Jul 232013

Ella*click to enlarge*

I checked my tracking number to see if Ella had finally been delivered (it shipped Thursday from a place 2 hours away), and I was surprised that it had. I had hoped it would be delivered later rather than sooner, as I had just put on a mud mask. I’m not a patient woman, and have very little shame, especially when it comes to my toys. So I threw on my sandals and strut down the street to retrieve my long awaited Ella.

face mask ella

This is what my neighbors saw walking down the street.

  3 Responses to “Package of the Day – Ella from LELO”

  1. LOL! When your son gets older you can send him! “Mom, what’s in this package?” “Oh, nothing, just another package of nothing. Want a Popsicle?” <– conversation at my house (always a little worried the box will break open while they're on the way home….)

  2. Oh boy, your G-spot will be very busy later! šŸ˜‰

  3. Putting on your scary face when retrieving toys is good strategy.

    Just sayin’.

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