Aug 302013

New Bags.

Did I mention I love organizing my toys?

It really is the little things that can make a huge difference in my mood. I was having a mediocre morning, shopping at Wal-mart for laundry detergent and Pull-Ups for my son, when my day took a cheerful turn. I just happened to see one of the make-up bags I use for my glass toys on the clearance aisle. I wasn’t going to get it, since I already have the color, but I figured maybe they got in something new. I went over to the make-up aisle and saw these bags. They were $4, and spacious without being obnoxiously large. I figured I’d put my Comet G Wand in one, and save the other for a toy in the future. Turns out my Ella fits in there perfectly. I usually keep Ella and the Comet G in a drawer organizer in my nightstand. Since I’m going to be getting some more vibes soon, they’ll be relocating. Perfect timing.

I love finding new things to store toys in.


New Bags w/ Toys

  3 Responses to “New Bags!”

  1. Those are seriously awesome. You should buy tons and resell them as toy bags for $8!

    • Lol, Nah, I’m good. I’m just happy if my tip helps someone save a few bucks. I almost feel like one of those ladies (from the old movies) gossiping about deals and coupons. “I’m telling you Dolores, I saw it on sale for cheap. Much cheaper than you’d find at Gimbels.”

  2. These are adorable, especially since the interior is colored as well. Plus it gives me a reason to buy makeup bags!

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