Dec 132014

Amsterdam wet modMondo Cock. That’s the Amsterdam for you. Think big and then double it. It’s a pillar of black silicone waiting for a hole that’s up to the challenge. I couldn’t pass up the chance to give this behemoth a try. I consider myself a bit of a size queen, so naturally I had to give it a go. It took some time, it took some patience, and it took a hell of a lot of warming up. The design of the Amsterdam is unrelenting. The head of the Amsterdam is not to be taken lightly. To the touch, the silicone is soft and mildly squishy. In use, the Amsterdam has little to no give to it.

I love the look of the Amsterdam. It’s a great giant pillar of Tantus silicone. It’s fun to grab, swing around, or just marvel at. Tantus makes sex toys out of 100% body safe, ultra premium silicone. When it comes to cleaning or sterilizing my sex toys, I’m partial to boiling. I have a huge pot in which I boil all of my toys, and even then the Amsterdam has to be boiled in positional shifts.

I always boil my toys before I use them; it gives me a chance to eye ball the newcomer and it gives me a thrill. While I was boiling the Amsterdam, however, I was thinking of a game plan. The Amsterdam is 2.6″ in diameter (that’s 6.6 cm), and 10 1/2″ in length (or 26.67 cm). After using the Amsterdam several times I have to say this: Put aside half an hour. This isn’t a toy that you just run up to, jump in the air and land on. If I were to try this, I would look like the cartoon that runs into a brick wall and shatters into a million pieces. I usually don’t need a ton of warm up, but the Amsterdam required me to bring out my big guns.

I’m proud to say that my vagina survived the Amsterdam. The blunt head with the extreme girth, nearly split me in two the first time around. I warmed up with the Pedro, and it still took two attempts to fit the Amsterdam. I was covered with Maximus lube from my mid thigh, to my lower belly (not on purpose). The first time with Amsterdam was not a cake walk. The “X’s” felt like they were cutting my urethra as they passed, and I had to call it a day. I was surprised that I was able to fist myself after taking out the Amsterdam, though. Honestly, after the Amsterdam, there was very little resistance to my large hand. Being able to fist myself that easily was definitely a first.

The second time I tried, it was relatively close in time (maybe a day or two), and I was able to take the Amsterdam much quicker. This time it didn’t feel like the “X’s” were cutting me, and it was pleasurable. I made it down to the middle of the third X this time, and was able thrust slowly. For me, the Amsterdam’s primary appeal was the full feeling it gave me. I can’t say that it brought me to a thundering orgasm, but it did provide me with a new sensation; my absolute limit.

When looking at the Amsterdam, get out your ruler. Get out something that is close to the same diameter. I had seen pictures, I had gotten out a ruler, but still, seeing the Amsterdam in all of its silicone glory was humbling.

I don’t know when I’ll be using the Amsterdam again. I’ll probably save it for special occasions or for when I feel like testing my limits again. In the mean time, I hold it has a vagina trophy. Even though, I wasn’t able to orgasm with it, I feel like I have jumped the Grand Canyon and lived.

Thank you Tantus, for sending me the Amsterdam in exchange for my fair and honest review!

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If you really love the design but this size is too much, give the Amsterdam small a try!

It’s 6″ (15.24cm) in length and 1.5″ (3.81) in diameter.


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Jan 262014

Plunge PaddleThis thing HURTS.  When I first got it, I had a stroke of genius and I smacked my palm with it.  I dropped the paddle, held my hand, and walked around hunched over, while muttering insults at myself.  That’s how my first thirty seconds with the Plunge Paddle went.

