Jul 282013

Dorothy*click to enlarge*

We’ve all done it. I took something sweet and innocent, and made it hump worthy. This is my sexy version of Dorothy, back in ’05, when I was 19.

I have family staying with us, so I was forced to reach into the archives.

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Sinful Sunday

Jul 262013

blow up doll fun*click to enlarge*

This is what happens when you go to visit your gf in Santa Barbara. This was back in ’05, and I was obviously having a good time. My best friend’s neighbors had their front door open, with this guy in their living room. They were standing around it, giggling. I had/have no shame, so I walked up to the door and asked, “Can I see that?” They gladly handed it over. I was 19 at the time, and having a ball. I just thought I’d share an old fun pic.

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Sultry Saturday

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Jul 202013

Butt Tongue*click to enlarge*

Tongue tricks are sexy, there’s no denying that.

I can do the clover, I can tie cherry stems into knots, but this one I love to bust out because it makes people giggle.

I have a butt in my mouth.

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Sinful Sunday

Jul 132013

V-day cleavage*click to enlarge*

I always send my husband sexy texts when he’s working,

but this one had him eager to get off early.


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Sinful Sunday

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