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Blush Novelties SukoWhen Margaret from Blush Novelties offered up Suko from their Naked line, the design had me interested. Then the fact it was dual density, of course had me intrigued. I had only tried Vixen Creations’ and Tantus’ dual density dildos. I really wanted to see how Blush Novelties version would stack up against them. When I opened up Suko’s packaging, I couldn’t believe how squishy the head was. Me being me, I immediately grabbed a box of matches to flame test it. It passed.

Suko SquishyBefore getting the Suko, I’d never crossed paths with Blush Novelties. I’d never tried any of their products, so I had zero idea of what I was in for. I liked the design of the Suko. I’d never seen one like it. The long, parallel bumps on the lower end of the shaft are what really stood out to me. The dual density silicone is squishiest on the head, and along the bumpy side of the shaft. The inner core is extremely rigid. As far as placing the softness of the outer layer, I’d say it’s the middle ground for Vixen Creations’ Vixskin and Tantus’ O2.

I actually have two of these dildos. The first one I received had an off centered shaft, so the dildo stood at a strange angle and where the shaft met the base was deeply scored all of the way around. When I wrote Blush Novelties to ask about it, they said they’d never seen one like it before and immediately sent me a replacement. The replacement stands straighter, but there are still score marks that go all the way around where the shaft meets the base.

A few facts about the Suko:Suko Head On

-Made from 100% pure platinum cured silicone.
-The Suko is a part of the Nude Line, all of which have the Sensa Feel™ dual density design.
-Overall length – 8″
-Usable length – 7 1/4″
-Head diameter – 1 7/8″
-First bump diameter – 1 9/16″
-Lower bumps circumference – 1 5/8″
-Base width – 2 3/4″

I haven’t used the suction cup to ride Suko. I use it as more of a way to keep it handy while I’m in the shower. It’s extremely strong and stays on, even with my small 3″x3″ tile. The suction cup is just a spherical scoop out of the base. I think that’s why it works so well. Simple, yet effective.

I hate the color. I don’t like flesh colored toys, let alone ones that look like pudding. The dildo itself is shiny, while the underside of the base is more on the matte side. I wish it wasn’t pudding colored. It’s not really a realistic design, so why confine it to realistic-ish colors? The Suko comes in two colors; Almond and Toffee. My Sumo is the Almond. I understand that it’s called the Nude Line, but really?

Suko HeadColor issues aside, I really, really like this dildo. The first couple of times I used it, I liked it immediately. The squishy layer with the extremely rigid core. Then I used it again, yesterday. It made me squirt immediately! Now, I’ve been working on squirting for months. I watched Tristan Taormino’s Guide to Female Ejaculation, and it gave me confidence. I wasn’t trying to squirt or even thinking about it, and it happened.  I was using the Suko, standing in the shower with a leg hiked up on the wall, and I just happened to look down. I watched myself squirt all over my hand! I’m still amazed that it happened, and with the Suko. In only a few minutes this dildo won my respect. I’ve squirted before, while having sex, but it was more of a dribble. With the Suko, it was a strong stream. I wasn’t even taking the full length, just the head and the first bump. This dildo has moved up in the ranks, but I still wish it was a different color.

An added bonus: The Suko comes with a storage bag. I’m always wary of storage bags, since most of the time they shed all over the toys, and it’s an extra hassle. When I first pulled the bag out, I immediately turned it inside out. There were no strings  that could come off on the toy, and when I lint rolled it, there was no lint!


Thank you Blush Novelties for providing me with the Suko free of charge, in exchange for my fair and honest review.




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  1. Pudding, lol. Sounds like a nice dildo though, I’m totally leaning towards getting one of these. Great review 🙂

  2. It looks like it needs to spend some time out in the sun!! Or a nice “Tie-Bright dip” would be a big improvement! 🙂

    Great review as always and it looks like a worthwhile purchase. Love the large bumps.

  3. The color options don’t thrill me either, but the dual density silicone intrigues me. Can’t believe it made you squirt! That’s very promising 🙂

  4. Would be nice if they make some in other color variations — the head looks awfully nice though! Thank you for the wonderful review! 🙂

  5. Yay! That is awesome I am glad you like this and glad you were able to squirt using it. I can’t wait till that day.

  6. Wish I could afford this one! It sounds AMAZING!

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