Jul 102013

GE DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve been waiting all day. I was stalking the mail lady, and she didn’t deliver. Then finally the UPS dude knocked on my door.

I just finished boiling the O2 Revolution from Tantus Inc., and am just waiting for him to cool.

I’m so glad I was able to snatch it up before it’s gone forever.

  2 Responses to “Package of The Day – O2 Rev and Sliquid”

  1. ohhhhh…… Pretty! I took a gander at your blog and love your toys outside look! Lol! Lik toys in the wild….

    • Thank you! It’s fun taking pics outside. It’s kind of thrilling bring something that is usually kept behind closed doors, out into an open environment. Like this one was taken right outside out front door. It’s at the base of a pillar.

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