, but with the way the texture is throughout the entire dildo, I don’t feel pressured to take the whole thing, in order to enjoy it. I felt that with the Wuffamute, because there was a knot that was far down the shaft. Not with the Hippocampus. The whole thing feels amazing.

Hippocampus medium is made by Exotic Erotics, a Kentucky based company. They make realistic and fantasy dildos. I am partial to the sculpted fantasy dildos myself. All of their toys are made from 100% silicone, and you can do some pretty great things with the color options. At least I’ve loved my choices, thus far. The Hippocampus comes in small, medium, and large. I got the medium because I really want the girth. I didn’t necessarily need the length, but it doesn’t hurt to have, especially when I’m maneuvering it by myself.  There are different silicone densities available; hard, medium, medium shaft/hard base, soft, soft shaft/hard base, soft shaft/medium base. I personally got the medium shaft with the hard base. The medium is very squishy and pliable, while the hard is just slightly firmer. I would compare it to Bad Dragon’s Medium/Firm option (which I have on my Nox). The medium shaft makes it extremely comfortable in use, and the somewhat soft base makes the suction cup adhere to the wall better. The silicone isn’t smooth, it has a light texture to it. I’ve found that it helps my water based lube distribute more evenly as I spread it on, and helps keep it in place.


Here are the measurements for the Hippocampus:

Total length – 10″
Usable length – 9″
Diameter – 1.9″
Circumference – 6″
Diameter – 2.25″
Circumference – 7″
Diameter – 2.62″
Circumference – 8.25″

I am extremely happy with my Hippocampus. The colors came out better than I could have imagined. EE has a swirl option for the larger sizes of toys they offer. They can do virtually any color you desire, as long as you write it in the comments box during checkout. I personally just picked from the colors they already provided. I have a special love for bright colors, so I love that EE provides fluorescent colors as the norm.

When I finally stopped giggling (I’m extremely immature at times), I started up the boiling pot. After I sterilized my Hippocampus, I could barely wait for it to cool. I ran upstairs, grabbed some Sliquid Sassy and tried on the Hippocampus. (Would it be “tried-in”?) I was immediately full and loving every ridge of the texture. Since the silicone is plush, it allows me to enjoy the ridges, rather than wince. I’m not a huge fan of rigid texture, but I sure as hell love some softer texture. Since I first tried the Hippocampus, I’ve become addicted to its textured girth and it’s gorgeous coloring. 

Hippocampus tipSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHippocampus back

Hippocampus baseThe one thing I don’t love is the suction cup. When I do get it to stick to shower wall, it does not let go. Even when I accidentally slide it over grout, it holds on (first time I’ve seen this). It’s getting it to stick that’s the hassle. I have to lean into it with my weight to hear it squeak all of the air out, and then it’s good to go. This doesn’t happen easily. The suction cup is slightly raised from the base. I talked to EE about it, and they said that they test every suction cup before shipping and that mine passed. They also said they’ll be looking into possibly changing it. We’ll see. 

The Hippocampus medium is huge. As I said before, I laughed like a lunatic when I first pulled it out. I said, “No way!” more times than I can count. I asked thin air if it could believe how big it was (meaning I was talking to myself). I love this fucker. I really do. It’s a gorgeous pillar of textured silicone, and I’m happy as fuck to call it mine.

Hippocampus stone wall

Thank you Exotic Erotics for me with the Hippocampus, in exchange for my fair and honest review!

Exotic Erotics banner

To make the Hippocampus your own, click on the banner to pick out your own special version.

Jan 262014

Plunge PaddleThis thing HURTS.  When I first got it, I had a stroke of genius and I smacked my palm with it.  I dropped the paddle, held my hand, and walked around hunched over, while muttering insults at myself.  That’s how my first thirty seconds with the Plunge Paddle went.

