Oct 292013

Nox PotD

I’ve been waiting for this day for a loooong time. I’ve been drooling over Bad Dragon toys since the first time I saw them. I was giddy as fuck when BD said they would add me to their review program, and that Nox would be mine. It took me a minute to find the colors I wanted, since BD has a huge color palette to choose from. At first I was unsure of the colors, when I saw the pic BD sent to me (they email to confirm that the toy looks like you want it to). When I got it in person though? I fell in love with it. I couldn’t stop looking at it, playing with it, sticking it on walls. I even tweeted a pic of it on my front door.

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Oct 282013

Bow to the NunI was shocked the first time I came across Divine Interventions’ Religious Toys line. The old church-goer in me, was aghast at the array of dildos, butt plugs, and a silicone bible vibrator sleeve. Shoot, even the Holy Water lube caught me off guard. The shock lasted about a minute. Then my sense of humor kicked in. A Baby Jesus Butt Plug? A Jackhammer Jesus dildo? A Diving Nun? I loved it. I started giggling like a deranged lunatic. I wanted the Diving Nun, immediately. I even told Divine Interventions, “I’m not Catholic, but I’ve always had a love for screaming nuns.” And so it came to pass, that I stuck a nun in my vagina.

Diving Nun w/ lubeDivine Interventions is a San Francisco Bay Area toy company, with a fantastic sense of humor. When I got the Diving Nun, I again started with the insane giggling. I opened up my package to the see not only the Diving Nun, but Divine Interventions Holy Water lube, and their Communion napkin. When I took the Nun out to the pool to take the Package of the Day pic, I then realized just how extreme the angle of it is. I had to stack three small river rocks to get the Nun to stand up on its own. The only way to get the Diving Nun to stand up (sans river rocks), is by using its awesome suction cup base. The base is roughly cut, but its slight indent with the soft silicone makes it perfect to suction cup on all surfaces.

Nun Got BackI didn’t really care for the Diving Nun at first. The Nun’s face and texture didn’t do anything but make me uncomfortable. I talked to a friend about it, and she said I should flip the Nun over and give the back ridges a shot at my g-spot. Whole different dildo. The ridges feel amazing on my g-spot, but the shape of the dildo makes it a little difficult to use it for a long period of time. What I did was use the ridged back for a few minutes, and then I turned it back around, Nun up. When I did that, I came to appreciate the the texture of the Nun, and the curve. Within in minutes I was cumming, but it wasn’t easy. The silicone the Diving Nun is made out of , is soft and pliable. This feels great internally, but it makes for difficult maneuvering when holding onto the base. I use it mainly when I’m standing in the shower, so I tend to flatten my hand and use it in more of a “shoving” motion. Yes, I said it. I shove a Nun in my vagina. Definitely a feat I won’t be discussing with my overly zealous religious friends. Though I may snicker if nuns are mentioned.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAThe Diving Nun from Divine Interventions is a modest dildo at 1 3/4″ in diameter, and 7 3/4″ in length. I say modest because I’m a size queen (in regards to girth), and this one requires no warm up for me. It is a longer dildo, but all that means is that I don’t put all of it inside of me. When I’m riding it the length is somewhat comfortable (I tend to sit down when I’m riding dildos). It can be a bit much, and I’m unable to slam my ass down (which can be extremely tiresome) if I’m using the suction cup on a chair. The length does work well if I’m on my knees in the bath with it.

I haven’t had any issues when it comes to cleaning out the Nun’s face or any other crevice on the front of the dildo. I generally use gentle soap and water to clean my toys, and I boil them about once a month. Storing the Diving Nun is a hassle since it won’t stand on its own, and the base puts up a hell of a fight when trying to get it into a gallon sized baggy. So I keep it with other dildos that have storage bags.

Overall I like the Diving Nun. The texture took some getting used to, but I’ve come to love it. I wish the base was firmer, but I suppose it’s best kept soft since it helps with the suction cup. It’s a hard one to show off, as it doesn’t stand on its own, unless you suction it onto a surface. Even then you have to bend it up to be shown. I love that there are two sides of texture, so you can basically turn it into two different dildos. Both of which got me off in a big way. If the Nun isn’t your speed, Divine Interventions has other dildos with the same ribbing on the back. All of which are made from 100% silicone. Enjoy.

