Jul 292013

FlexWhen I saw the Flex from Tantus, I was excited. I love my butt plug and dildo pairings, so to me this was an obvious choice. I mean a DP toy, made out of body safe silicone? Sounds fantastic, right? That’s what I thought. When I held the Flex in my hands for the first time, I was dubious of the anal arm. I’m not a huge fan of anal probes, and that exactly what this is. I figured, what the hell, I’ll make it work. Now I know, that if I have to make something work, it might be time to stop and really question the reason behind buying a toy. If I have to make it work, I probably don’t need it. Anyways, I grabbed my Maximus water-based lube, and slathered it on. The first position I tried, looked reminiscent of the Captain Morgan stance.  Putting in the Flex definitely takes concentration, and flexibility on my part. The anal arm constantly wants to bend and you’re literally trying to get a bulge the size of a jelly bean, into your butt, while keeping a dildo inside of you. Not easy. Especially since the dildo is nearly the same length as the anal arm. I finally figured out that doggie style (chest to the floor because I need both hands) or a strange duck stance (squat with my butt pushed out) have the higher success rate. Keep in mind I use this toy by myself, and it would be a lot easier with a partner. Especially, since having to keep the anal arm from popping out while thrusting, and away from the dildo (if it does) is extremely difficult.

Flex flexedWhen I do get it in, I’m always hopeful. For the first couple of minutes, I’m tricked into thinking “this time is going to be different”. It feels great, but then the bulges on the anal arm start to hurt. Especially because the lacking size of the dildo, it requires to me thrust hard and fast to feel anything. It’s not like I have a dead vagina when it comes to slim dildos, but because of where the dildo is connected to the arm, it’s halted by my perineum. So essentially it’s a slim, straight up and down, short dildo. Not something that I would pick out of a line up, by itself.

Here are the measurements for Flex:Flex base

Overall height – 7 1/2”
Dildo length – 5 1/4”
Dildo head circumference – 4 7/8”
Dildo shaft circumference – 4 1/2”
Anal arm length – 4 1/2
Anal arm bead circumference – 2 1/2”
Base width – 3”
Bullet length – 3”
Bullet circumference – 2”
Battery size – N1

tantus vibeThe bullet that comes with Flex is made out of plastic, and has a rubber o-ring at the bottom of the threading to make it water proof. The bullet only has two settings; on and off. The vibrations are of the buzzy variety rather than deep and rumbly. When I use the vibe by itself I’m unable to get off. As soon as I press it into my clit, the vibrations diminish and are more irritating that titillating. I can feel it vibrate the dildo and flex holeanal arm while I’m holding it, but when I have the toy in, it  just vibrates about an inch into my vag and not at all in my ass. I do like the vibrations in the beginning but because of the dense silicone, it ends up being frustrating more than anything. I end up pulling the vibe out and use the hole as a grip. I put a small amount of lube on the bullet to make insertion and retrieval easier, but if I put too much, I can literally make the bullet shoot out of the base. All I have to do is squeeze the shaft, right above the base. The farthest I’ve gotten is about 4 feet. Without lube, it’s nothing but trouble.  I tried it without lube once, and ended up having to get the needle nose pliers. The bullet didn’t break, but there is a huge gash on the side from using different things to try to get it out.

Overall, I’m less than impressed by the Flex. I think it’s great that there’s a body safe DP toy, out there, but I found the dimensions boring. I love that Tantus made a DP toy, I appreciate the effort. It’s just the two designs together aren’t fulfilling. The anal arm is too narrow and the bulges are irritating. The dildo is far too slim and short. The fact that the anal arm flings itself against the dildo, when it pops out, means that you have to stop and clean the toy. In regards to the Flex, I’ll stick to my butt plugs and dildos.

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Jul 282013

Bbomb PotD*click to enlarge*

I love how quickly Tantus’ packages to get to me.  I received an email on Friday from Tantus saying that I had a present on its way for me to review, and was surprised to see it on my doorstep this morning. I say this morning, because I wasn’t at home yesterday when it was delivered. What a great way to start a Sunday.  Thank you Tantus, I can’t wait to try out the B-bomb and I’m already thinking of places to put the stickers.

B-Bomb package

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Jul 282013

Dorothy*click to enlarge*

We’ve all done it. I took something sweet and innocent, and made it hump worthy. This is my sexy version of Dorothy, back in ’05, when I was 19.

I have family staying with us, so I was forced to reach into the archives.

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Jul 282013


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Jul 262013

blow up doll fun*click to enlarge*

This is what happens when you go to visit your gf in Santa Barbara. This was back in ’05, and I was obviously having a good time. My best friend’s neighbors had their front door open, with this guy in their living room. They were standing around it, giggling. I had/have no shame, so I walked up to the door and asked, “Can I see that?” They gladly handed it over. I was 19 at the time, and having a ball. I just thought I’d share an old fun pic.

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Jul 252013

Laundry and Mail*click to enlarge*

As a stay at home mom, and sex toy addict, this is what my typical day looks like.

From left to right: LELO’s Ella, 5 loads of laundry, my VZ’s, mail, phone, Twitter.

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Jul 232013

Ella*click to enlarge*

I checked my tracking number to see if Ella had finally been delivered (it shipped Thursday from a place 2 hours away), and I was surprised that it had. I had hoped it would be delivered later rather than sooner, as I had just put on a mud mask. I’m not a patient woman, and have very little shame, especially when it comes to my toys. So I threw on my sandals and strut down the street to retrieve my long awaited Ella.

face mask ella

This is what my neighbors saw walking down the street.

Jul 202013

Butt Tongue*click to enlarge*

Tongue tricks are sexy, there’s no denying that.

I can do the clover, I can tie cherry stems into knots, but this one I love to bust out because it makes people giggle.

I have a butt in my mouth.

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Jul 182013

Package of the Day*click to enlarge*

 I try to keep my “mail lady stalking” to a minimum. I think she’s on to me. I need to stop standing in the street, staring at her, while she fills our community mailbox. So, today I waited till I had to go on an errand before checking. The Prisms Soma dildo, I was cyber stalking for days, but I was impressed when I saw that my Spunk Lube pure silicone got here so quickly. I’m excited to try both, but in the meantime I only get to stare at them, while I clean the house, getting it ready for a family visit and the dreaded HOUSE TOUR.

Thanks again to Spunk Lube for sending me your pure silicone to review.