Okay, so the Plunge Paddle from Tantus, is a di-ddle or a pa-ldo. It’s a paddle with a dildo for a handle. On one side you get the pain, and on the other side you get the pleasure. Or at least that’s the idea. The handle is designed to hit g-spots, p-spots, whatever kind of spot spots you can think of. The thing is, it doesn’t. Not for me. I’ve tried and tried, and still nothing. The pain I feel, the pleasure (from the dildo end), I do not.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe paddle side of the Plunge does not fuck around. It takes some experimentation before using it in play. I mean it. Smack (start softly) the side of your thigh with it. You’ll find you don’t have to rear back far, to obtain pain on naked skin. The Plunge Paddle isn’t heavy, at 7.7 oz (Jenna over at Tantus checked for me). It isn’t something to be taken lightly though. The pad of the paddle is somewhat floppy. So when you swing it, it comes forward and adds to the smack. I was able to get a few swings in, on my husband. He wasn’t all that thrilled by the idea, but when I told him I was reviewing it, he dropped trou. After a few light swings, his skin turned pink and started to swell. The same happened to me, when it was my turn. I was only able to handle about 4 medium taps before I had to take a break. After that, he did swing it harder, and as he did, it was harder to bear.

Now for the dildo end of the Plunge Paddle. It’s useless. SORRY TANTUS! I appreciate the offer, I really do. It just doesn’t work for my vagina. It’s not that I can’t/don’t get off with narrow toys. I do. The Acute? Successful. Every time. The Plunge just doesn’t have the angle that I need. It’s as though it starts to, but it’s cut short. For the paddle’s functionality, I’m grateful it’s short. For the dildo side? Yawn. Holding it on the paddle end, to use the dildo end is extremely awkward. I had to try a few different grips before I was able to comfortably hold it, and I was still left underwhelmed. The dildo as a handle is great though. It makes it extremely comfortable to hold. Whether you want to hold it with a tight grip, or lazily hold it by the ball, in between your fingers.

Here are the Plunge Paddle’s measurements:

Overall length – 13″
Paddle length – 6 1/4″
Paddle width – 3 1/8″
Paddle thickness – 1/4″
Handle length – 4 1/2″
Handle Diameter – 1 1/8″
Ball width – 1 1/4″
Ball length – 1 1/2″ (the ball is an oval shape)
Weight – 7.7oz

Plunge tagIt’s made of 100% ultra-premium silicone. Which means if you’re into blood play and have trouble finding a paddle that you can sterilize, this may be the paddle for you. If it’s not your style, Tantus has other designs available, made from the same silicone. The silicone is a smooth matte finish that has some drag to it, and is a bit of a lint magnet. It collects it to a certain extent, and then stops. I can wipe it down with a towel after cleaning it, with minimal amount of fuzz on it.  The packaging the Plunge Paddle came in was minimal to say the least. The Paddle comes with this tag, an opaque silicone tag with Tantus’ name on it, tied to the Paddle with a plastic tie.

Overall, I love having the Plunge Paddle for a paddle. As a dildo, I won’t be using it again. The shape doesn’t work for me, and the hole in the end collects whatever is in my vagina at the time. Like I said, though, I do love it as a paddle. I can get a harsh sting, if I focus on connecting with the tip of the paddle. Or I can get a strong thud when I connect with the entire paddle. It’s versatile with the types of pain, but one thing is for sure. This fucker hurts.

Thank you Tantus for sending me the Plunge Paddle, in exchange for my fair and honest review!

Plunge Paddle Booty Slap

If you want to give the Plunge Paddle a go, click on one of the links below to use my affiliate codes!

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Jan 092014

Vanquisher silicone whipI’ve never really been one for whips, but this one caught my attention. I mean it looks like a long, silicone lily. I know, I know. It’s a whip for punishment! or something, but it’s really beautiful. Especially when it’s devoid of lint. The Vanquisher is from a Los Angeles based company that started up in ’07, called Sex and Metal. So far, I’m optimistic about their products. The silicone is sturdy and thick, while the handle is a nice girth that is comfortable to hold. I scared the crap out of my husband when I pulled it out of the box. Maybe it was the maniacal look in my eyes as I swung it around that scared him. I don’t know.