Diving Nun

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Oct 162013

DukeThe first time I saw the Duke, was in Jenna’s tweet of the Tantus booth at ANME. I saw the Duke and I was excited. The COLOR. The fact it looked like a handle-less version of the Anaconda. And, the COLOR. When Tantus asked me what I’d like to review, I jumped on the opportunity to try the Duke. I couldn’t wait to get to the house, when I picked up the package from the mailbox. I cracked open the box on the way back from the mailbox, I had to see the color in person. When I got back to the house, I ran outside to take a Package of the Day picture, and loved that I could see the swirls of the iridescent blue in the shaft.

Duke w/ vibeSimply put? I love it. I’m not a fan of it as a vibrating dildo, but then I’m not too thrilled about vibrating cocks. It’s nice that it’s an option for those that are. I tried it with the included Tantus bullet, and with my Salsa. With the Salsa, it was obviously stronger, but I find the vibrations distracting more than anything. With the Tantus bullet, it was even worse. The Tantus bullet is extremely buzzy, and doesn’t get me off by itself, let alone in a silicone cock. Like I said though, it’s a nice option for those that like their dicks to go, “buzz, buzz.”

Duke Standing TallNow back to the Duke itself. The Duke is made by Tantus, one of my favorite sex toy manufacturers. They push for body safe materials in general, but they start by making body safe toys. The Duke is made from 100% premium platinum silicone, and the vibe is made from ABS plastic. The Duke can be sterilized by boiling (3-5 mins), by bleach (10% solution for approximately the same time), by running it in the dishwasher (sans soap). I use dish soap mostly with silicone toys. Unless I use a toy anally, or find out I have a yeast infection or something. Not what you wanted to hear, but it’s the truth and it goes with having a vagina. Now the bullet, you can sterilize somewhat, but not with boiling or a dishwasher. It is waterproof though, and you can wash it with dish soap or wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. I say “somewhat”, because it has a rubber ring around it, where the two pieces meet (and the button). Rubber is not sterilizable.

Duke headThe Duke is the ultimate in-between dildo, for this size queen. It’s not too big, it’s not too small, it’s in the middle. I usually like a lot of girth to my toys, but also love smaller, well positioned toys too. The Duke is right in between. Having had the T-Rex’s mega ridge, and the Raptor XL’s smaller ridge, I didn’t know what would come from the Duke’s. I’ll tell you right now, Tantus found the perfect middle ground of both. The creases under the coronal ridge are amazing. They remind me of the Anaconda, but they’re spaced out more, and almost rounded in comparison. With the Anaconda I have to use a toothbrush to clean it. I haven’t had to with the Duke. The ridge with those creases… mmmlicious. They pull on the ridges of my urethra sponge, and it feels amazing. The ridge puts a fabulous amount of pressure on my g-spot, and again, it hits my urethral sponge. The urethra sponge is in between your urethra, and the inside of your vagina. I love having it stimulated. The girth of the head of the Duke (1 7/8″) feels amazing, and the shaft (slightly over 1 1/2″) has enough drag to keep my vagina at attention.

The size of the Duke is what really makes it an “any time dildo”. There are days where my vagina doesn’t want anything in it. Girthier dildos can’t gain entrance, and longer dildos are held at bay. The Duke, however, makes it past with no problems. The length of the Duke (a hair over 7″ total, 6 1/2″ usable) is perfect for my vagina. I can take the whole thing, and feel no discomfort. The reason I mention it is because I can get a little crazy when I’m thrusting. The Duke, allows me to get crazy with out turning my cervix into a punching bag. Also, I can keep my thrusts short and rest my wrist on my pubic bone. Always a plus on a lazy day.

Every time I’ve used the Duke, I’ve enjoyed it. Standing, lying down, it doesn’t matter what position I’m in, I’m having a good time. It has made me cum numerous times, and I cum in every position I’ve tried it. Something I love about it, because I have dildos that I love using standing up, and then they suck when I lie down. I have an orgasm with the Duke, regardless of position. The matte finish on the shaft gives me little, to no problem with the aid of some water-based lubricant. Even when some of the lube is washed away in the shower, it doesn’t hinder me. The Duke is a dildo I’ll be taking with me on trips. Its gorgeous color, and guaranteed orgasm design (for me), makes it a gem in my collection.

