Aug 312013

PotD Cleiss Press Anal Guide & Adventurous Couples Toy Guide*click to enlarge*

When Eva from Cleis Press wrote me back about reviewing some of their books, I was elated (I love sex books). She thought The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys by Violet Blue, would be a great book for me/us. I wrote her back thanking her (great call on her part) and asked if I could also review Tristan Taormino’s The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women. My anal play is 99% solo, and I’m looking to change that. I’m eager to see what Tristan has to say on the matter, and what advice she has to offer.  I’m an avid reader, but I haven’t bought any sex related books in a long time. Usually because I never know where to start. I love that Eva got me pointed in the right direction.

I can never shut up about great shipping. She and I talked on Wednesday about the books, and they were sent out the same day. I was surprised to find them in my mail box today (Saturday). I figured I’d be getting them on Monday. I love it when companies are based here, in California.

Thanks Cleis Press for the books! I look forward to reading and reviewing them!

Aug 312013

PotD Touch

The Touch from We-Vibe actually got here yesterday. Earlier in the week, I got an email back from We-Vibe saying that they were sending me the Touch to review. Always a HUGE boost to any sex toy reviewer. One, that they answered back, and two, they answered back with great news!

When I don’t have a tracking number, I always try to play it cool on the way to the mailbox. I tell myself “I bet it didn’t come today. It’ll probably get here next week. It’s all good. It’ll get here, when it gets here.” Basically I was trying to squash my excitement, because I hate getting to the mailbox with high hopes and there be nothing in there. Well, yesterday I talked myself out of getting giddy, opened the mail box, and sighed. I love being surprised by shipping. It seems like a small thing to most, but for me, it’s a big deal.

I’ve only gotten to play around with it a little bit, but I’m looking forward to putting the Touch to the test.


Thank you We-Vibe for providing me with this Touch, in exchange for the fair and honest review soon to come.

Aug 302013

New Bags.

Did I mention I love organizing my toys?

It really is the little things that can make a huge difference in my mood. I was having a mediocre morning, shopping at Wal-mart for laundry detergent and Pull-Ups for my son, when my day took a cheerful turn. I just happened to see one of the make-up bags I use for my glass toys on the clearance aisle. I wasn’t going to get it, since I already have the color, but I figured maybe they got in something new. I went over to the make-up aisle and saw these bags. They were $4, and spacious without being obnoxiously large. I figured I’d put my Comet G Wand in one, and save the other for a toy in the future. Turns out my Ella fits in there perfectly. I usually keep Ella and the Comet G in a drawer organizer in my nightstand. Since I’m going to be getting some more vibes soon, they’ll be relocating. Perfect timing.

I love finding new things to store toys in.


New Bags w/ Toys

Aug 292013

MaverickI have to admit, it was the colors that caught my attention first. How could they not?  I mean… a dual-density dildo, made out of Vixskin, two inches in diameter, and looks like melted crayons? I. Had. To. Have. It.

When I first opened the standard Vixen Creations cylinder (it’s standard for toys sans balls), I took it to the sink to wash it with soap. As I stroked Maverick, I found myself gaping at it. This thing feels like a real cock. I mean it. This thing is the most realistic toy I’ve ever held. It didn’t feel that way before I lubed it up with soap, though. In fact Vixskin is quite tacky to the touch when dry. Lubed up though? Holy shit.

First of all, Vixskin. The people over at Vixen Creations are mad geniuses for coming up with this extremely plush silicone.  And, of course it’s extremely hard to describe. It’s like a gummi bear that’s been left in the hot car that springs back when you squeeze it. I know this for a fact because I just happened to leave a bag of Haribo Gummi Bears in the car the other day and compared the two. Also, Vixskin eats lube. I mean it. You can use a lot to get things started because of the extreme drag it has, but after awhile you will have to reapply again. I did find that thicker water-based lubes last longer, and are my favorite to use with it. Vaginally or anally, it’s a must.

Maverick headI have jacked off the Maverick to get off. There, I said it. It’s the truth. The inner core with the Vixskin feels that real. Closing my eyes, I feel like I have the real thing in my hand. Alright, enough about how it feels in my hands, onto my vagina. My vagina is a huge fan of the Maverick. The design, with it’s pronounced coronal ridge rubs on my g-spot. The soft squishy head allows me to thrust with wild abandon without making my cervix want to run away in pain. In fact I love using this thing for my x-spot (cervical orgasms). I take it deep and keep my thrusts deep. With the Maverick, I’m able come with in few thrusts. It not a huge orgasm, but more of a long line of small ones making their way up to a huge crescendo. At first I was taking it primarily into the shower. I’d hike a leg up on the wall and go to town with it. Then afterwards, I’d leave it in, and wear it as a vaginal plug, while I dried my body off. It was fun, and a delicious experience. Talk about feeling full.

Lately I’ve been taking the Maverick laying down.  I love being able to take it slow, and tease myself with it’s bulbous head, and shaft. I have used the suction cup base in the shower, and it is extremely strong. The base is made up of extremely rigid silicone, and it makes up the firm inner core of the dildo. The suction cup base works great for a grip. Even with my hands slick with lube, I’m able to maintain a firm hold on it.

