Sep 052013

Pure Wand PotD

It’s here! The long awaited Pure Wand! I’ve been listening to people RAVE about this toy for a long time, and now… now it’s MINE. I almost dropped the package when I picked it up from outside my door. I forgot about the weight. Of course, I giggled like an idiot, and skipped to the kitchen to open it. I honestly didn’t think it would get here this fast. I just placed the order on Monday, and it’s already here. That’s three days (since Monday was Labor Day). Perfect timing too, since I’m going out of town tomorrow and will be gone till Sunday night. I’m not going to be able to take it, but I’ll get time in with it before I leave. I’m thinking a bubble bath will do the trick. I just can’t get over the quality of the packaging/storage. First thing I said, when I opened the package was, “Hello Quality”.

*Also, quick warning to future owners out there. Don’t take your shirt off without a bra on when taking pics of the Pure Wand. THEY WILL SHOW UP.

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