When I was told to pick out a few things to review from Sex and Metal, I knew I had to try the Vanquisher Silicone Whip. I didn’t really understand how it worked. Sure, you rear back and swing, but I didn’t understand where the pain would come from the most. It’s a rolled piece of silicone, but for some reason the physics of it didn’t add up in my mind. Did the center of the whip act as a type of soft cane? Was the pain focused only in the tip? These were questions I knew that could only be answered in person. Fortunately, Sex and Metal didn’t leave me wondering too long. I received my Vanquisher whip in a brown box that folded only the very tip of the whip. There was no tag, or anything identifying the whip. I had to refer back to my wishlist to see what I had received. When I looked at who sent it, I had no idea it was Sex and Metal. It wasn’t until I removed the brown paper in the box that I saw what it was or who it was from.

Heads up, the Vanquisher whip is a magnet for lint. I hang mine off the corner of my book case and it looks like I’ve rolled on a wool sweater. Granted, I should probably dust my room more, but this thing catches everything. Fortunately it only takes a little bit of water to wipe it away with my hands. I do love that it’s silicone, which means it can be sterilized with alcohol or bleach. That being said this makes it a safe option for blood play or if you get any kind of bodily fluids on it. Keep in mind though, that the Vanquisher is held into place by the two spikes sticking out of the side of the handle. That means that it is difficult to clean in between the folds. Though the fold do dry well when you leave it hanging up. I haven’t tried to remove the spikes to see if the silicone is removable. I figure if I use a lot of pressure and they don’t budge, then it’s not meant to happen. 

Alright, now the measurements of my  Vanquisher silicone whip. I found that my measurements varied from what Sex and Metal has on their website. Here they are:

Full length (including loop) – 26 1/2″
Silicone fall – 19 3/4″
Silicone thickness – 1/16
Handle length – 6″
Handle diameter – 1″

Vanquisher siliconeThe length of the fall works for, and against, the swing of the Vanquisher. How it works against it is that if you don’t land the tip on flesh, you’re left with a soft, ineffective blow. Fortunately your chances of landing the tip are high. It’s hard to swing the Vanquisher without the tip leaving it’s mark. It doesn’t take much force for the blows to land effectively either. I barely have to move my wrist to get a nice smack sound with a little sting. When I use my whole arm the Vanquisher leaves marks immediately. How do I know this? My husband dropped trou for me. Only for a few swings, but I was touched that he let me mark him for the sake of my review.

The weight of the Vanquisher isn’t a light whip. Not that’s hard to wield, but it can be tiring. In between swings, it’s easiest to keep the silicone pointing down since the real weight is on that end.

Whip mod 2

This allows your arm and wrist to rest. If your wrist does get tired, you could always make an upward motion with your swings that will prove to be just as effective. I wish I was able to give an actual measurement of weight, but I don’t own a scale.

To wield the Vanquisher, is to have space. Not that you need a lot, but you can’t exactly be close without some forethought of positioning. The best distance I found was from about two to three feet back. This allows for a decent swing with no guess work as to where the tip will land.

One thing that I love about the Vanquisher, is that it has a metal loop that is welded onto the handle. The loop is 1″ in diameter, which means you can hang it from a hook or use the leather loop that is provided. I like this whip, but I don’t know if I’d say I love it. The fact that you can only inflict pain with the tip makes it a one trick pony. Don’t get me wrong, the tip inflicts a great deal of pain, and the pin point effectiveness is great. I just wish that the rolled portion did more than just flop against my ass, but with the right amount of space, and a few practice swings, it’s hard to miss with that tip.

Whipped ass

 Thank you Sex and Metal for sending me the Vanquisher Silicone Whip, in exchange for a fair and honest review!

If you’re interested in getting the Vanquisher silicone whip, click on the link below to use my affiliate code.

