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gvibe modI was intrigued by the G-Vibe. I had no expectations going into this one. If you’ve read my reviews, you know that I’m usually excited to try a new toy, but this one simply had me interested. I didn’t know if it would be a toy for me to love or if the toy would make me want to tear in two. When I first got the G-Vibe, I was irritated by the fact that they had the name of the toy on the shipping label. When I opened up the box for the G-Vibe I had to take a double take of the vibrator on the packaging. The picture of the G-Vibe on the box is almost a neon pink. The actual G-Vibe is almost a pink pastel. Not even close to the color on the box. If you look at the website, they don’t try and hide the pastel.

gvibe innards mod
Now the G-Vibe has the information about the toy on the side of the box. It states: “One-year Warranty, Water resistant, Rechargeable, Medical silicone (Phthalate-free) and ABS, Six vibrating modes, Quiet, Two motors on tips.” When you flip open the magnetically closed top, you’ll see the G-Vibe nuzzled in white foam with a tab to pull it out. Underneath is the the USB charger (doesn’t have a wall charger attachment), a white storage bag (think large microfiber sunglasses case) with the letters FT on it, and a little fold out booklet with the illustrations of how to use the G-Vibe. I love the sturdy feel of the storage, and the fact that foam is real foam and not a Styrofoam cut out. I use the whole box as storage, rather than putting it all in the bag. It stands up nicely on my bookcase.


The toy itself is made of medical silicone and feels buttery soft. It does require water-based lube to be used comfortably, but not much. The handle is made out of ABS plastic. All of which can be wiped down with isopropyl alcohol, or a wipe. The G-Vibe is NOT waterproof, so get rid of any silly little delusions you have about taking this one into the tub. It’s not going to happen. The foldout booklet that comes with the G-Vibe has no information outside of suggestions of what you can do with it. Here’s what’s inside the booklet, as soon on the Fun Toys website:

GVibe Instructions

 I’ve tried the G-Vibe at least 8 different times. Most of the times that I’ve used it, it’s felt like it was stabbing my cervix. When it comes to vibrations, my experience have varied between two different feelings. The number one reaction to the vibrations is that I’m hearing a cell phone vibrate somewhere under a blanket. That’s it. I’m simply hearing it. Not feeling it. When I do feel it, it is somewhat extreme against my g-spot, but because of the flexibility in the arms, I can do nothing but sit there with it in place. Even then, after awhile, I’m back to hearing it only. Keep in mind, this is with both arms inside of me. When the G-Vibe is outside of my body, I can definitely hear it. It’s not whisper quiet. It will be covered by a T.V. at normal volume though.




When I tried to use it clitorally, the flexible arms were extremely disappointing. It’s extremely awkward if you try and use both hands to maneuver it. I tried using just one arm, and then two (as depicted). Neither worked. I tried using one arm on my clit, while the other one was inside of me. Again, nothing. The width of the arms is too broad for me to use it with just one arm. Then when I try to use both on my clit, the gap between the two arms is too big for it to be effective. Even when I hold it closer to the tips, to close the gap, it doesn’t work, since it loses a lot of the vibrations in my hand.

I will say this though, the vibrations do have power. They just get lost in the flexibility of the arms, when used internally. When I was able to put it against my g-spot, I did enjoy it. A lot. As I said though, the flexibility in the arms makes it impossible move it around with the guarantee that you’ll find a solid angle again.  Here are the vibration patterns, as seen on Fun Toys’ website:

gvibe vibrations

Here is some info about the G-Vibe:

-It’s 9 1/2 inches in total length (ears together).

-The insertable length is 6 inches.

-It’s splash-proof, not waterproof. (No bath/shower fun with this one. (Lame.))

-The width of the ears (at its widest) is 1 1/16″.

-The motors are located 1 3/4″ down from the tips of the ears.The width of the toy is 1 1/2″, and 1 1/8′ on the slim side.

-To click it on, you hit the + button, and to turn it off you hit the – button until it shuts off.

Overall, I like the idea, but I don’t like the results. The flexibility in the arms makes it near to  impossible for g-spot stim when I try to thrust with it. When I do try to thrust, I end up stabbing my cervix. Not my favorite thing to do in my spare time. When I did align it with my g-spot, I was wowed by the vibrations, but the inability to apply pressure made me lose interest. Eventually I would go from feeling the G-Vibe to just hearing it. It’s not a super loud toy, but it isn’t whisper silent. I could hear it under the blankets (2 heavy blankets and 1 comforter). I appreciate the vibration patterns, and the intensities (the highest is the one I stuck with the most). It has serious potential, and it might work for some as is, but it didn’t work for me.


Thank you Fun Toys for providing me with the G-Vibe free of charge, in exchange for my fair and honest review!

You can find the G-Vibe at! Click the link below to use my affiliate link!

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  1. I’m hoping they re-do this toy and make it waterproof and more powerful somehow, because I like the idea and I think I could make it work for my body and my partner’s. Sorry it didn’t suit you. Yay for bubble baths though! (Very nice picture.)

  2. *gasp* BUBBLE BATH! *pushes TJ away and jumps in* hihi. I don’t know why, but I kind of feel that this toy looks promising. Maybe if they changed the shape of the tips or something like that, it would work better? And WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S NOT WATERPROOF? The first and foremost thing that sex toy manufacturers should consider when a toy is $100+ is that it should be waterproof. Damn, that’s disappointing.

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