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WeVibe TouchAfter falling in love with We-Vibe’s Salsa, I honestly thought I’d never try something that would come close. Closed minded of me, yes, but I’m being completely honest here. After a rough start I thought I was going to write off the Touch as second best, but now that I’ve thoroughly used it for weeks, I have to say something I did not think I’d ever say. The Touch is giving the Salsa serious competition. They are neck and neck. I have been picking up the Touch more often than I have the Salsa. Boom. Truth bomb.

Alright, first off, I’m going to clear up any confusion about the color of the Touch I’m reviewing. The first Touch We-Vibe sent me was purple, and I used it in my Package of the Day post. When I looked at the innards of the packaging, I noticed I was sent a Tango manual and the Touch was fully charged. I was confused by it, so I contacted We-Vibe. They wrote me back saying they were sending me out another one, that I could keep the purple one or dispose of it like a battery, and that they had found a teal one! I was over the moon about it, because the teal color has been discontinued and it’s the one I’d been wanting.

Okay, moving on. The first time I used the Touch, I was less than impressed. Not by the vibrations but by the extreme drag of the silicone We-Vibe uses. My pussy was bone dry, and rearranging the Touch was extremely distracting. I’m not usually one to be put off by a first experience, but I was in this case. At least for a few days. Then I figured I’d take it in the shower. I fell in love with it. The silicone drag allowed me to keep a grip on it, and the shape of the scoop left little to no error when using while standing. After the shower, I took it to the bed and had a great time there. Since then, I gotten over my initial dislike of the silicone and have grown to like it. I’ve come to appreciate it, since I don’t have to worry about it sliding off or out of place when I’m using it.

Touch scoopMost of the clit vibes I had used before the Touch were bullets. This was the first one I’d ever used that covered the majority of my clit, but still had pinpointed vibrations. I’ve always found putting a plastic vibe directly on top of my clit to be irritating and borderline painful. So I’d always put it to the side of my clit. With the Touch, I’m able to put it to the side, but at the same time cover most of it, and it’s extremely comfortable. The scoop in the tip is the reason for it. Rather me having to find a comfortable position with a bullet, all I have to do it wiggle the Touch in between my labia and I’m ready to go.

The silicone surrounds the whole vibe, except for the dime sized charging port at the base. It’s somewhat squishy, but in no way soft. It has a ton of drag, and picks up lint  like a static-charged balloon. The majority of the silicone is in the pointed end. The silicone is pliable with a small amount of pressure, but it’s still firm in use.

Touch LogoThe strong vibrations of We-Vibe’s design are diminished by the silicone, but I wouldn’t list it as a negative. It’s different. I feel that it takes the slightly buzzy quality of the plastic Salsa out, and leaves just the deep rumble. It took me a second to get used to it. The Salsa is extremely strong, but it does have a buzz to it. I love that about the Salsa, but getting used to, and appreciating, the deep rumble of the Touch took a second.

The Touch has 8 vibration patterns. In order to get to one, you have to cycle through until you get to it. If you want to save your favorite setting when you’re done, hold the button down for 3 seconds. To turn it back on a quick press of the button will turn it back on. If you try and hold the button to start it back up, it won’t turn on. When I was first getting used to the We-Vibe vibes, I kept thinking that they were dead because when I held the button down it wouldn’t start up.

These are the 8 vibration patterns, as seen on We-Vibe’s site.

1  LOW  3000 rpm VIBE

2  MEDIUM  3600 rpm VIBE

3  HIGH  4200 rpm VIBE

4  ULTRA  4800 rpm VIBE


6   WAVE



Touch Charging PortThe Touch takes 90 minutes to charge, and has a magnetic charging port. This can be either extremely easy or extremely annoying to use. I personally keep my We-Vibe charger on my nightstand, so I can charge which ever vibe (since it’s compatible with my Salsa too) needs to be charged by just leaning over. I have to make sure the charger has enough slack to stay up on its own, otherwise it’ll keep pulling off of the vibe. You can tell that the vibe is charging by a pin sized light on the charger. It will turn off when Touch is fully charged. The light is annoyingly small. Half of the time I have to search for it to make sure it’s charging. There are two parts to the charger; the charging port and the power cord. You plug the power cord into the charging port and you’re ready to go.

I’ve only really used the Touch on my favorite pattern, Ultra (4th in the cycle) and I get about 50 minutes on one charge (I’m not sure, as I’m not timing my sessions).  It’s annoying when it dies because there is no death rattle, it just stops. No warning and no real decrease in power, just dead.

Touch PackagingThe Touch does come with an over-sized satin-like storage bag for the Touch and charger, but it’s not something I use. I just keep my Touch in a drawer organizer with my other vibes and go-to dildos. The packaging of the Touch, is the same as the packing for the Salsa. My Touch arrived safely, but outside of that, the packaging doesn’t serve a purpose. I hold on to the packaging just in case anything were to happen to the Touch, as We-Vibe has a 0ne year warranty on them.

The Touch packs a thuddy punch that I love, and the shape is EXTREMELY comfortable. Probably the most comfortable vibrator I’ve ever used. It’s comfortable in my hand, comfortable on my clit, the silicone keeps it in place. The vibrations are extremely strong and it holds its charge for a decent amount of time. It is a hassle to clean, since using a wipe is out of the question because of the extreme drag of the silicone. So every time I use it, I have to take it over to the sink. Still, it’s the vibrator I’ve been picking up non-stop for the past month. I’d recommend the Touch to anyone and everyone.

Touch Side Shot

Thank you We-Vibe for providing this Touch in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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  1. Sounds lovely. I don’t apply the Salsa directly to my clit, either…to the side works well for me, so sounds like the Touch would be comfy. Not sure I’d like the drag of the silicone, though.

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