Oct 292013

Nox PotD

I’ve been waiting for this day for a loooong time. I’ve been drooling over Bad Dragon toys since the first time I saw them. I was giddy as fuck when BD said they would add me to their review program, and that Nox would be mine. It took me a minute to find the colors I wanted, since BD has a huge color palette to choose from. At first I was unsure of the colors, when I saw the pic BD sent to me (they email to confirm that the toy looks like you want it to). When I got it in person though? I fell in love with it. I couldn’t stop looking at it, playing with it, sticking it on walls. I even tweeted a pic of it on my front door.

Bad Dragon banner

  3 Responses to “Package of the Day – Nox from Bad Dragon”

  1. I SO love the colors you chose! Nox is a winner, that’s for sure! Keep on enjoying it! 😉

  2. whatabeauty~ I love those little teenie weenies! So cute! And the color of your sample disk! Glad to hear that you’re liking it more than you thought you would =P

  3. It’s beautiful! Plus that mini Breeder = love! It looks less intimidating in this photo; probably because the colors are so gorgy!

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