Jul 042013

GE DIGITAL CAMERA*click to enlarge photo*

I love dropping my panties for him. The more spontaneous, the better.

To see who else is having a Sultry Saturday, click on the link below.

Sultry Saturday

  6 Responses to “Sultry Saturday – Drop Your Drawers”

  1. My jaw dropped when I saw this image. I can’t believe how sex it is! Wow! Thanks for partaking in Sultry Saturday! We are going to be having a contest week here soon!

  2. Clever! You are such a tease! Love it. 🙂

  3. Hot! Those shoes are incredible!

  4. […] TJ’s Take –  From those shoes to that ass and everything in between; this is one smoking hot image. […]

  5. Hot damn TJ can I smack that ass and get in them shoes too. They are too cute.

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