Sep 032013

Hiking Dildos

Raquel and Acute out for a morning hike. Nothing feels better than the morning air on your silicone.

It’s invigorating.


See who else had fun this Toy with me Tuesday, by clicking the link below.

Toy with me Tuesday

  7 Responses to “Hiking – Toy with me Tuesday”

  1. You are such a goofball. 😛 Funny idea though!

  2. Love it, I am sure it is invigorating.

  3. Ha! They look like hikers. LOL

  4. LOL! Morning air on silicone.

  5. Catch them before they escape!

  6. I love the way they look in the light! Very lovely picture.

  7. ha ha 🙂 That made me laugh:)!! You’re right – morning air before orgasmic sex very needed 🙂
    xxxx great

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