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Jan 032014

Werewolf MedAfter a failed attempt with the Wuffamute Pup, I was somewhat lack luster in trying the Werewolf Medium. I was excited, however, to see how the colors I chose would turn out. I’ve never had a glow-in-the-dark toy before. I love what they did with my color choices (fluorescent blue and glow in dark swirls on the shaft, with a glow in the dark base). In the light it looks great and in the dark, it looks even better. Now as far as the feel goes with the Werewolf, it took me a while to decide if I liked the Werewolf Medium. One day the girth of the Werewolf would be too much, and the next day it would be just enough.

The Werewolf Medium is a big’un. It’s not for the faint of vagina. Especially if you’re intention is to go for the knot. Of course that was/is my intention. I’ve been wanting to successfully use a knotted toy. Like I said, the Wuffamute Pup didn’t work out for me. The Werewolf Medium is a much better fit. The shaft isn’t too long at 6 inches, which means I CAN REACH THE KNOT. *ahem* Sorry, I’m just enthused. What’s the point if you can’t use the whole thing, right? The intention is to use the knot, and with the Werewolf, I am able to. On the days I’m not able to, I’m not able to get over the knot without pain. I will warm up with another toy, reach for the Werewolf and still nothing. I have trouble taking on the extreme width so quickly. These are rare days, but they do happen. When they do, the Werewolf is benched.

With a girth of 6″ circumference on the shaft, and with a circumference of 7.5″ on the first set of nuts, I am full. My favorite part? I’m not dealing with my cervix and the Werewolf butting heads in order to take on the awesome girth of the knot. Alright, enough about the knot. The shaft of the Werewolf is a hefty one. By itself, it doesn’t do much for me. Sure it’s a great width for me, but it’s short. So in order for it to be worth using, it has to be used in full.

Werewolf Med textureOne thing I’d like to see different about the Werewolf Medium is the texture. If you run out of lube, you know it. Immediately. I’m not expecting the lube to last forever, but if I’m low, I don’t want to feel like I’m fucking myself with squishy sand paper. Little to no lube, it’s not going to work. I have to lube myself inside and out, and the toy itself. Not a problem with a towel nearby, but not my ideal situation. I like being able to lube up a toy, throw a little on myself, and rotate the toy in. Seems to work with other toys, just not with the Werewolf. The silicone density of my Werewolf is  Medium for the shaft, and Firm for the base. There is a big difference. I love the Medium density for the shaft. I don’t think I’d be able to manage the toy in Firm. It’s not very forgiving.

On to the second set of balls. The man balls, if you will. They are appreciated. Something to hold on to, and the texture (think a cartoon drawing of wavy hair) makes it easy to hold on to when going for manual thrusting. Especially with lube on my hands. I really like to use it standing up. The toy, not me. I’ve used it with great success in the bath (easiest way for me to ride a toy). There’s no suction cup to the base. It’s completely flat. Still with the large man balls, it’s easy to hold it down with a few fingers while riding.

Successful design (for my body) aside, I am in love with the colors. I really am. This thing looks amazing, lit up. These glowing pictures are after holding the dildo under direct light for 30 seconds. The glow lasts for about a minute, and then it fades. I haven’t had a chance to really test out extended exposure to light, and the lasting time of the glow.

Werewolf light and dark

Overall, I really like the Werewolf Medium. The colors are fantastic,  and I love the swirl on the shaft. The Werewolf even comes with a cloth storage bag that fits the toy perfectly. The girth is right up my alley, and the short length allows me to actually use the knot! I’m all for body-safe silicone dildos with color and density, but this one is a heft toy and may be too much for some. If you’re a girth lover and don’t want a lot of length, I’d definitely recommend the Werewolf Medium. Just be prepared to lube up.

Werewolf sides

You can get the Werewolf Medium at Exotic Erotics at the starting price of $85!

Exotic Erotics banner

Nov 262013

Nox BDI have been wanting to try a Bad Dragon dildo for a long time now. When I was told that Nox was available, I did a little victory dance around my laptop. Of course that means I set the bar high in terms of expectations, but I am ridiculously happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed. The dimensions. The silicone densities. The colors. The suction cup. The texture. All of it. Bad Dragon did not let me down.

