Aug 172013

BriefcaseThe Briefcase

I got the briefcase off of craigslist. I’d been looking for another wooden suitcase, and this thing popped up. I met a lady in front of a grocery store and it was mine for $15. I love craigslist for things like this. It’s not a sensible form of storage, in the long run. But, since my glass collection isn’t too large, it works out well. I don’t have to worry about them getting beaten up or jostled about.

Open briefcaseInside the Briefcase

Inside I keep all of my shipping receipts, measuring tape, rulers, wipes, and of course my storage bags and pouches. When I got the case, the inside was lifting, and I was half tempted to tear it all the way off. I did peel it back to where I’d have to really tear it apart, and cleaned off all of the old glue. Then I got some Gorilla Glue, and lathered it on. The bottle says to apply pressure, so I had a knife block, juice bottles, a 5lb thing of sugar, holding it down. It worked! It stank for awhile, but I sprayed it down with Febreeze.

Now on to my bags and pouches. To be honest I only use two actual toy pouches. One was sent to me when I bought my Randy from a friend, and the other I haven’t found a replacement yet. My zippered bags are either make up bags (pencil/brush bags) or pencil pouches. I found them either in the make up department or in the back to school bins. I got quite a few of them on clearance for 99c to $3. Unless a glass toy was a special shape, was extremely huge, or extremely expensive, I don’t think that I’d ever spend the extra dough on expensive storage bags. Not since my case doesn’t get jostled around. It sits in between the bookcase and the entertainment center. I’ll expand it as time goes on, but until then, it’s just the briefcase. There’s something very official about hearing the clicks of the locks when going to get a toy.


Pouches and Toys






  4 Responses to “My Glass Storage”

  1. I actually was going to ask you about your pouches and cases thanks for the tips on where to get them. I love the case and would have thought you got it from craiglists. You definitely know how to organize and keep your toys safe and sound.

    • I’m glad you liked it. I really wanted to get this done before the back-to-school clearance is gone. The stuff you can get for storage is ridiculously cheap right now. I buy them in different colors, then hold on to ’em. I know I’ll use them at some point.

  2. We have a very similar box ( – Amazon usually has it for around $30 or so, it’s sold out right now, but other sizes are available) and I totally feel the same way about the locks clicking! 🙂 Great idea about the makeup bags & pencil pouches. All the other moms will be shopping for school supplies but we will roll up to the register with 20 pencil pouches and a funny little grin…

    • That’s exactly what I look like. I got the green and yellow pouches in B2S clearance at Walgreens for 99c. I’ll sit there turning them inside out, feeling the thickness. Throws people to see me looking deep in thought for so long over a freaking make-up bag. They don’t know that I’m mentally recapping which glass toys need new bags. Or I’m trying to remember just how long a glass dildo is. So yeah, I smile when they make eye contact.

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