Jul 182013

T-Rex by TantusWhen I first considered the T-Rex, I mean really considered it, I wanted it to test my vagina. I wanted to know if I was a real Size Queen.  The ridge looked scary, as did the girth. Still, I wasn’t so much intimidated, as I was drawn in. The thing is a silicone beast, and I had to stare it for awhile, before I even moved to get my boiling pot. I just kept smiling at it. Measurements can be really scary; “Oh, no! It’s more than two inches!”. In person, I wasn’t feeling that at all. I thought, “This is going to be fun”. Mainly, because the silicone isn’t crazy stiff. I was half expecting it to be made of the same rock hard silicone as Tantus’ Anaconda, but the T-Rex is made of a silicone similar to their Ryder plug (it might be the same, I don’t know). The ridge actually has some give to it. I’ve never tried taking on T-Rex straight out of the gate. I tend to warm up with my Randy from Vixen Creations or my Maverick first. I do this not so I can handle the girth of the T-Rex, but so I can handle the ridge of the head. It’s not something to be taken lightly.

T-Rex head

After I got over the massiveness of the T-Rex, I was left inspecting the coronal ridge. It’s HUGE. When I was waiting for T-Rex to arrive, I sat there thinking, “It’s great that it’s so huge, but what if the ridge doesn’t work for me?”  After having good and bad experiences with the ridge on Tantus’ O2 Cush, this was a valid fear. When I did get it, I was extremely relieved to see I could squish it a little bit. I wasn’t under any delusions that this meant that everything was going to be peachy keen.  I just felt better knowing it was somewhat pliant. The ridge head sticks out nearly 1/4″ from the shaft, and is nearly 1/2″ tall. Needless to say, this ridge isn’t fucking around.

I was beyond stoked that not only was I able to handle the T-Rex’s girth, but the ridge was actually comfortable.  There are times that I have trouble getting a dildo to work with my g-spot, but not with the T-Rex. The broad head and ridge leave little, to no room for error. When I start really thrusting, balls down, ridge up, I’m coming with that intense urge to squirt. I haven’t yet, but then I’m still in the learning stages of squirting (aka gaining confidence). Every time I use T-Rex, I’m left stretched and sated. The dildo is 2 1/4″ in diameter, a little over 8″ in overall length and  5 1/2″ in insertable length. The first time I used it, I was left with that extremely naive and idiotic fear of “how fucking big is my vagina?!” To quiet my unwarranted fears, I immediately did some kegels with my Icicles No. 8, and got over it real quick. Since then, I’ve grown to love the feeling of being left stretched, and the moronic fear of “Mondo Vag” is no more.T-Rex and Randy

The shaft on the T-Rex has a super matte finish to it. To me this translates as lube, lube, lube. Since, I use other dildos before taking on T-Rex, I’m already lubed up internally. Even so, I don’t hold back when I’m spreading the lube on this monster. I haven’t had any issues with chafing from the matte finish, like I thought I would.

Alright, now the balls on this thing look weird. They look like two slightly different sized golf balls, stuck on a tree trunk. They aren’t squishy (not that I expected them to be), and can make gripping difficult, especially with lube on my hands. I did find that they feel good when I was able to smack them into my ass, but that only happens when I switch positions (Liberator wedge under my butt), to take T-Rex deeper. When I flip T-Rex over, I’m able to work my fingers into the gap between the balls and the base. It works as a nice grip, since it’s extremely snug. The base is flexible so it’s not like it’s smashing my fingers. The flexible base does make it difficult to grip at times, but as soon as I shove a finger under the balls, I’m good to go.

T-Rex and O2 RevThe T-Rex is not for the faint of heart. It’s a huge cock, with a huge ridge. I said that measurements can be scary, and they can be! I just happen to be one of those who see a higher number as fun, not terrifying. It will be awhile before I try anything bigger than the T-Rex, but then who knows? I could be taking on the Hoss at some point. It’s all about knowing your body. I took the girth of this dildo as a challenge, because I was already using other dildos that were 2″ and 2.23″ in diameter. I wanted to see if I could handle T-Rex’s 2 1/4″ girth accompanied by that ridge. It’s not like I jumped up a full inch on a whim. Even then, I always warm up before taking it on.

T-Rex and AcuteOverall, I am in love with the T-Rex. He’s not my everyday dildo, as it takes some time for me to work up to it, but when I do, I’m left asking myself why am I not using it more often. I’ll go a couple days or a week without using it, and every time after I do, I’m just blown away. I keep growing more and more comfortable with its size, and don’t need my bigger dildos to warm up, as much. I always warm up with other toys, but because I’m getting more comfortable with the T-Rex’s girth, I can play with my smaller dildos too.  The base and balls can be cumbersome, but they’re something I overlook once I find a good grip. I  didn’t know how well this dildo would work for me, but I can honestly say it’s one of my favorites. The ridge makes me do that creepy, low moan immediately, and the girth leaves me feeling thoroughly fucked afterwards. Something I love to feel when I have to get back to real life (who doesn’t?). Lately, it always seems that after a round with T-Rex that someone is coming over, or stopping by. It’s becoming nuisance, but I love the look in my husband’s eye when he sees that stupid grin on my face, when he walks in the door with his friends.

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Jul 152013

GE DIGITAL CAMERA*click to enlarge pic*

Needless to say, I had a bit of a Tantus day.

From left to right: T-Rex by Tantus, Salsa from We-Vibe, Acute by Tantus, O2 Revolution by Tantus, and Sliquid H2O.


*Not pictured – Neo by Tantus (I was wearing it while I was taking the picture), and later Ryder also by tantus.