Bad Dragon is an fantastic company based in Arizona. They make fantasy dildos, cock sheaths, strokers, and have tons of options for what you can do to the toy. You can add a suction cup and cum tube to most of the dildos and you can choose the silicone density you want. They have an extreme array of color choices when it comes to picking out the coloring you want. As the name suggests, they make dragon toys. Dragon cocks, pussies, assholes, they’ve got it. They have other fantasy toys, too. One thing about Bad Dragon toys, is that they tend to run large. Most of the  dildos come in Small, Medium, Large, and XLarge. When picking out your dildo, take extra care when picking the size for you. All of their toys are made out of high quality, body-safe silicone. Meaning they can be sterilized. Something I love about silicone. The fact that I know my toy is sterile when pull it out of the boiling pot.

Screenshot (7)

The Nox that I have is a Medium. I love girth, and am a size queen. So please consider the sizes when considering the Nox. I ordered the Nox with a Firm Split. This means that the shaft is cast in a Medium density, and the base is cast in the Firm. I am so glad that I chose that firmness. The squishy Medium feels amazing internally, while the Firm base makes it easy to hold on to while in use and makes the suction cup extremely successful.

Nox suction cup base.

Nox side

As soon as Nox arrived I opened it up and was thrilled to see that BD had included some fun extras. A soft density sample disk in a beautiful blue-green, two mini dicks, a BD pen, a BD pin, and a little packet of candy corn. It took a great deal of restraint to not eat the candy corn, so I could take the Package of the Day pic. Worth it though. After I took the pic, I couldn’t help but sticking the Nox on smooth surfaces. Windows, the hood of my Tahoe (I thought about driving it down the street, but decided against it because there are young kids around here), my front door. The suction cup is extremely strong. Using it on my shower wall, where the tiles run small (under 4″), I was worried. Nox didn’t let me down. It help up, even when I got reckless with my bouncing. One thing I noticed was that when I stuck the Nox either too high, or too low, it stayed in place without any problems. Usually, if I position a dildo too high or low, it pops off when I go for long thrusts. Not the Nox, it’s solid.

Nox back

When I grabbed the Nox, the first time, I was eager to see how it fit. I closed my eyes and relished in the feeling of being stretched. Then when I got past the widest part of the middle, I enjoyed being stretched over and over again. Alright, “enjoyed” is a weak description of what I was feeling. My vagina would have cried out in joy, but her mouth was full. I wasn’t able to feel the little nubs as much as I thought. Maybe if I got in Firm, I would. I was able to feel the lines running down the shaft. It made thrusting that much smoother. I was cumming within minutes. The large base made it easy for me to hold on to, and the texture on the base helped with my grip (when I have lube on my hands). The shape of this toy was as though it was designed for my body.

I love that Bad Dragon has the option of customizing your toys, and an extensive array of colors. They have a color pallet you can use to design your toy, and a preview so you can see what it will look like. It saddens me that I have to keep Nox under wraps (in a box on my bookcase). That has to be the one thing that sucks about Nox. Boo-fucking-hoo. The silicone feels amazing, it comes in the colors of my own choosing, and it feels like it was made especially for my pussy. *slow clap* Well done, Bad Dragon, well done.

Click the link below if the Nox sounds like the dragon cock for you.

Bad Dragon banner

Nov 162013

gvibe modI was intrigued by the G-Vibe. I had no expectations going into this one. If you’ve read my reviews, you know that I’m usually excited to try a new toy, but this one simply had me interested. I didn’t know if it would be a toy for me to love or if the toy would make me want to tear in two. When I first got the G-Vibe, I was irritated by the fact that they had the name of the toy on the shipping label. When I opened up the box for the G-Vibe I had to take a double take of the vibrator on the packaging. The picture of the G-Vibe on the box is almost a neon pink. The actual G-Vibe is almost a pink pastel. Not even close to the color on the box. If you look at the website, they don’t try and hide the pastel.