Okay, so the Plunge Paddle from Tantus, is a di-ddle or a pa-ldo. It’s a paddle with a dildo for a handle. On one side you get the pain, and on the other side you get the pleasure. Or at least that’s the idea. The handle is designed to hit g-spots, p-spots, whatever kind of spot spots you can think of. The thing is, it doesn’t. Not for me. I’ve tried and tried, and still nothing. The pain I feel, the pleasure (from the dildo end), I do not.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe paddle side of the Plunge does not fuck around. It takes some experimentation before using it in play. I mean it. Smack (start softly) the side of your thigh with it. You’ll find you don’t have to rear back far, to obtain pain on naked skin. The Plunge Paddle isn’t heavy, at 7.7 oz (Jenna over at Tantus checked for me). It isn’t something to be taken lightly though. The pad of the paddle is somewhat floppy. So when you swing it, it comes forward and adds to the smack. I was able to get a few swings in, on my husband. He wasn’t all that thrilled by the idea, but when I told him I was reviewing it, he dropped trou. After a few light swings, his skin turned pink and started to swell. The same happened to me, when it was my turn. I was only able to handle about 4 medium taps before I had to take a break. After that, he did swing it harder, and as he did, it was harder to bear.

Now for the dildo end of the Plunge Paddle. It’s useless. SORRY TANTUS! I appreciate the offer, I really do. It just doesn’t work for my vagina. It’s not that I can’t/don’t get off with narrow toys. I do. The Acute? Successful. Every time. The Plunge just doesn’t have the angle that I need. It’s as though it starts to, but it’s cut short. For the paddle’s functionality, I’m grateful it’s short. For the dildo side? Yawn. Holding it on the paddle end, to use the dildo end is extremely awkward. I had to try a few different grips before I was able to comfortably hold it, and I was still left underwhelmed. The dildo as a handle is great though. It makes it extremely comfortable to hold. Whether you want to hold it with a tight grip, or lazily hold it by the ball, in between your fingers.

Here are the Plunge Paddle’s measurements:

Overall length – 13″
Paddle length – 6 1/4″
Paddle width – 3 1/8″
Paddle thickness – 1/4″
Handle length – 4 1/2″
Handle Diameter – 1 1/8″
Ball width – 1 1/4″
Ball length – 1 1/2″ (the ball is an oval shape)
Weight – 7.7oz

Plunge tagIt’s made of 100% ultra-premium silicone. Which means if you’re into blood play and have trouble finding a paddle that you can sterilize, this may be the paddle for you. If it’s not your style, Tantus has other designs available, made from the same silicone. The silicone is a smooth matte finish that has some drag to it, and is a bit of a lint magnet. It collects it to a certain extent, and then stops. I can wipe it down with a towel after cleaning it, with minimal amount of fuzz on it.  The packaging the Plunge Paddle came in was minimal to say the least. The Paddle comes with this tag, an opaque silicone tag with Tantus’ name on it, tied to the Paddle with a plastic tie.

Overall, I love having the Plunge Paddle for a paddle. As a dildo, I won’t be using it again. The shape doesn’t work for me, and the hole in the end collects whatever is in my vagina at the time. Like I said, though, I do love it as a paddle. I can get a harsh sting, if I focus on connecting with the tip of the paddle. Or I can get a strong thud when I connect with the entire paddle. It’s versatile with the types of pain, but one thing is for sure. This fucker hurts.

Thank you Tantus for sending me the Plunge Paddle, in exchange for my fair and honest review!

Plunge Paddle Booty Slap

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Oct 162013

DukeThe first time I saw the Duke, was in Jenna’s tweet of the Tantus booth at ANME. I saw the Duke and I was excited. The COLOR. The fact it looked like a handle-less version of the Anaconda. And, the COLOR. When Tantus asked me what I’d like to review, I jumped on the opportunity to try the Duke. I couldn’t wait to get to the house, when I picked up the package from the mailbox. I cracked open the box on the way back from the mailbox, I had to see the color in person. When I got back to the house, I ran outside to take a Package of the Day picture, and loved that I could see the swirls of the iridescent blue in the shaft.

Duke w/ vibeSimply put? I love it. I’m not a fan of it as a vibrating dildo, but then I’m not too thrilled about vibrating cocks. It’s nice that it’s an option for those that are. I tried it with the included Tantus bullet, and with my Salsa. With the Salsa, it was obviously stronger, but I find the vibrations distracting more than anything. With the Tantus bullet, it was even worse. The Tantus bullet is extremely buzzy, and doesn’t get me off by itself, let alone in a silicone cock. Like I said though, it’s a nice option for those that like their dicks to go, “buzz, buzz.”

