Jul 052013

GE DIGITAL CAMERAJust welcoming my new Raptor XL, the right way. I haven’t gotten a chance to play with it yet, but that’s only a matter of time. I thought I’d show how it sizes up next to the T-Rex, also by Tantus. I went with the orange because I don’t have anything orange from Tantus yet, and I love colored toys. It’s always hard getting a new toy, and not having time to play with it right away. All I’ve had time to do is sanitize it, in boiling water. Tomorrow that’s going to change.



**When I was writing this, I figured a lot of people may not own the T-Rex, and the comparison may not do them any good. So, I ran upstairs and took a quick pick of the Raptor XL with Vixen Creations Leo (orange and batty) and Vixen Creations Vixskin Maverick (tie bright). I’m excited to have another Tantus design in my collection, especially one of an unusual color.

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  1. Have you had a chance to try out the Raptor XL? Going to get my wife this or the T-rex. Love the girth of the T-rex, bit not sure about the ridge. Wanted to see how these two compare, thanks for the in depth reviews!

    • I’ve been meaning to do a review on it. I was hoping to get the original Raptor to compare it to. I didn’t really think about comparing it to the T-Rex. Thanks for the suggestion, and boot in the butt to get it done. I like the Raptor XL, but I love the T-Rex. I thought I’d have issues with the ridge of the T-Rex, but ended up loving it. I am a size queen though. Perhaps Randy from Vixen Creations? It has close to the same girth, but doesn’t have that extreme ridge. Plus it comes in their pliant silicone or their soft, realistic Vixskin. I wrote about the beauty of Vixskin in my Raquel review. I hope that helps. I’ll try to get the Raptor XL review up soon.

      P.S. You’re welcome! I’m so glad you like them.

  2. Thanks for the quick response. I looked at the other one you mentioned also. Still trying to decide between the two Tantus options. She already has the O2 Revolution and O2 Max and loves them. I really want her to try one of these large ones and give me a private show. Since this will be our only large one, thinking of just going all out and get the T-Rex. Does it work well if placed on a flat surface and ride?

    • As far as riding? It would be easier with the T-Rex, just because of the larger base. It would be easier for her to hold it in place. I wouldn’t start off that way though. She’s definitely going to want to warm up first. The T-Rex can be overwhelming. I found lying on my back to be the most comfortable position and the most relaxing. That way I wasn’t tense from holding a position, while trying to take on the T-Rex’s girth. She’s going to have to hold the base down while riding it, but that’s easily done with three fingers while leaning forward, with the other hand to help keep her balance. Nothing that would hinder her from riding it, or you from seeing it. *Btw, if the ridge is too much on her pelvic bone, I found turning it around feels amazing, and allows me to get used to its size. Then after awhile of the ridge pointing down, I can turn it around so it can take on my g-spot.

      The Raptor XL on the other hand has a small base, and the toy stands at an angle. This makes it great to use manually, but riding it is tricky.

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