Duke Lengthwise

Thank you Tantus for providing the Duke, free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review!

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Click here to get the Duke, using my affiliate code.

Oct 072013


So many choices, so little time.

So many dildos, so few holes.

Suck it up. You’re a sex toy reviewer.

Try ’em all.


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Oct 072013

PotD Tantus Vibrating Harness

I am always excited when I open the front door to find a package waiting for me. When I saw that it was from Sparks, NV, I was thrilled. I was confused though, because there was a big sticker that is close to the exact same one as the inside of the box, on the bottom of the outside. It simply said, “ADVENTURE GEAR”, with two hikers on a rock, looking out over the horizon (on the inside the hikers aren’t wearing backpacks, they’re wearing harnesses on their backs). I’m not kidding when I say, that the first things out of my mouth when I was opening the box was, “What did Auntie Jenna send me this time.” My husband even turned around and said, “Who?”. Of course I explained that Jenna is a fabulous Auntie Mame like person who works over at Tantus, and sends me fun things to review. This time it was the Vibrating Harness from Tantus. My first harness! My husband isn’t into pegging, but I have serious penis envy. I tried it on, even though we had friends coming over for dinner. I immediately took out the provided ring, and put in T-Rex’s ring and the T-Rex. I have to say, there’s something very powerful about wearing a dino dick. I can’t wait to have more time with it.

Thank you Tantus for sending me the Vibrating Harness and Jenna for picking it for me, in exchange for the fair and honest review soon to come.

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Oct 062013

GE DIGITAL CAMERAI love toys that come in extremely different colors. When I saw that Exotic-Erotics provides an array of electric colors, I was excited. I was approved for the Wuffamute Adolescent but was warned that it is extremely large, and perhaps I might try the Pup instead. They were right. I looked at the measurements again, and the Pup was a much better fit. When it came to deciding the color, that was easy. I love brightly colored dildos. So, the fluorescent green was an easy choice.

Exotic-Erotics is a Kentucky based company that makes both live cast silicone toys and sculpted silicone toys. They have an array of different toys and in different sizes. They even have an Elephant Trunk dildo! They have a wide selection of different colors. As I said before, I gravitate towards bright colors so I immediately clicked the fluorescent green.  They even have a glow-in-the-dark option.

Overall length – 10″
Usable length – 9″
Head – 5 1/2″ circumference – 1 3/4″ diameter
First bulge – 6″ circumference – 1.9″ diameter
Knot width – 2 1/2″ diameter
Knot length – 2″ (The website says 3″ but I think they’re including the neck of the toy, up to the base.)

*Keep in mind that there are two larger sizes; the Wuffamute (the largest) and the Wuffamute Adolescent (the medium).

Wuffamute BaseExotic-Erotics’ silicone comes in three different levels of firmness; Hard, Medium, and Soft. You can order them in split firmness; Medium Shaft/Hard Base, or Soft Shaft/Hard Base. I ordered my Wuffamute Pup in Medium Shaft/Hard Base. There isn’t much of a difference, as far as I can tell. Even with the hard base, the Wuffamute Pup can’t stand up on its own. Even when using it, the neck of dildo bends and I have to grab the base of the knot to maintain control.

Pensive Wuffamute PupThe design of the Wuffamute is that of a dog dick. Well, to be specific a mutt dog dick. It’s not a life cast, but a design. The head and shaft are nice and thick, but the length of the shaft make it nearly impossible to reach the knot vaginally. I’ve tried over and over, to no avail. I can’t make it any further than half way down the knot, and even then it’s extremely uncomfortable. Using it without going for the knot, I found the girth to be nice, but that’s it. The reason I had wanted the Wuffamute Adolescent was because if the knot didn’t work for me, I could at least enjoy the extra girth of the shaft. I haven’t tried it anally, and I’m not sure I have any plans to. The medium firmness doesn’t do anything for me, with the smooth shaft. It doesn’t hold it’s shape or put pressure on anything but my cervix, when I go for the knot. If the knot were at an obtainable length, the medium firmness would be perfect. If. It’s not though. The floppiness of the dildo, at the neck, makes it impossible to maneuver from the base. I was told by Exotic-Erotics that  they’ll be looking into fixing that aspect of the design. As it stands, I’m not a fan of the Wuffamute Pup. It’s a great looking dildo, but it in use, it flopped just like when I tried standing it up. I do have to say though, kudos to Exotic-Erotics for their color selections. Plus, Exotic-Erotics offers a free cotton, drawstring storage bag with every toy. This may not be the toy for me, but I have hope for other designs that they have.

