Sep 162013

PotD duke and salve

When Walter from Tantus asked me what I’d like to review, of course I wanted to try Duke in peacock coloring. I tried to play it cool in regards to stalking my mail lady. Listening for the engine of her little Jeep, rather than running to the window every hour. Usually I wait until I get inside the house to open my packages. I couldn’t wait this time, I cracked it open as I walked back to the house. I just had to see what the peacock looked like in person. I have to say I was not disappointed. It’s beautiful. It’s hard to see but there are swirls of color in the toy. It’s an iridescent blue green. Thing is gorgeous. While waiting for the water to boil, I took Duke outside to be photographed. When I was pulling it out of the box, I noticed that Walter had thrown in Shunga Erotic Art Sensations Balm. Who doesn’t love little extras?

Thanks Tantus for sending these to me, in exchange for the fair and honest review, soon to come…

PotD Duke

  7 Responses to “Package of the Day – Duke from Tantus Inc.”

  1. Looks like a funnnnn toy! Though, it looks to be a poo catcher!

  2. That color is gorgeous! I’m drooling over here.

  3. That head…Eep! Can’t wait for the review-I haven’t seen any others yet.
    As for that color? I do declare I am in lust *nods firmly and fans self*

    • The picture makes it look a lot bigger than it is. It’s a pretty nice size, but nothing crazy huge. I agree the color had me squealing and “oohing and ahhing”.

  4. *jealous*

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