Mar 232014

Pipedreams PotD March

I was having a really good night, when I came home from my night class to a package from Pipedreams. Something about a package full of sex toys makes a good night a better night. I’ve been curious about the Ceramix line since I first saw it, so I’m looking forward to giving it a shot. I was taken aback at small the Icicles No. 44 was, and curious about the medium silicone plug. Pipedreams did send me some lube called “Moist”, but it contains glycerin, so that’s a no go. I’m looking forward to putting these toys through the ringer, and getting back to you guys with my findings.

Thank you Pipedreams for providing me with these toys, in exchange for my fair and honest reviews soon to come!

You can get the Ceramix No. 10 & Icicles No. 44 at Shevibe for a great price.

The Anal Fantasy Silicone Medium Plug is available at Pink Cherry for a very fair price.

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Mar 192014

HippocampusI laughed when I saw the Hippocampus medium in person. Alright, to say I laughed is a bit of an understatement. I cackled like a lunatic, uncontrollably, for the first few hours. This thing is HUGE. I’m happy to say that I love it. It’s not just a pretty dildo, it’s an amazing dildo. It’s ginormous, but for my vag, it’s perfect. I like a lot of girth, and with the Hippocampus I get it. Sure, it’s long, but with the way the texture is throughout the entire dildo, I don’t feel pressured to take the whole thing, in order to enjoy it. I felt that with the Wuffamute, because there was a knot that was far down the shaft. Not with the Hippocampus. The whole thing feels amazing.

Hippocampus medium is made by Exotic Erotics, a Kentucky based company. They make realistic and fantasy dildos. I am partial to the sculpted fantasy dildos myself. All of their toys are made from 100% silicone, and you can do some pretty great things with the color options. At least I’ve loved my choices, thus far. The Hippocampus comes in small, medium, and large. I got the medium because I really want the girth. I didn’t necessarily need the length, but it doesn’t hurt to have, especially when I’m maneuvering it by myself.  There are different silicone densities available; hard, medium, medium shaft/hard base, soft, soft shaft/hard base, soft shaft/medium base. I personally got the medium shaft with the hard base. The medium is very squishy and pliable, while the hard is just slightly firmer. I would compare it to Bad Dragon’s Medium/Firm option (which I have on my Nox). The medium shaft makes it extremely comfortable in use, and the somewhat soft base makes the suction cup adhere to the wall better. The silicone isn’t smooth, it has a light texture to it. I’ve found that it helps my water based lube distribute more evenly as I spread it on, and helps keep it in place.


Here are the measurements for the Hippocampus:

Total length – 10″
Usable length – 9″
Diameter – 1.9″
Circumference – 6″
Diameter – 2.25″
Circumference – 7″
Diameter – 2.62″
Circumference – 8.25″

I am extremely happy with my Hippocampus. The colors came out better than I could have imagined. EE has a swirl option for the larger sizes of toys they offer. They can do virtually any color you desire, as long as you write it in the comments box during checkout. I personally just picked from the colors they already provided. I have a special love for bright colors, so I love that EE provides fluorescent colors as the norm.

When I finally stopped giggling (I’m extremely immature at times), I started up the boiling pot. After I sterilized my Hippocampus, I could barely wait for it to cool. I ran upstairs, grabbed some Sliquid Sassy and tried on the Hippocampus. (Would it be “tried-in”?) I was immediately full and loving every ridge of the texture. Since the silicone is plush, it allows me to enjoy the ridges, rather than wince. I’m not a huge fan of rigid texture, but I sure as hell love some softer texture. Since I first tried the Hippocampus, I’ve become addicted to its textured girth and it’s gorgeous coloring. 

Hippocampus tipSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHippocampus back

Hippocampus baseThe one thing I don’t love is the suction cup. When I do get it to stick to shower wall, it does not let go. Even when I accidentally slide it over grout, it holds on (first time I’ve seen this). It’s getting it to stick that’s the hassle. I have to lean into it with my weight to hear it squeak all of the air out, and then it’s good to go. This doesn’t happen easily. The suction cup is slightly raised from the base. I talked to EE about it, and they said that they test every suction cup before shipping and that mine passed. They also said they’ll be looking into possibly changing it. We’ll see. 

The Hippocampus medium is huge. As I said before, I laughed like a lunatic when I first pulled it out. I said, “No way!” more times than I can count. I asked thin air if it could believe how big it was (meaning I was talking to myself). I love this fucker. I really do. It’s a gorgeous pillar of textured silicone, and I’m happy as fuck to call it mine.

Hippocampus stone wall

Thank you Exotic Erotics for me with the Hippocampus, in exchange for my fair and honest review!

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To make the Hippocampus your own, click on the banner to pick out your own special version.

Mar 112014

SereneThis is my second dildo from Blush Novelties, and results were interesting. The Serene was a bit of an underdog in the beginning. When Blush said they’d be sending it, I was excited to see how the design would work with my body. However, when I saw the tip, I was doubtful of its effectiveness. It looks like an unfinished hook, and is made out of extremely rigid silicone. However, in use, the size of the Serene comes into play. It gave me the wiggle room I needed to make the tip work for me.

The Serene is from Blush Novelties, a company based in New York. They make an array of toys; dildos, vibrators, butt toys, 90% geared towards women. Or at least women that have a serious love for all things pink and purple (though they do have a line of semi-realistic dual density dildos that are closer to flesh tones). The Serene is made of pure silicone, which makes it hypo-allergenic and sterilizable. I’m partial to boiling my silicone toys for 3 minutes, but you can also soak it in bleach for the same amount of time to sterilize.

Serene headI’m still in shock that the Serene worked so well with my body. I’m a bit of a size queen, and the size of Serene had me dubious of its effectiveness. The first time I used it, I took it into the shower with me. Within a few minutes it had me squirting. It blew my mind. I don’t squirt often, and only in the shower (I think it’s a mind block). This is the second time a Blush dildo has done this to me.

I know this sounds ridiculous but I found the Serene to be a one trick pony. After a quick orgasm and a squirt, the Serene did nothing for me. Like I said, the results were interesting. When I’m extremely busy, that’s all I need. When I’m not, I want something that will last. Something that will have me cumming again and again. While the orgasm I had with the Serene was fantastic, and the fact that I squirt with it makes me grin like an idiot, I need more than that. Spoiled, right?

Here are some quick measurements of the Serene:

Serene baseOverall length -Approx. 6 1/2″
Insertable length – Approx. 6″
Bulge circumference – 4 1/2″
Bulge diameter – 1 1/4″
Middle circumference – 3 1/2″
Middle diameter – 1 1/8″
Base of shaft circumference – Approx. 5″
Base of shaft diameter – 1 5/8″
Base width – 2 1/2″

The Serene is a fun dildo that is great for a quick orgasm, after that, it’s small girth does little to help me along to the next orgasm. If a smaller toy is what you need, the Serene may be right up your alley. Personally I love it for a quick fix, but for the long sessions, I need to grab something bigger. The Serene does have a really nice suction cup base. It adheres to smooth surfaces extremely well. It didn’t work for me very well against a wall, but on a surface to sit on, it did. So the Serene is a bit of a toss up for me. If I want a quick orgasm and that’s it, than I can grab Serene. If I’m looking for orgasm after orgasm, I’ll be reaching for something else.

Thank you Blush Novelties for providing me with the Serene in exchange for my fair and honest review.

You can obtain the Serene from Blush, via Amazon, here.

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