Nov 262013

Nox BDI have been wanting to try a Bad Dragon dildo for a long time now. When I was told that Nox was available, I did a little victory dance around my laptop. Of course that means I set the bar high in terms of expectations, but I am ridiculously happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed. The dimensions. The silicone densities. The colors. The suction cup. The texture. All of it. Bad Dragon did not let me down.

Bad Dragon is an fantastic company based in Arizona. They make fantasy dildos, cock sheaths, strokers, and have tons of options for what you can do to the toy. You can add a suction cup and cum tube to most of the dildos and you can choose the silicone density you want. They have an extreme array of color choices when it comes to picking out the coloring you want. As the name suggests, they make dragon toys. Dragon cocks, pussies, assholes, they’ve got it. They have other fantasy toys, too. One thing about Bad Dragon toys, is that they tend to run large. Most of the  dildos come in Small, Medium, Large, and XLarge. When picking out your dildo, take extra care when picking the size for you. All of their toys are made out of high quality, body-safe silicone. Meaning they can be sterilized. Something I love about silicone. The fact that I know my toy is sterile when pull it out of the boiling pot.

Screenshot (7)

The Nox that I have is a Medium. I love girth, and am a size queen. So please consider the sizes when considering the Nox. I ordered the Nox with a Firm Split. This means that the shaft is cast in a Medium density, and the base is cast in the Firm. I am so glad that I chose that firmness. The squishy Medium feels amazing internally, while the Firm base makes it easy to hold on to while in use and makes the suction cup extremely successful.

Nox suction cup base.

Nox side

As soon as Nox arrived I opened it up and was thrilled to see that BD had included some fun extras. A soft density sample disk in a beautiful blue-green, two mini dicks, a BD pen, a BD pin, and a little packet of candy corn. It took a great deal of restraint to not eat the candy corn, so I could take the Package of the Day pic. Worth it though. After I took the pic, I couldn’t help but sticking the Nox on smooth surfaces. Windows, the hood of my Tahoe (I thought about driving it down the street, but decided against it because there are young kids around here), my front door. The suction cup is extremely strong. Using it on my shower wall, where the tiles run small (under 4″), I was worried. Nox didn’t let me down. It help up, even when I got reckless with my bouncing. One thing I noticed was that when I stuck the Nox either too high, or too low, it stayed in place without any problems. Usually, if I position a dildo too high or low, it pops off when I go for long thrusts. Not the Nox, it’s solid.

Nox back

When I grabbed the Nox, the first time, I was eager to see how it fit. I closed my eyes and relished in the feeling of being stretched. Then when I got past the widest part of the middle, I enjoyed being stretched over and over again. Alright, “enjoyed” is a weak description of what I was feeling. My vagina would have cried out in joy, but her mouth was full. I wasn’t able to feel the little nubs as much as I thought. Maybe if I got in Firm, I would. I was able to feel the lines running down the shaft. It made thrusting that much smoother. I was cumming within minutes. The large base made it easy for me to hold on to, and the texture on the base helped with my grip (when I have lube on my hands). The shape of this toy was as though it was designed for my body.

I love that Bad Dragon has the option of customizing your toys, and an extensive array of colors. They have a color pallet you can use to design your toy, and a preview so you can see what it will look like. It saddens me that I have to keep Nox under wraps (in a box on my bookcase). That has to be the one thing that sucks about Nox. Boo-fucking-hoo. The silicone feels amazing, it comes in the colors of my own choosing, and it feels like it was made especially for my pussy. *slow clap* Well done, Bad Dragon, well done.

Click the link below if the Nox sounds like the dragon cock for you.

