Jan 102014

PotD We-Vibe 3 & 4

When I heard that We-Vibe was coming out with We-Vibe 4, I was extremely interested. I’d never tried one of their couple’s toys. I’d only had the pleasure of using their Touch and Salsa. So when I asked to try the new We-Vibe 4, I asked to try the We-Vibe 3 to use for comparison (as well as a solo review). I was astounded when they said Yes! I’ve had the chance to try the We-Vibe 3 on, to see if it fit my anatomy, and it seems to fit nicely. Can’t wait to try them both!

Thank  you We-Vibe for providing me with the We-Vibe 3 & 4, in exchange for the fair and honest reviews soon to come!

If you’d like to get a We-Vibe 3 &/or 4, click on the link below to use my affiliate code!


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  2 Responses to “Package of the Day – We-Vibe 3 & We-Vibe 4 from We-Vibe”

  1. Sweet, you get both! I love my 3 for solo use. I’m still getting used to the 4 though.
    I’m sure you’ll have fun with the pair ^-^

  2. Looking forward to the review of these, any ETA? I’ve heard some bad reviews of the #4 when compared to the #3. Though the #4 does seem to be doing well on it’s own.

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