Duke Standing TallNow back to the Duke itself. The Duke is made by Tantus, one of my favorite sex toy manufacturers. They push for body safe materials in general, but they start by making body safe toys. The Duke is made from 100% premium platinum silicone, and the vibe is made from ABS plastic. The Duke can be sterilized by boiling (3-5 mins), by bleach (10% solution for approximately the same time), by running it in the dishwasher (sans soap). I use dish soap mostly with silicone toys. Unless I use a toy anally, or find out I have a yeast infection or something. Not what you wanted to hear, but it’s the truth and it goes with having a vagina. Now the bullet, you can sterilize somewhat, but not with boiling or a dishwasher. It is waterproof though, and you can wash it with dish soap or wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. I say “somewhat”, because it has a rubber ring around it, where the two pieces meet (and the button). Rubber is not sterilizable.

Duke headThe Duke is the ultimate in-between dildo, for this size queen. It’s not too big, it’s not too small, it’s in the middle. I usually like a lot of girth to my toys, but also love smaller, well positioned toys too. The Duke is right in between. Having had the T-Rex’s mega ridge, and the Raptor XL’s smaller ridge, I didn’t know what would come from the Duke’s. I’ll tell you right now, Tantus found the perfect middle ground of both. The creases under the coronal ridge are amazing. They remind me of the Anaconda, but they’re spaced out more, and almost rounded in comparison. With the Anaconda I have to use a toothbrush to clean it. I haven’t had to with the Duke. The ridge with those creases… mmmlicious. They pull on the ridges of my urethra sponge, and it feels amazing. The ridge puts a fabulous amount of pressure on my g-spot, and again, it hits my urethral sponge. The urethra sponge is in between your urethra, and the inside of your vagina. I love having it stimulated. The girth of the head of the Duke (1 7/8″) feels amazing, and the shaft (slightly over 1 1/2″) has enough drag to keep my vagina at attention.

The size of the Duke is what really makes it an “any time dildo”. There are days where my vagina doesn’t want anything in it. Girthier dildos can’t gain entrance, and longer dildos are held at bay. The Duke, however, makes it past with no problems. The length of the Duke (a hair over 7″ total, 6 1/2″ usable) is perfect for my vagina. I can take the whole thing, and feel no discomfort. The reason I mention it is because I can get a little crazy when I’m thrusting. The Duke, allows me to get crazy with out turning my cervix into a punching bag. Also, I can keep my thrusts short and rest my wrist on my pubic bone. Always a plus on a lazy day.

Every time I’ve used the Duke, I’ve enjoyed it. Standing, lying down, it doesn’t matter what position I’m in, I’m having a good time. It has made me cum numerous times, and I cum in every position I’ve tried it. Something I love about it, because I have dildos that I love using standing up, and then they suck when I lie down. I have an orgasm with the Duke, regardless of position. The matte finish on the shaft gives me little, to no problem with the aid of some water-based lubricant. Even when some of the lube is washed away in the shower, it doesn’t hinder me. The Duke is a dildo I’ll be taking with me on trips. Its gorgeous color, and guaranteed orgasm design (for me), makes it a gem in my collection.

Duke Lengthwise

Thank you Tantus for providing the Duke, free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review!

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Aug 152013

B-Bomb & vibeI’ve been looking for a body safe, vibrating butt plug for awhile. Not seriously looking, but it’s on my mind when I’m window shopping. So, when Tantus sent me the B-Bomb to review, I was stoked. I opened the package with glee, read the hand written note, pulled out the stickers that came with it, and the B-Bomb. I took it outside to snap a picture for my Package of the Day, then started up my boiling pot. Time to play is always an issue for me, so it was a few days before I was able to thoroughly try it out.

The first time I slipped the B-Bomb in, I took note on how its entry was like that of the Neo. The tip makes it easy to line up, and easy to insert. The neck slopes smoothly, and neck size is great for me. There are big breaks in between my butt play, so I usually have to go slow. With the B-Bomb I didn’t have any issues with pain or being uncomfortable. It’s just enough to hold me open so I know that it’s there. Not that I usually forget when things are in my butt, but it can slip my mind every now and then. Anyways, I  thought the base would give me issues, since it’s round, but it was actually comfortable.  Considering I danced around with it in the second time I wore it, I’d say I took it for a sufficient test drive. That includes squatting, backwards tumble; think mediocre, out of shape, stripper without the pole. I didn’t feel like the plug was slipping out once (meaning I wasn’t constantly having to check it). Which is an extreme plus, because who wants to stop dancing to wash their hands over and over. Not me.

