Jun 242013

These plugs of three, I could not let be. To be honest, I bought these three 100% platinum silicone plugs, because I wanted to add variety to my collection. I’d browsed for plugs multiple times and these three just kept popping up. The Neo caught my attention first because I knew it would work well to get into anal play after a long hiatus. Now, I’m not usually a fan of  texture, but the Juice and Twist  surprised me. A different plug, for different moods. Each has their own usefulness and perk. All of them have some flex to them, but no so much that they’re floppy. You can squeeze them, but they are more on the firm side. This works well for long term wear and DP. Then there is the buttery soft matte finish. The drag on the surface is nearly non-existent and it holds on to water-based lubes like a champ. When I first saw these three plugs, I immediately saw them as a Tantus set.


The Neo is my savior when it comes to getting back into anal. Personally there are weeks when I’m using my plugs nearly every day for hours on end. Then there are the weeks where life takes hold, and I’m not able to get in any butt time at all. When this happens I’m always careful about which plug I start off with. Before I got the Neo, I used Ryder (also by Tantus) to kick things off. There were times that it would work out well, but for the most part, I always ended up doing the “pain dance”. When I’m starting up with anal, the Neo’s smooth surface and tapered tip allows me to stretch safely. After I get it in place, it’s ridiculously comfortable. I wear my plugs for upwards of an hour, usually around three. The minimal base is what I love about all three of these plugs. They all have the same neck and über minimal but safe base.


Now, the Juice I was skeptical of. I honestly thought that I would “leak” while wearing this. Turns out that when wearing it, I do leak,  just not what I thought I would. I found that when I wear plugs, I eventually get hit with gas. I would say 90% of the time I’m always asking myself one question when this happens. “Am I going to push the plug out?” Not with the Juice. The texture running along the body, allows me to pass gas! When I first figured this out, I was cooking dinner and all of a sudden a bubble of gas violently descended. So while I was stirring the pasta I bent over slightly and started to sway my hips. I figured if this helped me pass gas when I was pregnant, why not now? And, it worked! It wasn’t a huge fart, but more of a slow gas leak. Even better in my opinion. Especially since farting with a plug in, can sound extra gross because of lube around the neck. The texture feels amazing internally too. I love that I get a little something extra with every movement.


This one I bought for sheer novelty. I couldn’t pass it up, but I didn’t think I could get it in. I was determined though. I womaned up and grabbed my lube. First I tried to “screw” it in. No go. It ended up just twisting my asshole around (yes, it was as painful as it sounds). The second time I went with the only other alternative, head on. I was scared of the texture.The distance between the threading is 1/4″ and the height is 1/8″, but it looks more intimidating in person. I mean if screwing it in hurt, how’s this going to be better? The answer is the soft curves. The soft ridges were gentler than anal beads in my opinion.  After I got it in, I wiggled my hips, made a figure eight, and wow. The texture felt amazing. When I have it in, the texture can be felt vaginally. Which is perfect for that something extra when you’re partaking in DP (double penetration).  The corkscrew made it so the Twist moved with my body, rather than feeling like it was snagging my colon. Even when removing it, the sensations made me quiver. I like the Twist, but I can only take it on if I’ve had anal play either earlier in the week or the day before.

The Base & Neck

I am in love with the base of these three plugs. The minimalistic design is fantastic for long term wear. I wear plugs while sitting, standing, driving, cleaning, the list goes on. One thing that tends to bother me is the base. Not with these plugs. The minimal base cuts down on chafing and painful sitting. I haven’t had them twist on me either, since the base sits so close to the body. The base for the three are nearly identical. The width of the base is the same for all three at 7/8″. The base length for both the Neo and Twist is 3″, but the Juice’s base length is 2 3/4″. Honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference while I wearing them. The necks of the these plugs are all the same at 3 1/2″ circumference. I think it’s the perfect width for long term wear or for getting back in the game. I wouldn’t use these plugs to warm up for a large dildo though. I do use them to open up for a larger plug.

The one thorn in my side…

There is one thing I didn’t like about all three of these plugs, and that’s the smell. For some reason they all came smelling strongly of plastic. I boiled them, bleached, and covered them in a baking soda paste. The smell diminished greatly, but it’s still apparent. After use, it retains the smell even after sterilization. I leave them out for a day and the ass smell is gone, but the plastic smell is still there. I was curious, so I did a flame test on the Neo’s base, with three matches, and it passed. I had no doubt in my mind that a Tantus product would pass, but I just wanted to check.


I am in love with these plugs. Even my Ryder (my first plug) has been benched by these plugs. The size of the three plugs are nearly all the same and they work regardless of when it last was, that I stuck an inanimate object into my butt. I love that they are silicone, because I LOVE sterilizable materials. Their flexibility mixed with their velvety smooth, matte finish makes them so comfortable to insert and wear. The minimal but fully functioning base design, makes wearing it in public a breeze, since you don’t have to reach in your pants to check it. I’m glad that I went with all three, even though it may seem excessive. I love being able to ask myself “Who am I going to play with today?”.

DO NOT USE WITH SILICONE LUBE, it may damage the toy. If you’re hell bent, spot test where it isn’t insertable.


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  1. Great review, I’d been wondering about all three of these plugs and haven’t gotten any of them yet but I think I’ll have to look into them at some point. Love your photos as always!

    • Thank you, I appreciate it! I wanted to do all three at once because they’re essentially the same from the neck down. They’re all great plugs, it’s just a question of what are you in the mood for? 🙂

  2. Great idea to do all 3 at once. Beautiful pictures of course! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences! Very helpful and informative.

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