Apr 272014

dream vibeIt has been a long time since I last used a traditional vibe. Okay, so a year isn’t a huge amount of time, but it definitely feels like it. When Good Vibrations, told me they’d be sending it to me, I had to look it up. I wasn’t really familiar with the Lovelife line. The Dream looks like the definition of a “probe” to me. Just to be clear, I’m not saying that aliens are using the Lovelife Dream to do research on humans (I’m sure their probes are water-proof).

OhMiBod logoReal quick: OhMiBod is a company New Hampshire based company that has been around since 2006. They first came out with the iPod vibrator that a lot of people have seen (I remember seeing the commercials for it). They have since grown and added many more vibrators to their repertoire.

Honesty time; I’m not a fan of this vibe. I was left underwhelmed by the vibrations, but I do have to give them credit for their interesting patterns. I would have loved those patterns had they been stronger, and I’m usually not a fan of patterns. I’m usually the person who goes straight for the highest setting and doesn’t stray from there. There are 7 different patterns and 6 different intensities. If you don’t need a lot of power, this may be the vibe for you. If you like warm-up toys, this may be the vibe for you. As it stands, I don’t like warm-up toys. I like toys that can handle and finish the job they start. Needless to say, this toy couldn’t handle it. I’m happy to report that the vibrations are of the rumble variety, rather than buzzy. Using this toy internally was underwhelming. The vibrations didn’t carry through my vagina much at all. At the same time, I was worried about getting my juices all over the controls, when taking it deeper. Just not a good combo at all. The Dream is 7.1″ in overall length, and 1.4″ in diameter at the widest point of the usable end.

The Dream vibe is made from ABS plastic with a silicone coating on the usable end, and can be sterilized by wiping it with alcohol or bleach. I personally take toy wipes to it. This brings me to my number one issue with this vibe. It’s not waterproof! They spent a lot of time making useful patterns, semi-decent vibrations, and they don’t waterproof it? I like taking my toys into the shower and bathtub. I like being able to wash my toys thoroughly in water, without having to worry them.

Love ButtonAlright, on to the button. The “Love Button” looks like a person who is about to be sick after reading a long book in the back seat of a car, with a stomach full of questionable leftovers. The button is hard to push down  to turn it on (you hold it down for 3 seconds). It definitely takes more force than my Mona 2 or any of my We-Vibe toys. Also, the fact that it’s all one button is very inconvenient. If I’ve got lube on my hand, it’s extremely hard to figure out which side of the mondo button I need to push. It does light up when it’s in use. You can see the little strip around the button; that lights up when it’s on, and pulses when it’s charging.

Lovelife DreamThe Dream vibe comes with a USB charger, instructions, and a storage pouch. The packaging is actually quite sturdy and nicely made. I keep the Dream vibe, with its charger, in a zip pencil case. I’m not a fan of draw string bags, unless they have a stopper on them. I like the idea of a USB charger, only I would like it if it also had a wall adapter included. I usually sit with my lap top on my lap while sitting on the couch. So to have to charge it on my computer is extremely cumbersome. Fortunately I have a wall adapter from my cell phone, so I’m able to get around it. It does make it easy for those on the go who don’t want to deal with a big charger.

As I said before, I don’t like the Dream vibe. While I give it props for it’s great variety of patterns, the vibrations weren’t enough for me. I hate that it isn’t waterproof. Seriously, why make it at all? The button is a serious hassle to hassle to use, and the nauseous looking face on the button is off-putting. If you don’t need extremely strong vibrations, and don’t need a waterproof vibrator like I do, this may the vibe for you.

lovelife close up


Thank you Good Vibrations for providing me with the Dream vibe free of charge, in exchange for my honest review!

If you’d like to make the the Lovelife Dream Vibe your own, click the link below to use my affiliate code.


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  1. I have the Discover. It’s smaller and though I think the little face is cute I’m not too happy with the button and cleaning it makes me worry I’m going to damage it >.<

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