On the second day of testing, I had a serious chunk of time to play. Lately, my play time has become a precious commodity so I went all out. I grabbed my Salsa,  Acute, Vamp, O2 Revolution, Raptor XL, and H2o Sliquid. I started off small with the Acute, and had no issues with the B-Bomb. In fact it felt great. Again, I was reminded of the Neo, and how well it works with other toys. Then I moved up to the Vamp. It did well, a little bit of catching, but still no real issues. Same with the O2 Revolution. I think there wasn’t much catching with the O2 Rev because the head ridge isn’t very pronounce. Then I moved onto the Raptor XL. Talk about a tight squeeze. The Raptor XL is made from a firm silicone, slightly firmer than B-Bomb. This made things interesting when I started thrusting. The B-Bomb was holding on for dear life. Eventually I couldn’t resist, and I pointed the Raptor XL’s head down while thrusting. After a few strokes I was able to pop the B-Bomb out.

B-bomb factoids:
Overall length – 4 1/2″
Bulge circumference – 4 3/4″
Neck circumference – 3 1/4″
Base width – 2 1/8″
Vibrator length – 2 1/4″
Vibrator batteries – LR44 (watch batteries)
Vibrator circumference – 2 1/4″Depth of hole for vibe – 3″

B-bomb vibeNow onto the vibrations. It’s a cheap little bullet. No way around it. The only reason I can actually feel it when it’s in, is because of how thin the silicone is along the neck. It’s a fun little buzz in the butt, but it’s nothing that makes me go “Whoa!”. It was more like, “Oh, this is pleasant”. The buzzy vibrations were almost annoying when I was using it other toys. I did compare it to my Original Bullet, also from Tantus, and it’s less powerful and not as noisy. I could hear it when it was in, though. It wasn’t too loud, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing it in front of others if they aren’t in on your toy play. Now when I used it with my Salsa, the first thing that blared across my brain was “I wish I had a prostate”.  It was mind blowing. As corny as it sounds, I couldn’t stop saying “wow”. Even as I’m writing this, I’m thinking about when I’m going to be able to do it again. Alright, enough about that. Lube is a must when putting the bullet in the B-Bomb, because there is so much suction. It’s just a straight hole. So pulling it out without the help of lube a is serious pain.

Overall, I love the shape of the B-Bomb. It’s reminiscent of my favorite plug, the Neo. It’s a great size and shape for any time I want to play. Meaning I can go weeks without play and pop it in without warm up. That’s huge for me because I do go long periods of time without sticking things in my butt. I’m a huge fan of anything sterilizable and it always bumps a toy up in my mind. I don’t care for the vibrations. I didn’t expect much, and that’s what I got. When I used it with my Salsa it was a whole new toy. The fact that it can even fit my Salsa, is enough warm my heart, er, my butt. The vibrations of the included bullet, annoyed me when I used it with other toys, but I was surprised at how many toys it could work with. I mean it took me using the Raptor XL and basically dragging it along my perinea wall to actually pop it out. So, I like it. I’ll be using it with my Salsa from here on out, but the silicone design is awesome. That’s what really matters to me.

Thanks to Tantus for sending me the B-Bomb, in exchange for a fair and honest review!


