May 222014

Alright, alright! I’m doing the blog tour! I’ve been asked by a variety of people to join in on the blog tour; such as Naughty Reenie, Red Hot Rosaline, and Kinky Biker Mom. The most recent, and the final straw that broke this camel’s back came from Vulgar Vag. Bear with me people, I’m a little rusty.

Tiana coffee

What am I working on?

That’s a pretty open ended question. I’m working on getting an education, masturbating, homework, masturbating, running a house hold, masturbating, going to the coast to help family, and reading about sex, sexuality, gender, and everything in between. Life has been pretty busy, as you can see from my lack of recent posts. Lately I’ve had a lot of family things (a death, a birth, birthday parties, baby shower, etc.), happen lately. So as the summer starts, I will be getting back to masturbating and writing about my experiences masturbating with different toys. I’ve really missed reviewing over the past several months.

T & Toys

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Uhhhhh… The first thing I can think of is the pool. I use the pool in most of my toy shots. I love the way the water looks behind them. I think love is an understatement. I’m more or less obsessed with it. When I take my pics I’m lying on the cement, splashing the water to make ripples with whatever I have handy (pool noodle, kick board). What else? Um, my sense of humor? I really thought this Blog Tour would be easy, but I’m finding it’s not. There are a ton of cis women writing blogs about fucking themselves with toys. Seriously, what sets mine apart? Me. I do. I write it, nobody else. It’s all me. Keep in mind that I never said I was normal.

Goofing off

Why do I write what I do?

In the real world, a lot people aren’t open to talking about silicone being too girthy or too narrow for their vaginas or assholes. I like talking about this and other things. In the perfect world I could openly talk about my dildo collection, masturbating, or show off pictures of brightly colored cocks stuck to refrigerators. Alright, I do do that in the real world too. Though, I’m not really able to do it as openly as I do here. I like knowing that my reviews, storage tips, and pictures are enjoyable and helpful (at least I hope they are). I know that when I’m looking at a toy, I love reading a review that can tell me what’s wrong with it. Seriously, when I’m looking to buy something (think new printer), I’m looking at negative reviews. I like knowing that my review or pictures may answer questions someone might have.

Another reason is that I really enjoy talking about sex toys and sex. I’m actually going back to school to become a sex therapist and sex educator. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been so slow with posts. It’s not because I’ve lost interest or anything like that, but because I’m a full time student, among other things (such as a parent and spouse). Lately I’ve been turning class assignments into personal research. Most recently in English class, I was told to write an opinion paper on something for which I am passionate. While everyone else was picking Delta Smelt or politics, I chose to write about the sex education in California. I put a ton of time and energy into that paper. I loved it. I love the topic of sex and everything that surrounds it. That’s why I write what I do, and continue to research whatever I can. I absolutely love it. I think my aunt put it the best when she said, “When you talk about sex, you light up. This is what you need to be doing all of the time.”

t & m


From here I pass the Blog Tour Torch to Property of Potter.

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  1. Awww! Yesh! You are you! And you’re different from others! I like what your aunt said ^-^ And I also wish you luck during your education path! Hope everything goes smoothly! May your wish come true <3

  2. I’m glad you’re studying something that means so much to you.
    I think your pool-side photos are fun!

  3. There may be several many cis women sex (toy) bloggers, myself included, but we all come at it with different life experiences.

    • I completely agree and that’s what sets my blog apart from others; it’s written by me about my body, opinions, and experiences.

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