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GE DIGITAL CAMERAI love toys that come in extremely different colors. When I saw that Exotic-Erotics provides an array of electric colors, I was excited. I was approved for the Wuffamute Adolescent but was warned that it is extremely large, and perhaps I might try the Pup instead. They were right. I looked at the measurements again, and the Pup was a much better fit. When it came to deciding the color, that was easy. I love brightly colored dildos. So, the fluorescent green was an easy choice.

Exotic-Erotics is a Kentucky based company that makes both live cast silicone toys and sculpted silicone toys. They have an array of different toys and in different sizes. They even have an Elephant Trunk dildo! They have a wide selection of different colors. As I said before, I gravitate towards bright colors so I immediately clicked the fluorescent green.  They even have a glow-in-the-dark option.

Overall length – 10″
Usable length – 9″
Head – 5 1/2″ circumference – 1 3/4″ diameter
First bulge – 6″ circumference – 1.9″ diameter
Knot width – 2 1/2″ diameter
Knot length – 2″ (The website says 3″ but I think they’re including the neck of the toy, up to the base.)

*Keep in mind that there are two larger sizes; the Wuffamute (the largest) and the Wuffamute Adolescent (the medium).

Wuffamute BaseExotic-Erotics’ silicone comes in three different levels of firmness; Hard, Medium, and Soft. You can order them in split firmness; Medium Shaft/Hard Base, or Soft Shaft/Hard Base. I ordered my Wuffamute Pup in Medium Shaft/Hard Base. There isn’t much of a difference, as far as I can tell. Even with the hard base, the Wuffamute Pup can’t stand up on its own. Even when using it, the neck of dildo bends and I have to grab the base of the knot to maintain control.

Pensive Wuffamute PupThe design of the Wuffamute is that of a dog dick. Well, to be specific a mutt dog dick. It’s not a life cast, but a design. The head and shaft are nice and thick, but the length of the shaft make it nearly impossible to reach the knot vaginally. I’ve tried over and over, to no avail. I can’t make it any further than half way down the knot, and even then it’s extremely uncomfortable. Using it without going for the knot, I found the girth to be nice, but that’s it. The reason I had wanted the Wuffamute Adolescent was because if the knot didn’t work for me, I could at least enjoy the extra girth of the shaft. I haven’t tried it anally, and I’m not sure I have any plans to. The medium firmness doesn’t do anything for me, with the smooth shaft. It doesn’t hold it’s shape or put pressure on anything but my cervix, when I go for the knot. If the knot were at an obtainable length, the medium firmness would be perfect. If. It’s not though. The floppiness of the dildo, at the neck, makes it impossible to maneuver from the base. I was told by Exotic-Erotics that  they’ll be looking into fixing that aspect of the design. As it stands, I’m not a fan of the Wuffamute Pup. It’s a great looking dildo, but it in use, it flopped just like when I tried standing it up. I do have to say though, kudos to Exotic-Erotics for their color selections. Plus, Exotic-Erotics offers a free cotton, drawstring storage bag with every toy. This may not be the toy for me, but I have hope for other designs that they have.

Wuffamute Pup Poolside

Thank you Exotic-Erotics for providing the Wuffamute Pup free of charge, in exchange for a honest and fair review.


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  1. I don’t really like realistic dildoes shaped like human cocks. I think some of the fantasy ones are kind of cool, like the Whipspider Tentacle and some of the Bad Dragon designs (neither of which I have yet). But I just have a little trouble with the idea of a realistic or semi-realistic dog or horse dildo! It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I don’t think I could overcome it and find them sexy. Nice review though! Sorry it was such a floppy experience. 😉

  2. It’s just so floppy…. a floppy cock… and I just finished a post about E.D. too funny! Great review though T! Sucks to hear that it didn’t work so well for you though.

  3. Sorry to hear this did not work for you and yea it does look to floppy.

  4. Floppy cock, floppy cock, flops about as you try to fuck.
    Floppy cock, floppy cock, look out, here it flops! *bursts into hysterical laughter*
    Er, I mean, sorry about the um, bendy nature of the toy. Ahem.

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