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Vanquisher silicone whipI’ve never really been one for whips, but this one caught my attention. I mean it looks like a long, silicone lily. I know, I know. It’s a whip for punishment! or something, but it’s really beautiful. Especially when it’s devoid of lint. The Vanquisher is from a Los Angeles based company that started up in ’07, called Sex and Metal. So far, I’m optimistic about their products. The silicone is sturdy and thick, while the handle is a nice girth that is comfortable to hold. I scared the crap out of my husband when I pulled it out of the box. Maybe it was the maniacal look in my eyes as I swung it around that scared him. I don’t know.

When I was told to pick out a few things to review from Sex and Metal, I knew I had to try the Vanquisher Silicone Whip. I didn’t really understand how it worked. Sure, you rear back and swing, but I didn’t understand where the pain would come from the most. It’s a rolled piece of silicone, but for some reason the physics of it didn’t add up in my mind. Did the center of the whip act as a type of soft cane? Was the pain focused only in the tip? These were questions I knew that could only be answered in person. Fortunately, Sex and Metal didn’t leave me wondering too long. I received my Vanquisher whip in a brown box that folded only the very tip of the whip. There was no tag, or anything identifying the whip. I had to refer back to my wishlist to see what I had received. When I looked at who sent it, I had no idea it was Sex and Metal. It wasn’t until I removed the brown paper in the box that I saw what it was or who it was from.

Heads up, the Vanquisher whip is a magnet for lint. I hang mine off the corner of my book case and it looks like I’ve rolled on a wool sweater. Granted, I should probably dust my room more, but this thing catches everything. Fortunately it only takes a little bit of water to wipe it away with my hands. I do love that it’s silicone, which means it can be sterilized with alcohol or bleach. That being said this makes it a safe option for blood play or if you get any kind of bodily fluids on it. Keep in mind though, that the Vanquisher is held into place by the two spikes sticking out of the side of the handle. That means that it is difficult to clean in between the folds. Though the fold do dry well when you leave it hanging up. I haven’t tried to remove the spikes to see if the silicone is removable. I figure if I use a lot of pressure and they don’t budge, then it’s not meant to happen. 

Alright, now the measurements of my  Vanquisher silicone whip. I found that my measurements varied from what Sex and Metal has on their website. Here they are:

Full length (including loop) – 26 1/2″
Silicone fall – 19 3/4″
Silicone thickness – 1/16
Handle length – 6″
Handle diameter – 1″

Vanquisher siliconeThe length of the fall works for, and against, the swing of the Vanquisher. How it works against it is that if you don’t land the tip on flesh, you’re left with a soft, ineffective blow. Fortunately your chances of landing the tip are high. It’s hard to swing the Vanquisher without the tip leaving it’s mark. It doesn’t take much force for the blows to land effectively either. I barely have to move my wrist to get a nice smack sound with a little sting. When I use my whole arm the Vanquisher leaves marks immediately. How do I know this? My husband dropped trou for me. Only for a few swings, but I was touched that he let me mark him for the sake of my review.

The weight of the Vanquisher isn’t a light whip. Not that’s hard to wield, but it can be tiring. In between swings, it’s easiest to keep the silicone pointing down since the real weight is on that end.

Whip mod 2

This allows your arm and wrist to rest. If your wrist does get tired, you could always make an upward motion with your swings that will prove to be just as effective. I wish I was able to give an actual measurement of weight, but I don’t own a scale.

To wield the Vanquisher, is to have space. Not that you need a lot, but you can’t exactly be close without some forethought of positioning. The best distance I found was from about two to three feet back. This allows for a decent swing with no guess work as to where the tip will land.

One thing that I love about the Vanquisher, is that it has a metal loop that is welded onto the handle. The loop is 1″ in diameter, which means you can hang it from a hook or use the leather loop that is provided. I like this whip, but I don’t know if I’d say I love it. The fact that you can only inflict pain with the tip makes it a one trick pony. Don’t get me wrong, the tip inflicts a great deal of pain, and the pin point effectiveness is great. I just wish that the rolled portion did more than just flop against my ass, but with the right amount of space, and a few practice swings, it’s hard to miss with that tip.

Whipped ass

 Thank you Sex and Metal for sending me the Vanquisher Silicone Whip, in exchange for a fair and honest review!

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  1. *blush* You didn’t tell me there were such cute pair of butts here. The Vanquisher does look really really nice. I would have gotten it…if my little butts liked pain =(

  2. Hello intimidation! If I got one of these my partner would look at me like I was possessed *laughs*

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