Nov 032013

Werewold Med PotD

My first glow-in-the-dark dildo! I was talking to my friend, Naughty Reenie, about her next EE toy, and she wanted my opinion on coloring. Well, when I went to look to get an idea, I noticed the “swirl” option. I wrote to EE to see if they could send me a picture of an example of the swirl. I clicked open the pic to see a wonderful swirl of fluorescent blue and orange. I thought about those colors (because I loved the example) but then I realized I don’t have a glow-in-the-dark toy yet! Perfect timing. After I made my order, I received an email a few days later. It said that the Werewolf Med had shipped, and that they took some creative liberties with my toy and thought that I would like it more. They were right! I love the looks of it. Especially¬†in the dark. The swirls look amazing with the solid glow-in-the-dark base. An all around win, in the color department. Dildo-wise? Size, shape, feel (internally). That all remains to be seen.

Thank you Exotic Erotics for this fun colored dildo, in exchange for the honest and fair review soon to come!

  3 Responses to “Package of the Day – Werewolf Medium from Exotic Erotics”

  1. Oh I am so jealous right now. I have been eying this toy.

  2. That is an awesome color!

  3. Whoa. Its beauty and girth are show stopping! I’d stare at it for ages.

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