Jul 152013

GE DIGITAL CAMERA*click to enlarge pic*

Needless to say, I had a bit of a Tantus day.

From left to right: T-Rex by Tantus, Salsa from We-Vibe, Acute by Tantus, O2 Revolution by Tantus, and Sliquid H2O.


*Not pictured – Neo by Tantus (I was wearing it while I was taking the picture), and later Ryder also by tantus.

**Also, this is what I think the pool guy saw through our kitchen window. Seriously, I totally forgot he came on Mondays. Last week he came on Tuesday. So instead of drying them on the other counter, I put them by the kitchen sink. Whoops.


Most of these toys can be found on Tantus’ website. The O2 Revolution is a Closeout item, so get it before it’s gone forever!

The link below is my affiliate link, so by using it, you’re helping me out too. 🙂

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  2 Responses to “Today’s Playmates”

  1. Nice collection of Tantus. Sucks if the pool guy seen them LOL.

  2. Hmm. What a delicious play. I can’t deny that little bit of jealousy I’m currently having for all those Tantus toys. That guy is so lucky for seeing such a beautiful view!

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