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Nov 162013

gvibe modI was intrigued by the G-Vibe. I had no expectations going into this one. If you’ve read my reviews, you know that I’m usually excited to try a new toy, but this one simply had me interested. I didn’t know if it would be a toy for me to love or if the toy would make me want to tear in two. When I first got the G-Vibe, I was irritated by the fact that they had the name of the toy on the shipping label. When I opened up the box for the G-Vibe I had to take a double take of the vibrator on the packaging. The picture of the G-Vibe on the box is almost a neon pink. The actual G-Vibe is almost a pink pastel. Not even close to the color on the box. If you look at the website, they don’t try and hide the pastel.

gvibe innards mod
Now the G-Vibe has the information about the toy on the side of the box. It states: “One-year Warranty, Water resistant, Rechargeable, Medical silicone (Phthalate-free) and ABS, Six vibrating modes, Quiet, Two motors on tips.” When you flip open the magnetically closed top, you’ll see the G-Vibe nuzzled in white foam with a tab to pull it out. Underneath is the the USB charger (doesn’t have a wall charger attachment), a white storage bag (think large microfiber sunglasses case) with the letters FT on it, and a little fold out booklet with the illustrations of how to use the G-Vibe. I love the sturdy feel of the storage, and the fact that foam is real foam and not a Styrofoam cut out. I use the whole box as storage, rather than putting it all in the bag. It stands up nicely on my bookcase.


The toy itself is made of medical silicone and feels buttery soft. It does require water-based lube to be used comfortably, but not much. The handle is made out of ABS plastic. All of which can be wiped down with isopropyl alcohol, or a wipe. The G-Vibe is NOT waterproof, so get rid of any silly little delusions you have about taking this one into the tub. It’s not going to happen. The foldout booklet that comes with the G-Vibe has no information outside of suggestions of what you can do with it. Here’s what’s inside the booklet, as soon on the Fun Toys website:

GVibe Instructions

 I’ve tried the G-Vibe at least 8 different times. Most of the times that I’ve used it, it’s felt like it was stabbing my cervix. When it comes to vibrations, my experience have varied between two different feelings. The number one reaction to the vibrations is that I’m hearing a cell phone vibrate somewhere under a blanket. That’s it. I’m simply hearing it. Not feeling it. When I do feel it, it is somewhat extreme against my g-spot, but because of the flexibility in the arms, I can do nothing but sit there with it in place. Even then, after awhile, I’m back to hearing it only. Keep in mind, this is with both arms inside of me. When the G-Vibe is outside of my body, I can definitely hear it. It’s not whisper quiet. It will be covered by a T.V. at normal volume though.




When I tried to use it clitorally, the flexible arms were extremely disappointing. It’s extremely awkward if you try and use both hands to maneuver it. I tried using just one arm, and then two (as depicted). Neither worked. I tried using one arm on my clit, while the other one was inside of me. Again, nothing. The width of the arms is too broad for me to use it with just one arm. Then when I try to use both on my clit, the gap between the two arms is too big for it to be effective. Even when I hold it closer to the tips, to close the gap, it doesn’t work, since it loses a lot of the vibrations in my hand.

I will say this though, the vibrations do have power. They just get lost in the flexibility of the arms, when used internally. When I was able to put it against my g-spot, I did enjoy it. A lot. As I said though, the flexibility in the arms makes it impossible move it around with the guarantee that you’ll find a solid angle again.  Here are the vibration patterns, as seen on Fun Toys’ website:

gvibe vibrations

Here is some info about the G-Vibe:

-It’s 9 1/2 inches in total length (ears together).

-The insertable length is 6 inches.

-It’s splash-proof, not waterproof. (No bath/shower fun with this one. (Lame.))

-The width of the ears (at its widest) is 1 1/16″.

-The motors are located 1 3/4″ down from the tips of the ears.The width of the toy is 1 1/2″, and 1 1/8′ on the slim side.

-To click it on, you hit the + button, and to turn it off you hit the – button until it shuts off.

Overall, I like the idea, but I don’t like the results. The flexibility in the arms makes it near to  impossible for g-spot stim when I try to thrust with it. When I do try to thrust, I end up stabbing my cervix. Not my favorite thing to do in my spare time. When I did align it with my g-spot, I was wowed by the vibrations, but the inability to apply pressure made me lose interest. Eventually I would go from feeling the G-Vibe to just hearing it. It’s not a super loud toy, but it isn’t whisper silent. I could hear it under the blankets (2 heavy blankets and 1 comforter). I appreciate the vibration patterns, and the intensities (the highest is the one I stuck with the most). It has serious potential, and it might work for some as is, but it didn’t work for me.


