Mar 232014

Pipedreams PotD March

I was having a really good night, when I came home from my night class to a package from Pipedreams. Something about a package full of sex toys makes a good night a better night. I’ve been curious about the Ceramix line since I first saw it, so I’m looking forward to giving it a shot. I was taken aback at small the Icicles No. 44 was, and curious about the medium silicone plug. Pipedreams did send me some lube called “Moist”, but it contains glycerin, so that’s a no go. I’m looking forward to putting these toys through the ringer, and getting back to you guys with my findings.

Thank you Pipedreams for providing me with these toys, in exchange for my fair and honest reviews soon to come!

You can get the Ceramix No. 10 & Icicles No. 44 at Shevibe for a great price.

The Anal Fantasy Silicone Medium Plug is available at Pink Cherry for a very fair price.

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  1. Ceramic, glass, and silicone. That’s nice and diverse 🙂
    The Ceramix line has excellent colors. I really must applaud them on that. Have fun!

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