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B-Bomb & vibeI’ve been looking for a body safe, vibrating butt plug for awhile. Not seriously looking, but it’s on my mind when I’m window shopping. So, when Tantus sent me the B-Bomb to review, I was stoked. I opened the package with glee, read the hand written note, pulled out the stickers that came with it, and the B-Bomb. I took it outside to snap a picture for my Package of the Day, then started up my boiling pot. Time to play is always an issue for me, so it was a few days before I was able to thoroughly try it out.

The first time I slipped the B-Bomb in, I took note on how its entry was like that of the Neo. The tip makes it easy to line up, and easy to insert. The neck slopes smoothly, and neck size is great for me. There are big breaks in between my butt play, so I usually have to go slow. With the B-Bomb I didn’t have any issues with pain or being uncomfortable. It’s just enough to hold me open so I know that it’s there. Not that I usually forget when things are in my butt, but it can slip my mind every now and then. Anyways, I  thought the base would give me issues, since it’s round, but it was actually comfortable.  Considering I danced around with it in the second time I wore it, I’d say I took it for a sufficient test drive. That includes squatting, backwards tumble; think mediocre, out of shape, stripper without the pole. I didn’t feel like the plug was slipping out once (meaning I wasn’t constantly having to check it). Which is an extreme plus, because who wants to stop dancing to wash their hands over and over. Not me.

On the second day of testing, I had a serious chunk of time to play. Lately, my play time has become a precious commodity so I went all out. I grabbed my Salsa,  Acute, Vamp, O2 Revolution, Raptor XL, and H2o Sliquid. I started off small with the Acute, and had no issues with the B-Bomb. In fact it felt great. Again, I was reminded of the Neo, and how well it works with other toys. Then I moved up to the Vamp. It did well, a little bit of catching, but still no real issues. Same with the O2 Revolution. I think there wasn’t much catching with the O2 Rev because the head ridge isn’t very pronounce. Then I moved onto the Raptor XL. Talk about a tight squeeze. The Raptor XL is made from a firm silicone, slightly firmer than B-Bomb. This made things interesting when I started thrusting. The B-Bomb was holding on for dear life. Eventually I couldn’t resist, and I pointed the Raptor XL’s head down while thrusting. After a few strokes I was able to pop the B-Bomb out.

B-bomb factoids:
Overall length – 4 1/2″
Bulge circumference – 4 3/4″
Neck circumference – 3 1/4″
Base width – 2 1/8″
Vibrator length – 2 1/4″
Vibrator batteries – LR44 (watch batteries)
Vibrator circumference – 2 1/4″Depth of hole for vibe – 3″

B-bomb vibeNow onto the vibrations. It’s a cheap little bullet. No way around it. The only reason I can actually feel it when it’s in, is because of how thin the silicone is along the neck. It’s a fun little buzz in the butt, but it’s nothing that makes me go “Whoa!”. It was more like, “Oh, this is pleasant”. The buzzy vibrations were almost annoying when I was using it other toys. I did compare it to my Original Bullet, also from Tantus, and it’s less powerful and not as noisy. I could hear it when it was in, though. It wasn’t too loud, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing it in front of others if they aren’t in on your toy play. Now when I used it with my Salsa, the first thing that blared across my brain was “I wish I had a prostate”.  It was mind blowing. As corny as it sounds, I couldn’t stop saying “wow”. Even as I’m writing this, I’m thinking about when I’m going to be able to do it again. Alright, enough about that. Lube is a must when putting the bullet in the B-Bomb, because there is so much suction. It’s just a straight hole. So pulling it out without the help of lube a is serious pain.

Overall, I love the shape of the B-Bomb. It’s reminiscent of my favorite plug, the Neo. It’s a great size and shape for any time I want to play. Meaning I can go weeks without play and pop it in without warm up. That’s huge for me because I do go long periods of time without sticking things in my butt. I’m a huge fan of anything sterilizable and it always bumps a toy up in my mind. I don’t care for the vibrations. I didn’t expect much, and that’s what I got. When I used it with my Salsa it was a whole new toy. The fact that it can even fit my Salsa, is enough warm my heart, er, my butt. The vibrations of the included bullet, annoyed me when I used it with other toys, but I was surprised at how many toys it could work with. I mean it took me using the Raptor XL and basically dragging it along my perinea wall to actually pop it out. So, I like it. I’ll be using it with my Salsa from here on out, but the silicone design is awesome. That’s what really matters to me.

Thanks to Tantus for sending me the B-Bomb, in exchange for a fair and honest review!


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  1. I’m so glad you wrote this review. I’m eying it and wanted to make sure the other reviewers liked it before I bought. I was specifically wondering how the Salsa would work with it. Bravo! 🙂

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