**Also, this is what I think the pool guy saw through our kitchen window. Seriously, I totally forgot he came on Mondays. Last week he came on Tuesday. So instead of drying them on the other counter, I put them by the kitchen sink. Whoops.


Most of these toys can be found on Tantus’ website. The O2 Revolution is a Closeout item, so get it before it’s gone forever!

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Jul 132013

V-day cleavage*click to enlarge*

I always send my husband sexy texts when he’s working,

but this one had him eager to get off early.


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Sinful Sunday

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Jul 112013

RaquelI honestly don’t think that there is a way to mentally prepare yourself for your first feel of Vixskin. I had read other reviews and discussions that said it was “mind-blowing” and “extremely realistic”. Even with that knowledge, I wasn’t prepared for my first squeeze of Vixskin. When I pulled Raquel out of her Vixen Creations tube, I was blown away at how squishy her head was. “How in the hell is this silicone? It’s so fucking squishy!!” Then I felt her shaft. I squealed. I jumped up and down. It freaked me out, to be completely honest. I was excited to try her anally, but because of a time crunch, I tried her vaginally first.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAThe first time I tried Raquel vaginally, I was left bored. There’s no texture and she’s a narrow toy. So as a size queen, I was left wanting. I tried it in different positions, and some of them made me feel like I was stabbing my cervix. Raquel is an extremely floppy, pliant dildo. So when you see her standing, you’re not really seeing her in a shape that holds up in use. The toy molds to your body, rather than maintaining a unique shape. So when I was using it, her head went straight back to my cervix. Even with her squishy head, it was pretty painful. I’ve used Raquel vaginally multiple times, hoping that maybe the results will be different, but they’re not. Every time I use it, my vagina is either yawning from boredom or asking me kindly to stop thrusting.

Raquel FoldedNow for my favorite thing to do with Raquel. Anal. It’s difficult getting Raquel lined up and in, because the she’ll keep bending. I end up having to grip the shaft right under the head. Not very convenient for a reach-around approach. Still when I do manage to push her in, I always experience the most pleasurable “pop” I’ve ever experienced anally with a dildo. Oh, and the thrusting. If my asshole could cry, it would shed tears at the beauty of Raquel’s Vixskin layer. It can be difficult to thrust with Raquel, but I found deep thrusts work best. I’m not the biggest fan of texture anally, so the smooth surface was perfect for me. The smaller size worked well, since it didn’t require a lot of prep time (opening up with a butt plug). I wasn’t able to have one big orgasm, but rather rolling orgasms. One after the other, over and over. Success!

I bought Raquel with the intent of using the suction cup on the wall of my shower. The fact that most of the dildos from Vixen Creations have suction cup bases, is what drew me to them in the first place. Alas, the suction cup base on Raquel doesn’t work well, at all. You end up trying to smash it into the wall, and even then, you have to scramble to catch it after a few seconds. Still, I do like the suction cup base because it makes it easier to hold on to, even with lube on my hands.

Now, about the fragility of Raquel. With Raquel, you have to be careful not bruise her. I have long sharp nails, and one day when I was cleaning her, I made the mistake of grabbing her too hard and my nail left an indent. It has never gone away. On the Vixen Creations Vixskin cylinder, it says to “treat it like your own skin, handle with care”, but I didn’t realize it was that sensitive.

I’m glad that I got Raquel, even if she is only appreciated in my butt. That’s what I got her for. I have other toys that take care of my vagina, and that’s fine with me. As my first experience with Vixskin vaginally, I have to say I was extremely disappointed. It’s not completely the fault of the toy, it’s just my vag requires more girth and rigidity. I do wish that Raquel wasn’t so floppy, but I think  it’s because the inner core is so thin. Maneuvering is a hassle, but once Raquel is in my ass, I’m reminded why Raquel hasn’t gotten the big ugly ax.

Raquels Bubble Bath

If you want to give this lovely lady a shot, she’s available at SheVibe!

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Jul 102013

Yesterday my mom called from France, she and my aunt are visiting my cousin and her family. Well, they call me excited, to tell me that my mom and my cousin got their noses pierced together. This is the conversation that took place on speaker phone:

Them: Hey T!!

Me: Hi…guys. How’s it goin’?

Them (talking over each other): You’ll never guess what your mom and N (my cousin) did today. We got our noses pierced! We wish you were here, you could have done it too! Would you have done it?

Me: No. If I can’t cover it with my clothing, I don’t want it pierced.

Them: *giggling*

Mom: I wish you were here with all of my heart, we’ve talked about all kinds of things. *in a hushed voice* We’ve talked about sex a lot.

Me: Oh, cool. *long pause* N and I talk about sex all of the time. I’m glad you’re having fun.

Them: What are you up to? What are you doing? What do you have planned today?

Me: Well, to be honest, the reason I sound like I don’t want to be on the phone, is before you called I was just about to screw myself with silicone. So…

Them: *laughing so hard it sounds like loud static* Oh, okay. Well we’ll let you get back to that. Love you.

Me: Love you, too. Bye, guys.

-I guess we both learned something from this. They learned if you ask me what I’ve got planned, be ready for the truth, and I learned the quickest way to get family off the phone.

Dildus phonus interuptus


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Jul 082013

I am so ridiculously excited! My Kiss Wedge from Liberator Inc. is finally here! I’ve been wanting and drooling over this positioner for moonnnttthhhsss. I was stoked when I saw Liberator was having a 25% off deal for the 4th of July and free shipping. I had to jump on it. I’m so glad that I did and I love how it looks on our bed. I can’t wait to take this puppy for a spin! Hubby better carb-load tonight! YAYYY Lib-er-A-TORRRR!

Kiss Wedge on Bed

Kiss Wedge and Pillows