Feb 192014

No. 28When I opened the box from Pipedreams, I had no idea what they sent me. When I saw they sent me the Icicles No. 28, I groaned. I had flash backs of my horrible experiences with the Awesome Blossom. Still, I shook my head, and thought, “This could be different.” It was different, but not by much.

No. 28 tip

Pipedreams is a California-based company that produces toys in a variety of materials such as glass, aluminum, ceramic, plastic, and rubber. They also make other products such as whips, restraints, novelties, and more. They pretty much make a little bit of everything. The Icicles are made from borosilicate glass (in other words Pyrex), this means it’s non-porous and completely sterilizable. You can clean it with bleach, alcohol, soap and water, or boiling. Keep in mind, if you boil the glass, it’s going to be hot as fuck. So be careful. That being said, if you plan on using the No. 28 for temperature play be mindful of how long you keep it in warm water. If you leave it in for too long and if the water is too hot, you can seriously hurt yourself. The same goes for freezing your glass. Cold water should suffice.

Some quick measurements:

Height- 6 7/8″
Insertable surface length- 7″
Base- 2 3/8″ x 2″
Head diameter- 1 1/2″
Shaft diameter- a hair over 1″ (without swirl), 1 5/16″ (with swirl)
aaaand, the listed weight is 10 oz (without packaging)

No. 28 upper halfI’ve used the No. 28 about 6 different times. Each time I’m left disappointed and with an irritated vagina. When I say irritated, I don’t mean that my vagina was telling me, “You know, I’m trying to be nice, but I’d really like it if you were to stop now.” It means my vagina gets irritated like I get irritated, “Put it the fuck down. I don’t know why you keep doing this. You already know what’s going to happen. Just fucking stop.”

As I stated before, seeing the No. 28 brought back the horrible memories of the Awesome Blossom. When I was using it, it was nearly the same thing. Not that it was like using a cheese grater in my vagina, but it was definitely jarring. When using a glass toy with swirled texture, I feel like my urethra and my labia minora are being pulled. Not like the toy is pulling them as one, rather it feels like it’s grabbing little bits of skin and they’re being pinched.

The head has two lines in it that can be seen in the second picture. I have no idea what purpose they serve. They catch on important flesh, and collect debris. The base of the No. 28 is anal safe, but proceed with caution. The texture may be intense. The curve of the No. 28 is very slight. Even when I would put the toy in place, and tred to grind it into my g-spot, it wouldn’t work. It lacks the angle that I need.

This may work for other people. It may just be my vagina saying, “NO”, every time I pull it out. Either way, this toy is pretty to photograph. Not that that is a valid reason to buy a glass toy. “Oh yeah! It doesn’t work, but damn look at the pictures I took and can only show a very select amount of people! Totally worth it!” To be perfectly honest, it drives me nuts when a toy that I don’t like or despise photographs extremely well. The No. 28 is a perfect example of this. When it comes to functionality? If the texture is what you’re looking for, go ahead, give it a shot. If not, you’ve been warned.

Thank you Pipedreams for providing me with the Icicles No. 28 free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.

You can get the Pipedrems No. 28 at Shevibe & Pink Cherry.

No 28 desk crop

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Sep 062013

Tracey Cox SetWhen I first saw the Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo set (ridiculously long name, in my opinion), I was intrigued. The pink looked like another toy I own and like, while the clear one reminded me of the Fun Wand from Njoy. So when Lovehoney sent it to me to review, I was back to stalking my mail lady. The package couldn’t have come on a better day. I had been feeling down, but when I felt the weight of the toys in the box, it brought me right back up.

Alright, the packaging isn’t very discreet. It has a naked woman straddling a naked man on it. You don’t see any aureola or scrotum but it’s attention grabbing. On the back you’ll read about what fun hetero couples can have. How he can use it on her, or how she can use it on him. For someone new to toys the ideas could be helpful. I wish it was written in a gender-neutral pronouns and just stuck with the areas/positions that they would best be used in. Inside you’ll find the glass toys in a clam positioner with the two velvet drawstring pouches tucked into the side. The pouches fit the toys exactly, which I like since glass storage can be an issue with over-sized pouches.