Thank you Fun Toys for providing me with the G-Vibe free of charge, in exchange for my fair and honest review!

You can find the G-Vibe at! Click the link below to use my affiliate link!

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Nov 112013

Spunk DripAlright, I’ve been won over. My husband has been won over. FINALLY, a lube that does exactly what I want it to. It feels real, and lasts long. I’ve tried other lubes that I like and love, but this one tops them all. I have lubes that I love exclusively for toys, that flop when I use them for skin to skin sex. Not the SPUNK Hybrid. I reach for it every time I go to use my toys, and every time I’m having sex. For my husband to remember the name of a lube is unheard of, but to have him specifically request one lube over another is a miracle. Top that with the fact he tells me that we should gift it to a couple we know, and I am simply blown away.

Spunk on Rex

Spunk Lube is put out by D. Enterprises and is located here in California. I love that Spunk Lube is manufactured in California because it gets here so quickly. Order one day, within two days it’s here. Plus, Jeff, the creator, is constantly shipping product. So there is very little delay of the product actually getting on the road.  The Hybrid, is a water-silicone hybrid lube. It has the wet feeling of water-based lubes, and the silky feeling of a silicone lube. It’s safe to use with all sex toy materials (glass, silicone, metal, etc.).  I’ve used it on Tantus silicone, Vixskin, glass, and stainless steel. All were left unaffected.

Spunk on my hand

The feel of the Hybrid is very wet, and slick. I know that sounds vague as fuck, but that’s what it feels like. It looks like male cum, hence the name SPUNK, but it isn’t sticky. It spreads easily and stays relatively thick. This plays out so well during sex for us. Usually we have to stop and reapply multiple times during a session. With the Hybrid, I’d say we average only one reapplication. Which is huge. I have an IUD, and since having it, I’ve noticed I don’t get as wet on my own as I used to.  I need the lubricant to provide that for me. Not just slick like the Spunk Lube Silicone, but wet. It lasts longer than my other water-based lubes, too. If I’m using a toy or penis with a lube, and it’s left outside of my vagina for too long, it can dry. Not crazy fast, but I have only a small window of time to use it on that one application. With the Hybrid, that window of time is significantly longer.

*Keep in mind that I tried the Hybrid, before I tried the Spunk Lube Pink. The Pink has all of the same qualities of the Hybrid, except that it is free of glycerin. So if you’re sensitive to glycerin, the Pink is a fantastic alternative. It’s slightly thinner than the Hybrid, but just as great.

The ingredients for the Spunk Lube Hybrid include: Water, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxymethycellulose, Glycerine, Methylparaben.

Spunked Palm

Spunk on Rex head

One interesting thing about the Hybrid is that after the lube dries on a toy it becomes almost like a skin. Not hard to get off, just obvious when you look at your toys after a session. When it happens, if you wet it, it hydrates the lube and you can continue to go. Meaning when you’re having sex, and it starts to dry, a little bit of water and you can keep going without having to reach for the bottle right away.

One thing I don’t like about the Hybrid is that it becomes tacky if you don’t hydrate the lube or reapply. So if you’re up for a quickie and grab the Spunk Lube Hybrid, be sure to have a wet wipe, or something to wipe it away afterwards. This also means that the pump tip can have a gummy glob blocking it. It’s just like a lotion bottle that’s been left untouched, you get it out of the way just by using the pump.

Overall, I’m in love with the Spunk Lube Hybrid. My husband is in love with the Spunk Lube Hybrid. It last longer than my other water-based lubes, and feels like my natural lubricant without being sticky. It’s a non-staining lube, so I don’t have to worry about over shooting the mark when applying or dropping a toy on the bed. It’s thick when I pump it out, meaning that it doesn’t just slide off;  it gives me time to get things in order. I hate having to rush to catch the lube before it drips all over the place. Like I said though, it does contain glycerin. So if you’re looking to avoid glycerin, there’s always the Pink version. Now that I have the Pink, I have the feeling my husband is going to take over on the Hybrid, while I stick to the Pink.

Spunk B&W


 Thank you SPUNK Lube for providing me with the Hybrid, in exchange for my fair and honest review!


