Oct 282013

Bow to the NunI was shocked the first time I came across Divine Interventions’ Religious Toys line. The old church-goer in me, was aghast at the array of dildos, butt plugs, and a silicone bible vibrator sleeve. Shoot, even the Holy Water lube caught me off guard. The shock lasted about a minute. Then my sense of humor kicked in. A Baby Jesus Butt Plug? A Jackhammer Jesus dildo? A Diving Nun? I loved it. I started giggling like a deranged lunatic. I wanted the Diving Nun, immediately. I even told Divine Interventions, “I’m not Catholic, but I’ve always had a love for screaming nuns.” And so it came to pass, that I stuck a nun in my vagina.

Diving Nun w/ lubeDivine Interventions is a San Francisco Bay Area toy company, with a fantastic sense of humor. When I got the Diving Nun, I again started with the insane giggling. I opened up my package to the see not only the Diving Nun, but Divine Interventions Holy Water lube, and their Communion napkin. When I took the Nun out to the pool to take the Package of the Day pic, I then realized just how extreme the angle of it is. I had to stack three small river rocks to get the Nun to stand up on its own. The only way to get the Diving Nun to stand up (sans river rocks), is by using its awesome suction cup base. The base is roughly cut, but its slight indent with the soft silicone makes it perfect to suction cup on all surfaces.

Nun Got BackI didn’t really care for the Diving Nun at first. The Nun’s face and texture didn’t do anything but make me uncomfortable. I talked to a friend about it, and she said I should flip the Nun over and give the back ridges a shot at my g-spot. Whole different dildo. The ridges feel amazing on my g-spot, but the shape of the dildo makes it a little difficult to use it for a long period of time. What I did was use the ridged back for a few minutes, and then I turned it back around, Nun up. When I did that, I came to appreciate the the texture of the Nun, and the curve. Within in minutes I was cumming, but it wasn’t easy. The silicone the Diving Nun is made out of , is soft and pliable. This feels great internally, but it makes for difficult maneuvering when holding onto the base. I use it mainly when I’m standing in the shower, so I tend to flatten my hand and use it in more of a “shoving” motion. Yes, I said it. I shove a Nun in my vagina. Definitely a feat I won’t be discussing with my overly zealous religious friends. Though I may snicker if nuns are mentioned.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAThe Diving Nun from Divine Interventions is a modest dildo at 1 3/4″ in diameter, and 7 3/4″ in length. I say modest because I’m a size queen (in regards to girth), and this one requires no warm up for me. It is a longer dildo, but all that means is that I don’t put all of it inside of me. When I’m riding it the length is somewhat comfortable (I tend to sit down when I’m riding dildos). It can be a bit much, and I’m unable to slam my ass down (which can be extremely tiresome) if I’m using the suction cup on a chair. The length does work well if I’m on my knees in the bath with it.

I haven’t had any issues when it comes to cleaning out the Nun’s face or any other crevice on the front of the dildo. I generally use gentle soap and water to clean my toys, and I boil them about once a month. Storing the Diving Nun is a hassle since it won’t stand on its own, and the base puts up a hell of a fight when trying to get it into a gallon sized baggy. So I keep it with other dildos that have storage bags.

Overall I like the Diving Nun. The texture took some getting used to, but I’ve come to love it. I wish the base was firmer, but I suppose it’s best kept soft since it helps with the suction cup. It’s a hard one to show off, as it doesn’t stand on its own, unless you suction it onto a surface. Even then you have to bend it up to be shown. I love that there are two sides of texture, so you can basically turn it into two different dildos. Both of which got me off in a big way. If the Nun isn’t your speed, Divine Interventions has other dildos with the same ribbing on the back. All of which are made from 100% silicone. Enjoy.

Diving Nun

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  1. Speechless. <-yes, it happened

  2. Wow, that is a really extreme curve to it! I love the blue coloring and I’m glad to hear it was so easy to clean! Divine Interventions is awesome!

  3. Puahaha! So cute! What a curve though! Never thought the curve was so huge! And it looks so squishily soft (is this even a word?)! Congrats in shoving that nun! =P

  4. Oh wow…. That looks…. I… Umm… I really want one for that curve, but I suspect the texture would bother me like the texture of the Buddha has started to! Great review though… Where can I get dildo friendly river rocks? šŸ˜›

  5. Good review. I’m the same as you. My old Catholic school ways are coming back to haunt me when I consider dildos from Divine Intervention. I’m still gonna get one eventually though!

  6. Wow, that thing is way more curved than I thought! She looks like she’s bending over to…
    I’m going now.

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