TCSGDS Pink I grabbed the pink dildo first, since it’s design was one I was familiar with. I used Sliquid H2O, and laid down on my back. With toys that don’t have an extreme angle it takes me a minute to find an angle to hit my g-spot. Since the Pink has a gentle curve to it, I had to use it like a joystick before finding an effective stroke. For me it was with the double bubble end pointing towards the bed. It was annoying having lean forward to keep my rhythm, but something an extra pillow behind me easily fixed. The head with the six bumps along the shaft felt amazing when I upped my tempo and used longer strokes. The bumps aren’t harsh, but gentle. Something I appreciate since I hate having my vagina grabbed at by glass texture. I was able to get off with it, but is was more a “miss the mark” orgasm. Where I’m left wanting.

Overall length – 7 1/2″
Head circumference – 4 1/4″
Shaft circumference – 3 1/4″
Last bulge circumference – 4 1/2″

Pink and SSA Glass comparisonI did have a comparison session with the Pink and the Deep Water G from SSA glass. The difference between them is miniscule. The Pink is longer, but it’s isn’t enough for me to choose one over the other. The SSA glass has only five bumps along the shaft and the pink is slightly girthier on the double bubble end. Nothing to really write home about. I had to take the picture of the pink inside, because it doesn’t really show up outside. The product page shows it as an almost bubblegum pink, but in reality it’s more a watered down pink lemonade.


The Clear is what really had me interested in the set. I’ve never had one like it. I have to say it is my favorite of the two. The way the bulges meet the shaft and are spaced out, felt amazing when I was using slow strokes. I went from lying on my back, to on my side, and both felt great. When I used faster strokes, I wasn’t too much of a fan of the bulges. I was more focused on the texture, than I was on an orgasm. When I used the other end (the end with the single bulge on the end), again I had to use it as a joystick. The The slight “S” shape didn’t make it easy to fish for my g-spot. I was able to finally hit it, after pushing the bulges all of the way down, to where there weren’t almost laying on my perineum. Not the most comfortable thing I’ve ever tried. I’ll be sticking to the textured end.

Overall length – 8″
Single bulge end circumference – 3 1/2″
Shaft circumference – 2 3/4″
Bulges range between – 3 1/2″ & 4 5/8″, the largest in the middle


Having to search for my g-spot is not something I’m fond of. With both of these toys I had to do just that. When I did find a position that worked, it wasn’t mind blowing, it was more of a bored orgasm. The texture felt nice with the Pink, and amazing with the Clear. Texture alone isn’t going to get me off. I need angles that will hit my g-spot, not ones I have to create. I don’t know about anybody else, but when I really get excited with my thrusts, I’m not looking to have to hold an angle. I want to be able to maintain a comfortable position and thrust away. The Pink wasn’t as difficult to use to hit my g-spot, but it still wasn’t the easiest. It may be just my body, and how it worked for me. They are nice to look at, but they aren’t so beautiful that I could, or would, overlook their short comings. Lovehoney has much more effective and more aesthetically appeasing toys to offer than these. I’d rather refer someone to one good toy, than to two mediocre ones.


 The Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set was provided by Lovehoney free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

If you want to give the Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo set a go, click here to use my affiliate code.

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Aug 222013

Prisms SomaTo be honest, I didn’t look at the specs when I bought the Soma. Its beauty won out, just like a few other glass toys I own. I’d never seen anything like it, and was surprised it was so cheap ($19.25 on Amazon). I’ll tell you right now, that owning the Soma is like the saying “You were beautiful until you opened your mouth”. I loved looking at this piece, but as soon as I used it, I immediately regretted buying it.