Maverick Factoids

Overall height – 7 1/8″
Insertable length – 7 1/2″  (I measure from the middle of the head, down the outside of the shaft)
Head circumference and diameter – 6″ and 1.9″Shaft circumference and diameter  – 6 1/4″and 2″
Base width – 3 1/4″

Maverick undersideI have used the Maverick anally. It was a big deal for me, since it’s the biggest toy I’ve tried. I worked up to it with my Ryder, then my Sexy Spade medium. It’s a huge mother fucker to take into a hole unaccustomed. When I did get it in, I felt pride, more than anything. My advice for anal with Maverick? LUBE!!! Lots and lots and lots of it. I reapplied twice, and had to stop. The tackiness of the Vixskin was too much for me. I have a super sensitive butt hole, and it couldn’t hang. I still get a tickle of pride when I think back on that day. I’ll probably give it another shot here in the near future, but I’m not rushing it.

This review was hard for me to write. No way around it. I’ve sat here for a few days, trying to find the words to describe it. Vixskin is a toughie. Probably the hardest material to describe. At least for me. It’s a beautiful and wondrous thing to have in your vagina, or asshole. The girth of the Maverick won me over immediately. The amazing colors of the silicone are unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a sex toy. My camera doesn’t even pick them up right. The pink is more of a magenta, and the purple is much darker. I, of course, love that it’s made of body safe silicone, and is a breeze to sanitize (boiling pot). The tackiness is the only downside to the Maverick. If you try and wipe it down with a cloth or wipe, it takes forever to get the little fuzzies off, because you have to pick them off. It devours lube, and has a ton of drag to it. I mean if you run out of lube, and you keep going, I guarantee you’ll be raw at some point. Obviously it’s an easy fix, just have lube on hand. The coronal ridge hits my g-spot just right, and the squishy head is like a safety net, in case I get a little crazy with it. It is everything I had hoped it would be. I am in love with my Maverick. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Maverick's Tube


Unfortunately Vixen Creations has discontinued their tie bright coloring, and their other bright colors.

SheVibe does offer the flesh tone version of the Maverick, though!

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Aug 222013


I’ve heard of, and read, different interpretations of what colors make hazel.

This is what I consider to be hazel.


When words fail me,

my hazel eyes say it all.


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Aug 222013

Prisms SomaTo be honest, I didn’t look at the specs when I bought the Soma. Its beauty won out, just like a few other glass toys I own. I’d never seen anything like it, and was surprised it was so cheap ($19.25 on Amazon). I’ll tell you right now, that owning the Soma is like the saying “You were beautiful until you opened your mouth”. I loved looking at this piece, but as soon as I used it, I immediately regretted buying it.

When I pulled Soma out of its box, I rushed off to take a few pics for the Package of the Day. After that, I had to put it up for a few days. I’m one of those people who like an empty house when I’m playing with dildos. Vibes, I don’t care if there’s a party going on downstairs. Anyways, when I did pull the Soma out to play, I lathered it up with some Spunk silicone lube, and went over my labia with it. I was not impressed. At all.

The swirling glass is wide, and because of the girth of each piece, it creates a ravine between them. So when I’m rubbing it on my clit, it offers no resistance or texture. I knew this going in (I mean it’s made of smooth glass after all), but when I was laying there with it in my hands, I was pretty ticked off. Then when I’d twist it, to try for some texture, it just slip off my clit and trying to compensate for the distance between the two pieces was a pain. Well, not a pain, but definitely inconvenient. Even when rubbing it on my labia, I was left bored. Maybe if it was coiled tighter, it would offer something.

Soma textureWhen I started thrusting, I was caught of guard on how much the two V’s where the pieces meet the head, caught on my lips and entry to my vagina. It was distracting more than anything. I ignored and it kept on with my mission. I figured I could just keep it deep, and aim for my g-spot or x-spot. Nothing. It didn’t reach anything. I tried to tilt it with what little there was to grip (the base nearly non-existent), and I ended up just pissed off. I tried different positions; legs up, doggy, standing, I used my liberator wedge for a tilt. Still nothing.

The overall length of the Soma is 6″ with an insertable length of 5 1/2″, the circumference is 5″, the diameter is approximately 3/4″ for each spiral. The distance between the center of each spiral is 1″.  The base diameter is 1 1/4″. I know this sounds like a long list of measurements. That’s because it is.


Now about the head. It’s just painful. The end of the coils comes to what looks like an arrow. They aren’t subtle. They’re actually deeply scored into the glass. When I lubed up my hand, to stroke it, I knew it wasn’t just me having an over sensitive vagina. The tilt of the head isn’t angled enough from the shaft, to make it assertive for any kind of spotting. It’s barely a tickle.

It’s a beautiful piece. It really is. It’s one you think, “Oooh, that’s so pretty, and the swirls! It has to be amazing”. No. Yes, it is pretty. Yes, it has swirls. No, it is not amazing. In fact it is more of a trophy toy. It sits in the case, and there’s nothing more to do with it, outside of looking at it. It is tricky to clean because of where the two pieces meet on the shaft. It’s a tight squeeze that requires a toothbrush. That spot is where skin gets tugged, and makes the whole experience just irritating. The loose coil makes it boring when you try and use it externally. The base gives you virtually nothing to hold on to when you’re fishing for an orgasm. Absolutely a beautiful piece, and absolutely a waste of twenty bucks.

Soma head.

I don’t have an affiliate code for you. If you want to try it, be my guest.


Aug 192013



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