Nov 072013

Plunge Paddle PotD

The Plunge Paddle is finally here! I’ve been hearing that it’s coming, and it’s finally here. This is my first Tantus paddle and I’m excited to give it a try. To be honest, I’m also a little scared. I wanted to get a feel for it, and smacked my palm with it. Pain! I’m looking forward to using this with the hub and see how it goes!

PLUS, Jenna sent me little extras!

Tantus stickers PotD

Thank you Tantus for sending me the Plunge Paddle in exchange for the fair and honest review soon to come!

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Nov 032013

couple guide bright

It can be hard to educate friends about sex toys, if they have no experience with toys (outside of a vibrating egg they bought years ago). Some people can be really embarrassed or timid when talking about what they want to stick in their bodies. Now I know what to get them. The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys (a ridiculously long title, in my opinion) by Violet Blue, covers a ton of information. One thing that I love about it, is that it repeats over and over about the importance of safe materials and the risks of porous materials. Something that can make someone lose interest when you’re trying to explain it to them. It’s amazing, you talk about safety/quality and people start to look at you like you’re a vacuum salesman. This doesn’t always happen, but it can.

The book is broken up into 10 chapters. They are as follows:

xi: Forward by Charlie Glickman, PhD
Chapter One: Basic Models, and Care and Feeding of Your Toys
Chapter Two: First-Time Toys and Gifts
Chapter Three: Come Together
Chapter Four: Kinky Toys for Two
Chapter Five: Strap-Ons and Bend Over Boyfriend
Chapter Six: Teledildonic Toys: Online Sex for Two
Chapter Seven: Sex Machines
Chapter Eight: Exotic Sex Toys
Chapter Nine: Sex Furniture
Chapter Ten: Shop Smart and Recommended Resources
About the Author

The foreword by Charlie Glickman, PhD, relaxed me. Not that I’m uptight about toys. Obviously I’m not, but it is written in a laid back tone, and down to earth. He talks about how sex toys have changed in the 20 years he’s been a sex educator, how toys used to be and how they used to be marketed, how he met Violet Blue when they were both working at Good Vibrations, and a quick list of ideas for someone to create a 50 Shades experience. My favorite thing about it? It’s short. I hate long forewords. This one keeps it light, and gets out of the way. Perfect.

Chapter One goes over basic information on vibrators, dildos, and butt plugs. It warns people of the “Novelty Only” label that adorns many toys. It recommends companies that don’t hide behind that label, and own up to being sex toy companies. The first ones recommended? Tantus, Vixen Creations, Fun Factory, and Sportsheets. It talks about different vibrators, from the Hitachi (Smart Wand) to Slimeline to rabbit vibes. It goes over Toys for Boys. It explains cock rings, and talks about masturbation sleeves. It covers butt plugs and anal beads. It stresses the importance of safety with anal play. Then it goes over the safety of materials, cleaning, and storage. The chapter doesn’t just mention the importance of safety, but rather it goes into depth about why certain materials are unsafe. I wish it yelled “NO JELLY, NO EXECPTIONS!”, but I’m sure that would scare a few readers off. It does, however, tell readers to look for the label that says, “Phthalate-Free”. The beauty of this book? Violet doesn’t limit her warnings of porous materials to just this chapter. She drops warnings about porous materials all over the place, and offers body safe alternatives for most of the products.

Now, Chapter Two is where it really becomes a “couple’s” book. It talks about how to approach a partner with the idea of bringing toys into the bedroom, how to look for toys together, ideas of how to surprise your partner with a sex toy, and how to pick them out. It goes over picking out toys for the sex toy novice. Again it goes over the basics with G-Spot toys, anal toys, cock rings, first time vibrators, and the importance of lube. This time it’s not about what they’re for, but more about where to start as far as shapes, sizes, and preferences. It talks a lot about fantasies and communication. One thing I did like about the chapter is that it has the person bringing up toys to their partner, to reverse roles before bringing them up. That bringing up toys, after never talking about them, can be upsetting. I like that it mentions this, because not all sex toy conversations end with a dildo inside of you (or them). It can take awhile for your partner (or you) to warm up. It doesn’t talk much about the conversation going in a negative direction, but I like the fact that Violet doesn’t pretend that it won’t happen. Violet writes realistically. I found some of the suggestions cheesy, but I started to think about it. How do you ease someone into the idea of sex toys, if they’ve never been used in the relationship or talked about? In action I could see her suggestions being effective (as far as sweetening up your partner by sticking a vibrator in the middle of a bouquet of flowers). If this is your plan, definitely do as Violet suggests, and write out a shopping list. I know if my husband were to stick a crap vibe in a bouquet of roses, I’d probably ruin the moment.

