Aug 192014

Raptor 1 resize

THE COLORS! I was exhausted from this weekend, and seeing these colors put a huge smile on my face. When I pulled this from the mail, I only had half hour to get to class, but I had to see what the Raptor looked like in person. I snapped some pics so I could take a closer look in between classes. I just boiled it, and I can’t stop looking at it. It’ll be interesting to see how this design works out for me. I’ve never used a toy quite like this. In the meantime, the colors have won me over.

Raptor 4 resize

Thank you Exotic-Erotics for sending me the Raptor in exchange for my fair and honest review soon to come!

Exotic Erotics banner

Jun 262014

The Hammer PotD

As soon as I saw SheVibe’s Instagram video of The Hammer, I wanted it. I was stoked to find out that it was open to review. It has not left my side since I opened the package yesterday afternoon. I’m not kidding, I had it on my nightstand when I woke up this morning. I’m heading out of town today, and taking a hammer dildo isn’t in the cards, so I wanted to make sure I got to try this thing out before I left. I have been swinging it around since yesterday. When I knew that it was on its way, I psyched myself up by watching the movie, Thor. I honestly wish The Hammer flew to me the way it flew to Thor when he got his powers back. That would be epic (and highly improbable, unless someone threw it at me as hard as they could).

I’m looking forward to giving The Hammer a thorough workout, and am happy to add it to my collection. It looks amazing. I’m still in awe at how realistic the handle looks. They even made marks to look like real stitching. I realize that this translates as difficult to clean, but I don’t care. I have a toothbrush specifically for that reason.

The Hammer AaaAAaa PotD

 Thank you SheVibe for sending me The Hammer in exchange for my fair and honest review soon to come!


Jun 192014

My first wooden toy! I’ve been wanting to try wood for a long time now, and the time has finally come! When I saw the mail person at the mailbox, I tried to play it cool. I took the trash cans up, trying to keep my excitement contained (I seriously was afraid I’d tackle the poor guy in my need to see the Seduction in person).

When I got inside with my package from Burlesque Toys, I was surprised; I hadn’t heard much about NobEssence’s packaging before. It’s a nice, demure, sturdy box, that opens up from the top; I’ll be showing it in my review. Right after I held it in my hands for a moment (and did a dance), I ran outside to take a picture, and of course I had to see what it looked like wet. That’s what you see here; those aren’t imperfections in the wood or lacquer.

I can’t wait to try the Seduction. I’ll have to hurry and get some toy time in before family shows up. It never fails, whenever I get a toy that I’m eager to stick inside me, a big family get together is about to happen. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Thank you Burlesque Toys for sending me the Seduction in exchange for my fair and honest review soon to come!

Jun 172014

Amsterdam upward

It’s here! I am excited and giddy about the Amsterdam from Tantus. LOOK AT IT. It’s a colossus cock. I’m still in awe of how huge it is, in my hands. I was surprised that it made my huge boiling pot look like a pathetic little sauce pan. I’m looking forward to taking on the Amsterdam; I can’t wait to see how the “X’s” play out. Wish me luck!

Thank you Tantus, for sending me the Amsterdam in exchange for my fair and honest review, soon to come!

Amsterdam potd

Jun 132014

Pedro resized

The Pedro is here! As soon as I saw Pedro, I had to have it. It’s a rare dildo that can be left by a kitchen sink and nobody be the wiser. I’m excited to take Pedro on. This thing is HUGE, but so soft. It’s amazing that this dildo looks so realistic, yet is made of such soft silicone. This may be the one and only time, I will look down and see a terra cotta pot hanging out of my vagina. So, of course I’m excited as hell. This will be a very interesting experience.

Thank you, Primal Hardwere for sending it to me in exchange for my fair and honest review, soon to come!


Jan 162014

GV SweatshirtRisa from Good Vibrations delivered!

Risa from GV had three hoodies to send out to the first people to respond to her tweet. I was fortunate that I was on Twitter at that exact time, and I had my laptop in front of me. I know if I was on my phone, I probably would have dropped the phone or sent a tweet that didn’t look anything like a spoken language.  I’m stoked to say that it fits and that I’ll be wearing it A LOT. To top it off? Risa also threw in a slew of Überlube samples.

Thank you Risa, and thank you Good Vibrations!

Überlube samples


Nov 072013

Plunge Paddle PotD

The Plunge Paddle is finally here! I’ve been hearing that it’s coming, and it’s finally here. This is my first Tantus paddle and I’m excited to give it a try. To be honest, I’m also a little scared. I wanted to get a feel for it, and smacked my palm with it. Pain! I’m looking forward to using this with the hub and see how it goes!

PLUS, Jenna sent me little extras!

Tantus stickers PotD

Thank you Tantus for sending me the Plunge Paddle in exchange for the fair and honest review soon to come!

tantus banner

Nov 032013

Werewold Med PotD

My first glow-in-the-dark dildo! I was talking to my friend, Naughty Reenie, about her next EE toy, and she wanted my opinion on coloring. Well, when I went to look to get an idea, I noticed the “swirl” option. I wrote to EE to see if they could send me a picture of an example of the swirl. I clicked open the pic to see a wonderful swirl of fluorescent blue and orange. I thought about those colors (because I loved the example) but then I realized I don’t have a glow-in-the-dark toy yet! Perfect timing. After I made my order, I received an email a few days later. It said that the Werewolf Med had shipped, and that they took some creative liberties with my toy and thought that I would like it more. They were right! I love the looks of it. Especially in the dark. The swirls look amazing with the solid glow-in-the-dark base. An all around win, in the color department. Dildo-wise? Size, shape, feel (internally). That all remains to be seen.

Thank you Exotic Erotics for this fun colored dildo, in exchange for the honest and fair review soon to come!

Oct 292013

Nox PotD

I’ve been waiting for this day for a loooong time. I’ve been drooling over Bad Dragon toys since the first time I saw them. I was giddy as fuck when BD said they would add me to their review program, and that Nox would be mine. It took me a minute to find the colors I wanted, since BD has a huge color palette to choose from. At first I was unsure of the colors, when I saw the pic BD sent to me (they email to confirm that the toy looks like you want it to). When I got it in person though? I fell in love with it. I couldn’t stop looking at it, playing with it, sticking it on walls. I even tweeted a pic of it on my front door.

Bad Dragon banner

Oct 072013

PotD Tantus Vibrating Harness

I am always excited when I open the front door to find a package waiting for me. When I saw that it was from Sparks, NV, I was thrilled. I was confused though, because there was a big sticker that is close to the exact same one as the inside of the box, on the bottom of the outside. It simply said, “ADVENTURE GEAR”, with two hikers on a rock, looking out over the horizon (on the inside the hikers aren’t wearing backpacks, they’re wearing harnesses on their backs). I’m not kidding when I say, that the first things out of my mouth when I was opening the box was, “What did Auntie Jenna send me this time.” My husband even turned around and said, “Who?”. Of course I explained that Jenna is a fabulous Auntie Mame like person who works over at Tantus, and sends me fun things to review. This time it was the Vibrating Harness from Tantus. My first harness! My husband isn’t into pegging, but I have serious penis envy. I tried it on, even though we had friends coming over for dinner. I immediately took out the provided ring, and put in T-Rex’s ring and the T-Rex. I have to say, there’s something very powerful about wearing a dino dick. I can’t wait to have more time with it.

Thank you Tantus for sending me the Vibrating Harness and Jenna for picking it for me, in exchange for the fair and honest review soon to come.

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