gvibe innards mod
Now the G-Vibe has the information about the toy on the side of the box. It states: “One-year Warranty, Water resistant, Rechargeable, Medical silicone (Phthalate-free) and ABS, Six vibrating modes, Quiet, Two motors on tips.” When you flip open the magnetically closed top, you’ll see the G-Vibe nuzzled in white foam with a tab to pull it out. Underneath is the the USB charger (doesn’t have a wall charger attachment), a white storage bag (think large microfiber sunglasses case) with the letters FT on it, and a little fold out booklet with the illustrations of how to use the G-Vibe. I love the sturdy feel of the storage, and the fact that foam is real foam and not a Styrofoam cut out. I use the whole box as storage, rather than putting it all in the bag. It stands up nicely on my bookcase.


The toy itself is made of medical silicone and feels buttery soft. It does require water-based lube to be used comfortably, but not much. The handle is made out of ABS plastic. All of which can be wiped down with isopropyl alcohol, or a wipe. The G-Vibe is NOT waterproof, so get rid of any silly little delusions you have about taking this one into the tub. It’s not going to happen. The foldout booklet that comes with the G-Vibe has no information outside of suggestions of what you can do with it. Here’s what’s inside the booklet, as soon on the Fun Toys website:

GVibe Instructions

 I’ve tried the G-Vibe at least 8 different times. Most of the times that I’ve used it, it’s felt like it was stabbing my cervix. When it comes to vibrations, my experience have varied between two different feelings. The number one reaction to the vibrations is that I’m hearing a cell phone vibrate somewhere under a blanket. That’s it. I’m simply hearing it. Not feeling it. When I do feel it, it is somewhat extreme against my g-spot, but because of the flexibility in the arms, I can do nothing but sit there with it in place. Even then, after awhile, I’m back to hearing it only. Keep in mind, this is with both arms inside of me. When the G-Vibe is outside of my body, I can definitely hear it. It’s not whisper quiet. It will be covered by a T.V. at normal volume though.




When I tried to use it clitorally, the flexible arms were extremely disappointing. It’s extremely awkward if you try and use both hands to maneuver it. I tried using just one arm, and then two (as depicted). Neither worked. I tried using one arm on my clit, while the other one was inside of me. Again, nothing. The width of the arms is too broad for me to use it with just one arm. Then when I try to use both on my clit, the gap between the two arms is too big for it to be effective. Even when I hold it closer to the tips, to close the gap, it doesn’t work, since it loses a lot of the vibrations in my hand.

I will say this though, the vibrations do have power. They just get lost in the flexibility of the arms, when used internally. When I was able to put it against my g-spot, I did enjoy it. A lot. As I said though, the flexibility in the arms makes it impossible move it around with the guarantee that you’ll find a solid angle again.  Here are the vibration patterns, as seen on Fun Toys’ website:

gvibe vibrations

Here is some info about the G-Vibe:

-It’s 9 1/2 inches in total length (ears together).

-The insertable length is 6 inches.

-It’s splash-proof, not waterproof. (No bath/shower fun with this one. (Lame.))

-The width of the ears (at its widest) is 1 1/16″.

-The motors are located 1 3/4″ down from the tips of the ears.The width of the toy is 1 1/2″, and 1 1/8′ on the slim side.

-To click it on, you hit the + button, and to turn it off you hit the – button until it shuts off.

Overall, I like the idea, but I don’t like the results. The flexibility in the arms makes it near to  impossible for g-spot stim when I try to thrust with it. When I do try to thrust, I end up stabbing my cervix. Not my favorite thing to do in my spare time. When I did align it with my g-spot, I was wowed by the vibrations, but the inability to apply pressure made me lose interest. Eventually I would go from feeling the G-Vibe to just hearing it. It’s not a super loud toy, but it isn’t whisper silent. I could hear it under the blankets (2 heavy blankets and 1 comforter). I appreciate the vibration patterns, and the intensities (the highest is the one I stuck with the most). It has serious potential, and it might work for some as is, but it didn’t work for me.