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Jul 292013

FlexWhen I saw the Flex from Tantus, I was excited. I love my butt plug and dildo pairings, so to me this was an obvious choice. I mean a DP toy, made out of body safe silicone? Sounds fantastic, right? That’s what I thought. When I held the Flex in my hands for the first time, I was dubious of the anal arm. I’m not a huge fan of anal probes, and that exactly what this is. I figured, what the hell, I’ll make it work. Now I know, that if I have to make something work, it might be time to stop and really question the reason behind buying a toy. If I have to make it work, I probably don’t need it. Anyways, I grabbed my Maximus water-based lube, and slathered it on. The first position I tried, looked reminiscent of the Captain Morgan stance.  Putting in the Flex definitely takes concentration, and flexibility on my part. The anal arm constantly wants to bend and you’re literally trying to get a bulge the size of a jelly bean, into your butt, while keeping a dildo inside of you. Not easy. Especially since the dildo is nearly the same length as the anal arm. I finally figured out that doggie style (chest to the floor because I need both hands) or a strange duck stance (squat with my butt pushed out) have the higher success rate. Keep in mind I use this toy by myself, and it would be a lot easier with a partner. Especially, since having to keep the anal arm from popping out while thrusting, and away from the dildo (if it does) is extremely difficult.

Flex flexedWhen I do get it in, I’m always hopeful. For the first couple of minutes, I’m tricked into thinking “this time is going to be different”. It feels great, but then the bulges on the anal arm start to hurt. Especially because the lacking size of the dildo, it requires to me thrust hard and fast to feel anything. It’s not like I have a dead vagina when it comes to slim dildos, but because of where the dildo is connected to the arm, it’s halted by my perineum. So essentially it’s a slim, straight up and down, short dildo. Not something that I would pick out of a line up, by itself.

Here are the measurements for Flex:Flex base

Overall height – 7 1/2”
Dildo length – 5 1/4”
Dildo head circumference – 4 7/8”
Dildo shaft circumference – 4 1/2”
Anal arm length – 4 1/2
Anal arm bead circumference – 2 1/2”
Base width – 3”
Bullet length – 3”
Bullet circumference – 2”
Battery size – N1

tantus vibeThe bullet that comes with Flex is made out of plastic, and has a rubber o-ring at the bottom of the threading to make it water proof. The bullet only has two settings; on and off. The vibrations are of the buzzy variety rather than deep and rumbly. When I use the vibe by itself I’m unable to get off. As soon as I press it into my clit, the vibrations diminish and are more irritating that titillating. I can feel it vibrate the dildo and flex holeanal arm while I’m holding it, but when I have the toy in, it  just vibrates about an inch into my vag and not at all in my ass. I do like the vibrations in the beginning but because of the dense silicone, it ends up being frustrating more than anything. I end up pulling the vibe out and use the hole as a grip. I put a small amount of lube on the bullet to make insertion and retrieval easier, but if I put too much, I can literally make the bullet shoot out of the base. All I have to do is squeeze the shaft, right above the base. The farthest I’ve gotten is about 4 feet. Without lube, it’s nothing but trouble.  I tried it without lube once, and ended up having to get the needle nose pliers. The bullet didn’t break, but there is a huge gash on the side from using different things to try to get it out.

Overall, I’m less than impressed by the Flex. I think it’s great that there’s a body safe DP toy, out there, but I found the dimensions boring. I love that Tantus made a DP toy, I appreciate the effort. It’s just the two designs together aren’t fulfilling. The anal arm is too narrow and the bulges are irritating. The dildo is far too slim and short. The fact that the anal arm flings itself against the dildo, when it pops out, means that you have to stop and clean the toy. In regards to the Flex, I’ll stick to my butt plugs and dildos.

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Jul 182013

T-Rex by TantusWhen I first considered the T-Rex, I mean really considered it, I wanted it to test my vagina. I wanted to know if I was a real Size Queen.  The ridge looked scary, as did the girth. Still, I wasn’t so much intimidated, as I was drawn in. The thing is a silicone beast, and I had to stare it for awhile, before I even moved to get my boiling pot. I just kept smiling at it. Measurements can be really scary; “Oh, no! It’s more than two inches!”. In person, I wasn’t feeling that at all. I thought, “This is going to be fun”. Mainly, because the silicone isn’t crazy stiff. I was half expecting it to be made of the same rock hard silicone as Tantus’ Anaconda, but the T-Rex is made of a silicone similar to their Ryder plug (it might be the same, I don’t know). The ridge actually has some give to it. I’ve never tried taking on T-Rex straight out of the gate. I tend to warm up with my Randy from Vixen Creations or my Maverick first. I do this not so I can handle the girth of the T-Rex, but so I can handle the ridge of the head. It’s not something to be taken lightly.