Wuffamute Pup Poolside

Thank you Exotic-Erotics for providing the Wuffamute Pup free of charge, in exchange for a honest and fair review.


Oct 062013

Blush Novelties SukoWhen Margaret from Blush Novelties offered up Suko from their Naked line, the design had me interested. Then the fact it was dual density, of course had me intrigued. I had only tried Vixen Creations’ and Tantus’ dual density dildos. I really wanted to see how Blush Novelties version would stack up against them. When I opened up Suko’s packaging, I couldn’t believe how squishy the head was. Me being me, I immediately grabbed a box of matches to flame test it. It passed.

Suko SquishyBefore getting the Suko, I’d never crossed paths with Blush Novelties. I’d never tried any of their products, so I had zero idea of what I was in for. I liked the design of the Suko. I’d never seen one like it. The long, parallel bumps on the lower end of the shaft are what really stood out to me. The dual density silicone is squishiest on the head, and along the bumpy side of the shaft. The inner core is extremely rigid. As far as placing the softness of the outer layer, I’d say it’s the middle ground for Vixen Creations’ Vixskin and Tantus’ O2.

I actually have two of these dildos. The first one I received had an off centered shaft, so the dildo stood at a strange angle and where the shaft met the base was deeply scored all of the way around. When I wrote Blush Novelties to ask about it, they said they’d never seen one like it before and immediately sent me a replacement. The replacement stands straighter, but there are still score marks that go all the way around where the shaft meets the base.

A few facts about the Suko:Suko Head On

-Made from 100% pure platinum cured silicone.
-The Suko is a part of the Nude Line, all of which have the Sensa Feel™ dual density design.
-Overall length – 8″
-Usable length – 7 1/4″
-Head diameter – 1 7/8″
-First bump diameter – 1 9/16″
-Lower bumps circumference – 1 5/8″
-Base width – 2 3/4″

I haven’t used the suction cup to ride Suko. I use it as more of a way to keep it handy while I’m in the shower. It’s extremely strong and stays on, even with my small 3″x3″ tile. The suction cup is just a spherical scoop out of the base. I think that’s why it works so well. Simple, yet effective.

I hate the color. I don’t like flesh colored toys, let alone ones that look like pudding. The dildo itself is shiny, while the underside of the base is more on the matte side. I wish it wasn’t pudding colored. It’s not really a realistic design, so why confine it to realistic-ish colors? The Suko comes in two colors; Almond and Toffee. My Sumo is the Almond. I understand that it’s called the Nude Line, but really?

Suko HeadColor issues aside, I really, really like this dildo. The first couple of times I used it, I liked it immediately. The squishy layer with the extremely rigid core. Then I used it again, yesterday. It made me squirt immediately! Now, I’ve been working on squirting for months. I watched Tristan Taormino’s Guide to Female Ejaculation, and it gave me confidence. I wasn’t trying to squirt or even thinking about it, and it happened.  I was using the Suko, standing in the shower with a leg hiked up on the wall, and I just happened to look down. I watched myself squirt all over my hand! I’m still amazed that it happened, and with the Suko. In only a few minutes this dildo won my respect. I’ve squirted before, while having sex, but it was more of a dribble. With the Suko, it was a strong stream. I wasn’t even taking the full length, just the head and the first bump. This dildo has moved up in the ranks, but I still wish it was a different color.

An added bonus: The Suko comes with a storage bag. I’m always wary of storage bags, since most of the time they shed all over the toys, and it’s an extra hassle. When I first pulled the bag out, I immediately turned it inside out. There were no strings  that could come off on the toy, and when I lint rolled it, there was no lint!


Thank you Blush Novelties for providing me with the Suko free of charge, in exchange for my fair and honest review.