When I pulled Soma out of its box, I rushed off to take a few pics for the Package of the Day. After that, I had to put it up for a few days. I’m one of those people who like an empty house when I’m playing with dildos. Vibes, I don’t care if there’s a party going on downstairs. Anyways, when I did pull the Soma out to play, I lathered it up with some Spunk silicone lube, and went over my labia with it. I was not impressed. At all.

The swirling glass is wide, and because of the girth of each piece, it creates a ravine between them. So when I’m rubbing it on my clit, it offers no resistance or texture. I knew this going in (I mean it’s made of smooth glass after all), but when I was laying there with it in my hands, I was pretty ticked off. Then when I’d twist it, to try for some texture, it just slip off my clit and trying to compensate for the distance between the two pieces was a pain. Well, not a pain, but definitely inconvenient. Even when rubbing it on my labia, I was left bored. Maybe if it was coiled tighter, it would offer something.

Soma textureWhen I started thrusting, I was caught of guard on how much the two V’s where the pieces meet the head, caught on my lips and entry to my vagina. It was distracting more than anything. I ignored and it kept on with my mission. I figured I could just keep it deep, and aim for my g-spot or x-spot. Nothing. It didn’t reach anything. I tried to tilt it with what little there was to grip (the base nearly non-existent), and I ended up just pissed off. I tried different positions; legs up, doggy, standing, I used my liberator wedge for a tilt. Still nothing.

The overall length of the Soma is 6″ with an insertable length of 5 1/2″, the circumference is 5″, the diameter is approximately 3/4″ for each spiral. The distance between the center of each spiral is 1″.  The base diameter is 1 1/4″. I know this sounds like a long list of measurements. That’s because it is.


Now about the head. It’s just painful. The end of the coils comes to what looks like an arrow. They aren’t subtle. They’re actually deeply scored into the glass. When I lubed up my hand, to stroke it, I knew it wasn’t just me having an over sensitive vagina. The tilt of the head isn’t angled enough from the shaft, to make it assertive for any kind of spotting. It’s barely a tickle.

It’s a beautiful piece. It really is. It’s one you think, “Oooh, that’s so pretty, and the swirls! It has to be amazing”. No. Yes, it is pretty. Yes, it has swirls. No, it is not amazing. In fact it is more of a trophy toy. It sits in the case, and there’s nothing more to do with it, outside of looking at it. It is tricky to clean because of where the two pieces meet on the shaft. It’s a tight squeeze that requires a toothbrush. That spot is where skin gets tugged, and makes the whole experience just irritating. The loose coil makes it boring when you try and use it externally. The base gives you virtually nothing to hold on to when you’re fishing for an orgasm. Absolutely a beautiful piece, and absolutely a waste of twenty bucks.

Soma head.

I don’t have an affiliate code for you. If you want to try it, be my guest.


Aug 082013

Icicles No. 8I got the Icicles No. 8 on a whim. I had read that the size and shape would be good for kegels, and that’s honestly all I got it for. It’s a beautiful glass toy. It reminds me of a garden globe. You know the orbs you put your garden, that have that shimmery surface like a soap bubble? I thought, even if it didn’t work out, it’s still a pretty piece, and I got it relatively cheap. So, no real worries there.

Well, the first time I used it, it was after a session with mondo silicone cocks. I felt stretched and had a ridiculous fear that my vag would stay loose. So, I grabbed the No. 8, and did some twaterobics with it. Rather than standing and holding it in, I rolled over on my stomach with it in and I kept my legs open. When I did kegels, I felt like I was weightlifting. No joke. I could feel the feel the balled end going up and down. I would do reps with it, and hold the balled end up. It makes kegels fun. Not that I’ve ever considered kegels to be a pain in my ass, but then I’ve never been “Yay! Kegels!”. Using the No. 8 raised my interest level. It was fun making the toy bounce by clenching hard, and lowering it by relaxing.