T-Rex head

After I got over the massiveness of the T-Rex, I was left inspecting the coronal ridge. It’s HUGE. When I was waiting for T-Rex to arrive, I sat there thinking, “It’s great that it’s so huge, but what if the ridge doesn’t work for me?”  After having good and bad experiences with the ridge on Tantus’ O2 Cush, this was a valid fear. When I did get it, I was extremely relieved to see I could squish it a little bit. I wasn’t under any delusions that this meant that everything was going to be peachy keen.  I just felt better knowing it was somewhat pliant. The ridge head sticks out nearly 1/4″ from the shaft, and is nearly 1/2″ tall. Needless to say, this ridge isn’t fucking around.

I was beyond stoked that not only was I able to handle the T-Rex’s girth, but the ridge was actually comfortable.  There are times that I have trouble getting a dildo to work with my g-spot, but not with the T-Rex. The broad head and ridge leave little, to no room for error. When I start really thrusting, balls down, ridge up, I’m coming with that intense urge to squirt. I haven’t yet, but then I’m still in the learning stages of squirting (aka gaining confidence). Every time I use T-Rex, I’m left stretched and sated. The dildo is 2 1/4″ in diameter, a little over 8″ in overall length and  5 1/2″ in insertable length. The first time I used it, I was left with that extremely naive and idiotic fear of “how fucking big is my vagina?!” To quiet my unwarranted fears, I immediately did some kegels with my Icicles No. 8, and got over it real quick. Since then, I’ve grown to love the feeling of being left stretched, and the moronic fear of “Mondo Vag” is no more.T-Rex and Randy

The shaft on the T-Rex has a super matte finish to it. To me this translates as lube, lube, lube. Since, I use other dildos before taking on T-Rex, I’m already lubed up internally. Even so, I don’t hold back when I’m spreading the lube on this monster. I haven’t had any issues with chafing from the matte finish, like I thought I would.

Alright, now the balls on this thing look weird. They look like two slightly different sized golf balls, stuck on a tree trunk. They aren’t squishy (not that I expected them to be), and can make gripping difficult, especially with lube on my hands. I did find that they feel good when I was able to smack them into my ass, but that only happens when I switch positions (Liberator wedge under my butt), to take T-Rex deeper. When I flip T-Rex over, I’m able to work my fingers into the gap between the balls and the base. It works as a nice grip, since it’s extremely snug. The base is flexible so it’s not like it’s smashing my fingers. The flexible base does make it difficult to grip at times, but as soon as I shove a finger under the balls, I’m good to go.

T-Rex and O2 RevThe T-Rex is not for the faint of heart. It’s a huge cock, with a huge ridge. I said that measurements can be scary, and they can be! I just happen to be one of those who see a higher number as fun, not terrifying. It will be awhile before I try anything bigger than the T-Rex, but then who knows? I could be taking on the Hoss at some point. It’s all about knowing your body. I took the girth of this dildo as a challenge, because I was already using other dildos that were 2″ and 2.23″ in diameter. I wanted to see if I could handle T-Rex’s 2 1/4″ girth accompanied by that ridge. It’s not like I jumped up a full inch on a whim. Even then, I always warm up before taking it on.

T-Rex and AcuteOverall, I am in love with the T-Rex. He’s not my everyday dildo, as it takes some time for me to work up to it, but when I do, I’m left asking myself why am I not using it more often. I’ll go a couple days or a week without using it, and every time after I do, I’m just blown away. I keep growing more and more comfortable with its size, and don’t need my bigger dildos to warm up, as much. I always warm up with other toys, but because I’m getting more comfortable with the T-Rex’s girth, I can play with my smaller dildos too.  The base and balls can be cumbersome, but they’re something I overlook once I find a good grip. I  didn’t know how well this dildo would work for me, but I can honestly say it’s one of my favorites. The ridge makes me do that creepy, low moan immediately, and the girth leaves me feeling thoroughly fucked afterwards. Something I love to feel when I have to get back to real life (who doesn’t?). Lately, it always seems that after a round with T-Rex that someone is coming over, or stopping by. It’s becoming nuisance, but I love the look in my husband’s eye when he sees that stupid grin on my face, when he walks in the door with his friends.

