Jul 192013

Smurf Killer*click to enlarge*

Slowly beheading Papa Smurf.


See who else who had fun this Sultry Saturday, by clicking the link below.

Sultry Saturday

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  6 Responses to “Sultry Saturday – Smurf Killer”

  1. I have never wanted to be a Smurf so much in my life!

  2. I told you you would get great feedback! There is something just fucking sexy about the whole she-bang!

  3. I’ve never wanted a gummy so bad in my life! Great photo, very sexy.

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  5. A smurf died in the making of this picture? Great. Sacrifice more. I will be first in line behind the last one! Or…maybe….let’s see, ^ My dear PassionCpl who was so entranced they forgot to put in their “l” at the end, the Veritable Oral Sex Manual Mr Will, the gorgeous-beyond-words ShadowedSeductress, and the renowned Beck of “Sultry Saturday,” and many other types, of fame. That makes me 5th in line. Oh well, it should be a fun line anyway! Maybe we can take a number and wait in the pool!

  6. Ooi I like this pic- you have one heck
    Of a sexy mouth!

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