Chapter Three is all about communication. Talking with your partner about what you want and what they want. It talks about planning ahead, laying out toys, and getting your batteries in order before hand. It talks about cunnilingus and fellatio, more toys, and keeping a sense of humor through the whole experience (since nothing ever goes exactly to plan). One thing that I love is that Violet is completely honest about toys. Like this, “The remote control models are one speed (she’s talking about panty vibes) and tend to be rather loud, so if you’re fantasizing about wearing your vibe out in public…make sure it’s somewhere loud, like a dance club or a construction site.” She sounds like a sex toy reviewer right there. She goes on to talk about how toys can give your jaw a break during oral sex, and how to incorporate them in oral sex.

From the fourth chapter to the tenth chapter, Violet covers everything that the chapter titles imply. She leaves nothing out, and goes into detail with each type of item. From double ended dildos, to how to choose a webcam for your particular needs. With each type of item, Violet talks about how to choose them, how to use them, and where you can get them. One thing that I like about Violet’s writing style in The Adventurous Couple’s Guide (still a ridiculously long name) to Sex Toys, is that she’s talking to the readers. Her writing style makes it apparent that there is a human being behind her words, and not a condescending robot with a monotone voice.

Overall, I think this a book ideal for people new to sex toys and indulging in new fantasies with a partner. I found it hard to read because a lot of the information I already knew. The number one thing I appreciate about this book, is that Violet is constantly talking about safety. Whether it be about material choices when picking out a toy, or with safety with rope play. She gives the information on how to be safe, and why it’s a necessity. She doesn’t just say, “Jelly is bad. Don’t use it. Rubber is bad. Don’t use it.” She talks about why and how to protect yourself if you’re going to use it. She doesn’t just say it once either. She mentions it with each product that comes in porous materials. At the very end of the book, she includes three lists of what can be contracted (high risk to n/a) through sharing toys, anal to oral contact (penis or toy), and anal to vaginal contact (penis or toy).

As a sex toy reviewer, I loved the name drops and referrals to toys I know (from personal experience or have read about). I love the fact that she packs a ton of information into a book with a very personable tone. I like Charlie Glickman’s little side bubbles filled with information (he signs them “-CG”). As an experienced toy player, it was hard to reread information that I’m well versed in. I would recommend this to people who have a desire to bring toys into the bedroom and don’t really know where to start or what questions to ask. It’s helpful that there a few pictures thrown in here and there, to elaborate the toys/items being talked about. Plus it breaks up the reading a bit. It’s a great book that I intend to gift to a few friends, but it isn’t much of a read for experienced toy players who have researched other areas of kink.

couple guide b&w

Thank you Cleis Press for providing me with The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys, in exchange for my fair and honest review!

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Nov 032013

Werewold Med PotD

My first glow-in-the-dark dildo! I was talking to my friend, Naughty Reenie, about her next EE toy, and she wanted my opinion on coloring. Well, when I went to look to get an idea, I noticed the “swirl” option. I wrote to EE to see if they could send me a picture of an example of the swirl. I clicked open the pic to see a wonderful swirl of fluorescent blue and orange. I thought about those colors (because I loved the example) but then I realized I don’t have a glow-in-the-dark toy yet! Perfect timing. After I made my order, I received an email a few days later. It said that the Werewolf Med had shipped, and that they took some creative liberties with my toy and thought that I would like it more. They were right! I love the looks of it. Especially in the dark. The swirls look amazing with the solid glow-in-the-dark base. An all around win, in the color department. Dildo-wise? Size, shape, feel (internally). That all remains to be seen.

Thank you Exotic Erotics for this fun colored dildo, in exchange for the honest and fair review soon to come!