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Jul 032013

GE DIGITAL CAMERAThe Cush is my first O2 dildo from Tantus, and it won’t be my last. What really drew me to the Cush was the girth and the temptation to try Tantus’ highly regarded 100% silicone O2 formula. The O2 formula is the softest silicone that Tantus carries. I had heard a lot about the O2 formula, so I waited in the shadows waiting for the perfect time to strike. When I did go *clickity*click*click* and bought the Cush, I was genuinely excited. I had been wanting to try a girthy toy for quite awhile. I loved my slimmer toys, but after while I was left wanting. I needed to find out if girth is was what I needed, and so entered the Cush. By trying the Cush I was able to find out something more about my body, and get off in a much more intense fashion. I honestly think that they should have named it the O2 Ridge, rather than the O2 Cush.


When I’m using the Cush it’s a toss up. There are times that the ridge blows my mind, and there are times where the ridge is too much and borderline painful. Most times a quick twist of the wrist, with the ridge pointing down, and we’re good to go. With the ridge pointing up, I line it up with my g-spot and use short, deep thrusts. With that I’m able to have a g-spot or x-spot orgasm. It all depends on which happens first. On the rare occasion, I’m able to have both, and WOW. I found the extreme ridge is best used with short thrust because the ridge can sometimes feel like it’s scraping my urethra.

When the ridge is pointed down it’s a whole different ball game. With it pointed down, it rubs my perineum wall and nearly creates the pleasurable pressure you get when you’re having anal play. It’s just more intense, and the ridge limits the length of strokes you can use without it being painful. Again I stick with those deep, short thrusts. I did try it anally, and the ridge was way too much for me. I’m not huge on extreme texture anally, and the Cush was no exception. I took the necessary precautions of warming up with a large plug, and I played with other dildos larger than the Cush. It’s just when I went for it with the Cush, I could only thrust a few times before having to call it quits.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAThe soft bulbous head is great for the deep strokes, because I can get a little wild and I’m not a fan of bruising my cervix. There have been times that my cervix does get in the way. With a little bit of maneuvering I’m able to move past it, and hit my back wall. When that happens I am over the moon. I’m able to it rub against my cervix, and still take more length. Since the first ridge is rounded, it makes the deep strokes smooth against my cervix and I’m able to enjoy the girth of the Cush. An all around win.


A few things about the Cush :

-It’s made from 100% platinum silicone, meaning it’s sterilizable

-Overall height – 7 1/2″
-Insertable length – 6 3/4″
-First ridge circumference – 6 1/8″
-Second ridge circumference – 5 7/8″
-Shaft circumference under second ridge – 5 1/2″
-Base diameter – 2 1/2″

Initially when I got the Cush, it was the girthiest toy I owned. Since then, I’ve moved on to much girthier toys. I still like the Cush, but it doesn’t get as much play time. When it does, it’s when I’m looking to play with a girthier toy, that’s on the stiffer side of the spectrum and of course, looking for some extreme texture.



Jun 242013

These plugs of three, I could not let be. To be honest, I bought these three 100% platinum silicone plugs, because I wanted to add variety to my collection. I’d browsed for plugs multiple times and these three just kept popping up. The Neo caught my attention first because I knew it would work well to get into anal play after a long hiatus. Now, I’m not usually a fan of  texture, but the Juice and Twist  surprised me. A different plug, for different moods. Each has their own usefulness and perk. All of them have some flex to them, but no so much that they’re floppy. You can squeeze them, but they are more on the firm side. This works well for long term wear and DP. Then there is the buttery soft matte finish. The drag on the surface is nearly non-existent and it holds on to water-based lubes like a champ. When I first saw these three plugs, I immediately saw them as a Tantus set.


