Jun 212013

 I don’t hide my toys, but I don’t keep them all around the house either. Between my son (who assumes everything  outside of our bedroom is his), and a pitbull who chews on everything, I keep things organized and out of the way. Where the bookcase is located, is in a corner of our bedroom next to the entertainment center. It’s nice because if I leave the door half open (not folded all of the way back), it blocks the top shelf. Making it so the casual passerby won’t see my brightly colored cocks, half bottle of Maximus water-based lube, or my modest porn collection (I say my porn collection because my husband prefers it online). Not that we have a lot of foot traffic in our room. It’s only when we give the dreaded “TOUR”. To the right of the book case is a metal brief case. This is where I store all of my glass toys. They’re in bags within the case, but I figured this was a nice way to keep them from getting jostled around when I’m getting to my silicone toys, batteries, etc. On the very top of the bookcase is where I keep massage oils and my drying rack. The drying rack is actually a cookie cooling sheet that I got for five bucks, and underneath it is a plastic zebra print place mat that I got at the 99cent store. It’s there to keep the water from warping the wood.

The books on the second shelf are all sex or fetish related, in some way or another. From a few penthouse mags, to artistic erotica. Some are books that I read once and despised, and there are others that are filled with fun facts that I use for toilet reading. Even though they take up precious storage room, I like knowing that they’re here rather than in my guest bedroom, mixed with my rather abundant library of classics and science fiction. That room does get foot traffic.

Now my favorite part. My bins. I am always, always on the look out for new storage. I just happened to be checking out the end caps of the home decor section of Target, and these bins caught my eye. My initial thought was “freshman dorm”. I’ve never been one for zebra print, but I took a chance on it. Turns out that when my toys are in it, you can’t discern what’s inside. I know exactly what’s in there, because I’m borderline OCD about organizing my toys. If you were to  glance at it, you’d see nothing but random glimpses of color.

 The larger boxes hold my extremely long dildos, odd shaped dildos, dildos in bags, large vibrators, candle collection, rope and shears. In the smaller boxes, I have my butt plugs in baggies, small bullets, a shit ton of batteries (my camera has been eating them up lately) and colored mesh wraps that I use for mood lighting. I have extras of both sizes for the future. I’m glad that I bought with that in mind, because as always when I went back today, they were already gone. There are different designs that they always have in stock (the kids section has different colored stripes and rainbow hearts), and they always get funky designs around the new school year.

-Keep in mind that all of the dildos that are in the bin above are all made by Tantus Inc. They themselves store their silicone toys together. Not all silicone toys can be kept together. I would not mix brands in my boxes. Call me paranoid, but there you go.

The huge piece of glass that is next to the bookcase is actually for a table top, to avoid scratching the wood. Instead of using it for that, I used it to avoid having to sterilize every single toy after taking my collection pictures. I know this doesn’t have anything to do with my bookcase, but I’ve been sitting on these pics for over a month and I have been itching to share them. Sometimes you gotta purge the urge.

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  1. Great photos! I love your storage setup!

  2. I’m envious of your pool!

  3. Awesome collection! I love how organized everything is, it really speaks to my own OCD.

    • Thanks DynamicKitty! I have organized and re-organized my collection so many times. For awhile there, when I was really stressed out, I would sit there and play Tetris with my toys (condensing them in storage). We all have our ways of relaxing. lol

  4. Oh wow, I love all the pictures!! And I’m insanely jealous. My two dildos are feeling a little lonely…

    Love the blog, btw, linking it to my blogroll. 🙂

  5. Dildoes? What dildoes? #poolslut

  6. Wow that looks great. Yanno, if you get bored you could always fly down here and organize our collection too. Oh, and bring the pool when you come (haha!)

  7. lol I would if I could! I LOVE organizing my toys. This is just wear I keep my dildos and vibes. I have other things in my nightstand and a huge wooden suitcase under the bed for bigger stuff.

    *I’d show up with a water balloon. 😛

  8. You are SO fucking organized. The Husband says that you can’t walk in this house without tripping over at least six dildos.

    • I wish I had that problem! lol I’ve always been a freak for boxes and bags for organizing. I just never do it. At least with my toys they’re easy to figure out. I have several junk drawers I can never completely organize. My dream storage is a hidden room behind a bookcase, with sensor lights lighting the glass displays. Or like a superhero, hit a button on the fireplace, a picture slides up and reveals your go-to dildos and vibrators (with a docking station)…yeah, I day dream a lot. lol

  9. That’s awesome I am trying to figure out now what I want to do for storing mine when I move.

  10. 1. That is great that you dont have to hide your toys, books or vids. 2. I love how organized you are. If I ever have a large collection as yours I would definitely do what you did though I think I might have to put mine in my closet. Though I dont have a lot of foot traffic but when I do its nosy people (family) that have no problem going through my things even if they are in boxes.

  11. That is amazing. I just love it when I find cute storage stuff at a great price, so I share your joy. 🙂

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