Thank you Fun Toys for providing me with the G-Vibe free of charge, in exchange for my fair and honest review!

You can find the G-Vibe at Lovehoney.com! Click the link below to use my affiliate link!

small lovehoney


Oct 282013

Bow to the NunI was shocked the first time I came across Divine Interventions’ Religious Toys line. The old church-goer in me, was aghast at the array of dildos, butt plugs, and a silicone bible vibrator sleeve. Shoot, even the Holy Water lube caught me off guard. The shock lasted about a minute. Then my sense of humor kicked in. A Baby Jesus Butt Plug? A Jackhammer Jesus dildo? A Diving Nun? I loved it. I started giggling like a deranged lunatic. I wanted the Diving Nun, immediately. I even told Divine Interventions, “I’m not Catholic, but I’ve always had a love for screaming nuns.” And so it came to pass, that I stuck a nun in my vagina.

Diving Nun w/ lubeDivine Interventions is a San Francisco Bay Area toy company, with a fantastic sense of humor. When I got the Diving Nun, I again started with the insane giggling. I opened up my package to the see not only the Diving Nun, but Divine Interventions Holy Water lube, and their Communion napkin. When I took the Nun out to the pool to take the Package of the Day pic, I then realized just how extreme the angle of it is. I had to stack three small river rocks to get the Nun to stand up on its own. The only way to get the Diving Nun to stand up (sans river rocks), is by using its awesome suction cup base. The base is roughly cut, but its slight indent with the soft silicone makes it perfect to suction cup on all surfaces.

Nun Got BackI didn’t really care for the Diving Nun at first. The Nun’s face and texture didn’t do anything but make me uncomfortable. I talked to a friend about it, and she said I should flip the Nun over and give the back ridges a shot at my g-spot. Whole different dildo. The ridges feel amazing on my g-spot, but the shape of the dildo makes it a little difficult to use it for a long period of time. What I did was use the ridged back for a few minutes, and then I turned it back around, Nun up. When I did that, I came to appreciate the the texture of the Nun, and the curve. Within in minutes I was cumming, but it wasn’t easy. The silicone the Diving Nun is made out of , is soft and pliable. This feels great internally, but it makes for difficult maneuvering when holding onto the base. I use it mainly when I’m standing in the shower, so I tend to flatten my hand and use it in more of a “shoving” motion. Yes, I said it. I shove a Nun in my vagina. Definitely a feat I won’t be discussing with my overly zealous religious friends. Though I may snicker if nuns are mentioned.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAThe Diving Nun from Divine Interventions is a modest dildo at 1 3/4″ in diameter, and 7 3/4″ in length. I say modest because I’m a size queen (in regards to girth), and this one requires no warm up for me. It is a longer dildo, but all that means is that I don’t put all of it inside of me. When I’m riding it the length is somewhat comfortable (I tend to sit down when I’m riding dildos). It can be a bit much, and I’m unable to slam my ass down (which can be extremely tiresome) if I’m using the suction cup on a chair. The length does work well if I’m on my knees in the bath with it.

I haven’t had any issues when it comes to cleaning out the Nun’s face or any other crevice on the front of the dildo. I generally use gentle soap and water to clean my toys, and I boil them about once a month. Storing the Diving Nun is a hassle since it won’t stand on its own, and the base puts up a hell of a fight when trying to get it into a gallon sized baggy. So I keep it with other dildos that have storage bags.

Overall I like the Diving Nun. The texture took some getting used to, but I’ve come to love it. I wish the base was firmer, but I suppose it’s best kept soft since it helps with the suction cup. It’s a hard one to show off, as it doesn’t stand on its own, unless you suction it onto a surface. Even then you have to bend it up to be shown. I love that there are two sides of texture, so you can basically turn it into two different dildos. Both of which got me off in a big way. If the Nun isn’t your speed, Divine Interventions has other dildos with the same ribbing on the back. All of which are made from 100% silicone. Enjoy.

Diving Nun

Divine Interventions banner