The Neo is my savior when it comes to getting back into anal. Personally there are weeks when I’m using my plugs nearly every day for hours on end. Then there are the weeks where life takes hold, and I’m not able to get in any butt time at all. When this happens I’m always careful about which plug I start off with. Before I got the Neo, I used Ryder (also by Tantus) to kick things off. There were times that it would work out well, but for the most part, I always ended up doing the “pain dance”. When I’m starting up with anal, the Neo’s smooth surface and tapered tip allows me to stretch safely. After I get it in place, it’s ridiculously comfortable. I wear my plugs for upwards of an hour, usually around three. The minimal base is what I love about all three of these plugs. They all have the same neck and über minimal but safe base.


Now, the Juice I was skeptical of. I honestly thought that I would “leak” while wearing this. Turns out that when wearing it, I do leak,  just not what I thought I would. I found that when I wear plugs, I eventually get hit with gas. I would say 90% of the time I’m always asking myself one question when this happens. “Am I going to push the plug out?” Not with the Juice. The texture running along the body, allows me to pass gas! When I first figured this out, I was cooking dinner and all of a sudden a bubble of gas violently descended. So while I was stirring the pasta I bent over slightly and started to sway my hips. I figured if this helped me pass gas when I was pregnant, why not now? And, it worked! It wasn’t a huge fart, but more of a slow gas leak. Even better in my opinion. Especially since farting with a plug in, can sound extra gross because of lube around the neck. The texture feels amazing internally too. I love that I get a little something extra with every movement.


This one I bought for sheer novelty. I couldn’t pass it up, but I didn’t think I could get it in. I was determined though. I womaned up and grabbed my lube. First I tried to “screw” it in. No go. It ended up just twisting my asshole around (yes, it was as painful as it sounds). The second time I went with the only other alternative, head on. I was scared of the texture.The distance between the threading is 1/4″ and the height is 1/8″, but it looks more intimidating in person. I mean if screwing it in hurt, how’s this going to be better? The answer is the soft curves. The soft ridges were gentler than anal beads in my opinion.  After I got it in, I wiggled my hips, made a figure eight, and wow. The texture felt amazing. When I have it in, the texture can be felt vaginally. Which is perfect for that something extra when you’re partaking in DP (double penetration).  The corkscrew made it so the Twist moved with my body, rather than feeling like it was snagging my colon. Even when removing it, the sensations made me quiver. I like the Twist, but I can only take it on if I’ve had anal play either earlier in the week or the day before.

The Base & Neck

I am in love with the base of these three plugs. The minimalistic design is fantastic for long term wear. I wear plugs while sitting, standing, driving, cleaning, the list goes on. One thing that tends to bother me is the base. Not with these plugs. The minimal base cuts down on chafing and painful sitting. I haven’t had them twist on me either, since the base sits so close to the body. The base for the three are nearly identical. The width of the base is the same for all three at 7/8″. The base length for both the Neo and Twist is 3″, but the Juice’s base length is 2 3/4″. Honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference while I wearing them. The necks of the these plugs are all the same at 3 1/2″ circumference. I think it’s the perfect width for long term wear or for getting back in the game. I wouldn’t use these plugs to warm up for a large dildo though. I do use them to open up for a larger plug.

The one thorn in my side…

There is one thing I didn’t like about all three of these plugs, and that’s the smell. For some reason they all came smelling strongly of plastic. I boiled them, bleached, and covered them in a baking soda paste. The smell diminished greatly, but it’s still apparent. After use, it retains the smell even after sterilization. I leave them out for a day and the ass smell is gone, but the plastic smell is still there. I was curious, so I did a flame test on the Neo’s base, with three matches, and it passed. I had no doubt in my mind that a Tantus product would pass, but I just wanted to check.


I am in love with these plugs. Even my Ryder (my first plug) has been benched by these plugs. The size of the three plugs are nearly all the same and they work regardless of when it last was, that I stuck an inanimate object into my butt. I love that they are silicone, because I LOVE sterilizable materials. Their flexibility mixed with their velvety smooth, matte finish makes them so comfortable to insert and wear. The minimal but fully functioning base design, makes wearing it in public a breeze, since you don’t have to reach in your pants to check it. I’m glad that I went with all three, even though it may seem excessive. I love being able to ask myself “Who am I going to play with today?”.

DO NOT USE WITH SILICONE LUBE, it may damage the toy. If you’re hell bent, spot test where it isn’t insertable.