Using the No. 8 as a sex toy is extremely lack luster. I found it a great tease, and a great cool down after a heat session. Since my glass toys stay relatively cool where I store them, after an intense session, I like to run the No. around my slick labia. It’s so soothing, and it’s great come down. I don’t get to use it as much I’d like, lately, since becaues of time issues, but I like to use it quite a bit. As an orgasm chaser, this thing is terrible. It’s slim, there’s no angles. It’s like a swizzle stick for the vagina. Nothin’ really there.

Overall? I could live without it and not be heartbroken, but I do like it. It serves its purpose as a twaterobic instrument, and labia cool down device. It’s fun to use for kegels, and the cool glass feels great after long session. It’s like the suckerfish of toy play. It doesn’t do well on its own, but it does thrive when it latches on to the play time of other toys.

Wanna try the Icicles No. 8, yourself? Click the link to get it at Lovehoney.com.


Jun 302013

GE DIGITAL CAMERAIn the case of the Awesome Blossom by Doc Johnson, Beauty won over Sensibility. I took one look at the ridges on the shaft and thought, “Well, that looks painful.” Still, I was taken in by its beauty and went for it. I’ve given this toy at least 8 different attempts to play nice. Each time we start off nice and slow. Some nice teasing, drawn out temperature play. Slowly using the bulbous head and extreme ridges on my clit. It’s sublime. The Blossom gets me revved up and begging for a good time. Then when I start thrusting, it tries to rip out my vagina.

I’m not a big fan of textured glass dildos, but I have been known to enjoy one or two. So when I first held this one in my hands I prayed that my initial thoughts were wrong, but when I started to stroke it with soap to clean it, I was dubious of the possibilities. The ridges have edges, not soft curves. They’re extreme for those that are sensitive to texture. The Awesome Blossom may work well for those that like it rough and want some pain with their glass experience. I personally have chalked this one up as simply a lovely ornament in my collection.

A few things about the Awesome Blossom :GE DIGITAL CAMERA

  • It’s made from sturdy borosilicate glass (aka Pyrex or tempered glass)
  • Length 7 3/4″
  • Head Circumference 4 1/2″
  • Shaft Circumference 3 1/2″
  • Ridge Height 2mm
  • Base 1 5/8″

*The base is small in comparison to the shaft, so I don’t recommend taking this one to the butt.

I don’t have big lips, but every time I thrust with it, it felt like I was using a cheese grater instead of a beautiful glass dildo. I tried it in all different positions. On my back, with a pillow under my hips, lying on my stomach, on all fours and the results were always the same; OUCH. At first when I’m thrusting the toy, and not bearing down on it, it’s not so bad. As soon as I do bear down, I feel the the tugging of tender flesh.

One thing I that I found really distracting, aside for the the extreme texture, was the noise. With lube it sounds like you’re sucking Jell-O off a plate (yes I’ve done it before). This could make for fun sensory play, if you get off on extremely wet noises when using a toy. For me, I had trouble hearing my porn-of-the-day while thrusting.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAI tried hitting my g-spot with the Awesome Blossom and found that the texture held me back. Usually I can use short, deep thrusts to really give my g-spot a pounding. I figured this would work well with the texture as I won’t be needing to numb my lips to do it, but again I was wrong. It was as though the ridges had grabbed my vaginal walls and were trying to take them along for the ride to my g-spot. The slight curve of the dildo did hit my g-spot, so it is possible. That I do know. After that, the texture was just too much for me to continue.

Like I said before I’ve given the Awesome Blossom many times to make nice with my vagina. Each time it’s left me feeling like I took a rake to my lips and vaginal wall. I love that it’s glass and sterilizable. It’s a beautiful piece, and it’s great for external pleasure. It holds cold well, and the round head makes for great clit stim.

If you want to feel like you’re getting fucked by barbed-wire, be my guest. Personally I’m done trying to love this one. It’s only purposes in my collection are for external warm up and teasing. That and something beautiful to photograph.

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