Jun 302013

GE DIGITAL CAMERAIn the case of the Awesome Blossom by Doc Johnson, Beauty won over Sensibility. I took one look at the ridges on the shaft and thought, “Well, that looks painful.” Still, I was taken in by its beauty and went for it. I’ve given this toy at least 8 different attempts to play nice. Each time we start off nice and slow. Some nice teasing, drawn out temperature play. Slowly using the bulbous head and extreme ridges on my clit. It’s sublime. The Blossom gets me revved up and begging for a good time. Then when I start thrusting, it tries to rip out my vagina.

I’m not a big fan of textured glass dildos, but I have been known to enjoy one or two. So when I first held this one in my hands I prayed that my initial thoughts were wrong, but when I started to stroke it with soap to clean it, I was dubious of the possibilities. The ridges have edges, not soft curves. They’re extreme for those that are sensitive to texture. The Awesome Blossom may work well for those that like it rough and want some pain with their glass experience. I personally have chalked this one up as simply a lovely ornament in my collection.

A few things about the Awesome Blossom :GE DIGITAL CAMERA

  • It’s made from sturdy borosilicate glass (aka Pyrex or tempered glass)
  • Length 7 3/4″
  • Head Circumference 4 1/2″
  • Shaft Circumference 3 1/2″
  • Ridge Height 2mm
  • Base 1 5/8″

*The base is small in comparison to the shaft, so I don’t recommend taking this one to the butt.

I don’t have big lips, but every time I thrust with it, it felt like I was using a cheese grater instead of a beautiful glass dildo. I tried it in all different positions. On my back, with a pillow under my hips, lying on my stomach, on all fours and the results were always the same; OUCH. At first when I’m thrusting the toy, and not bearing down on it, it’s not so bad. As soon as I do bear down, I feel the the tugging of tender flesh.

One thing I that I found really distracting, aside for the the extreme texture, was the noise. With lube it sounds like you’re sucking Jell-O off a plate (yes I’ve done it before). This could make for fun sensory play, if you get off on extremely wet noises when using a toy. For me, I had trouble hearing my porn-of-the-day while thrusting.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAI tried hitting my g-spot with the Awesome Blossom and found that the texture held me back. Usually I can use short, deep thrusts to really give my g-spot a pounding. I figured this would work well with the texture as I won’t be needing to numb my lips to do it, but again I was wrong. It was as though the ridges had grabbed my vaginal walls and were trying to take them along for the ride to my g-spot. The slight curve of the dildo did hit my g-spot, so it is possible. That I do know. After that, the texture was just too much for me to continue.

Like I said before I’ve given the Awesome Blossom many times to make nice with my vagina. Each time it’s left me feeling like I took a rake to my lips and vaginal wall. I love that it’s glass and sterilizable. It’s a beautiful piece, and it’s great for external pleasure. It holds cold well, and the round head makes for great clit stim.

If you want to feel like you’re getting fucked by barbed-wire, be my guest. Personally I’m done trying to love this one. It’s only purposes in my collection are for external warm up and teasing. That and something beautiful to photograph.

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Jun 282013

Since I’ve just started being self-hosted and am new to WordPress, please bear with me as I figure everything out. It may be quick, it may be slow, either way I’m here and I’m going to continue doing what I love. Thank you for your patience and support. This is really confusing and new, but I have faith that I’ll figure it out, especially with the help of my computer savvy friends.

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Jun 262013

I was taking a small photo shoot out by the pool for a “my collection” page I’m working on, and I heard the gate open. Well, I panicked thinking that it was the pool guy or our gardener, so I scrambled to pick up all of my dildos at once. Needless to say, I was spastic and ended up knocking them all over. Then I ran over and put them on the dirty patio table, to investigate the noise….it was the neighbor’s gate. Idiot. So, I figured what the hell. They’re already out, might as well boil ’em.

Jun 242013

These plugs of three, I could not let be. To be honest, I bought these three 100% platinum silicone plugs, because I wanted to add variety to my collection. I’d browsed for plugs multiple times and these three just kept popping up. The Neo caught my attention first because I knew it would work well to get into anal play after a long hiatus. Now, I’m not usually a fan of  texture, but the Juice and Twist  surprised me. A different plug, for different moods. Each has their own usefulness and perk. All of them have some flex to them, but no so much that they’re floppy. You can squeeze them, but they are more on the firm side. This works well for long term wear and DP. Then there is the buttery soft matte finish. The drag on the surface is nearly non-existent and it holds on to water-based lubes like a champ. When I first saw these three plugs, I immediately saw them as a Tantus set.


The Neo is my savior when it comes to getting back into anal. Personally there are weeks when I’m using my plugs nearly every day for hours on end. Then there are the weeks where life takes hold, and I’m not able to get in any butt time at all. When this happens I’m always careful about which plug I start off with. Before I got the Neo, I used Ryder (also by Tantus) to kick things off. There were times that it would work out well, but for the most part, I always ended up doing the “pain dance”. When I’m starting up with anal, the Neo’s smooth surface and tapered tip allows me to stretch safely. After I get it in place, it’s ridiculously comfortable. I wear my plugs for upwards of an hour, usually around three. The minimal base is what I love about all three of these plugs. They all have the same neck and über minimal but safe base.


Now, the Juice I was skeptical of. I honestly thought that I would “leak” while wearing this. Turns out that when wearing it, I do leak,  just not what I thought I would. I found that when I wear plugs, I eventually get hit with gas. I would say 90% of the time I’m always asking myself one question when this happens. “Am I going to push the plug out?” Not with the Juice. The texture running along the body, allows me to pass gas! When I first figured this out, I was cooking dinner and all of a sudden a bubble of gas violently descended. So while I was stirring the pasta I bent over slightly and started to sway my hips. I figured if this helped me pass gas when I was pregnant, why not now? And, it worked! It wasn’t a huge fart, but more of a slow gas leak. Even better in my opinion. Especially since farting with a plug in, can sound extra gross because of lube around the neck. The texture feels amazing internally too. I love that I get a little something extra with every movement.


This one I bought for sheer novelty. I couldn’t pass it up, but I didn’t think I could get it in. I was determined though. I womaned up and grabbed my lube. First I tried to “screw” it in. No go. It ended up just twisting my asshole around (yes, it was as painful as it sounds). The second time I went with the only other alternative, head on. I was scared of the texture.The distance between the threading is 1/4″ and the height is 1/8″, but it looks more intimidating in person. I mean if screwing it in hurt, how’s this going to be better? The answer is the soft curves. The soft ridges were gentler than anal beads in my opinion.  After I got it in, I wiggled my hips, made a figure eight, and wow. The texture felt amazing. When I have it in, the texture can be felt vaginally. Which is perfect for that something extra when you’re partaking in DP (double penetration).  The corkscrew made it so the Twist moved with my body, rather than feeling like it was snagging my colon. Even when removing it, the sensations made me quiver. I like the Twist, but I can only take it on if I’ve had anal play either earlier in the week or the day before.

The Base & Neck

I am in love with the base of these three plugs. The minimalistic design is fantastic for long term wear. I wear plugs while sitting, standing, driving, cleaning, the list goes on. One thing that tends to bother me is the base. Not with these plugs. The minimal base cuts down on chafing and painful sitting. I haven’t had them twist on me either, since the base sits so close to the body. The base for the three are nearly identical. The width of the base is the same for all three at 7/8″. The base length for both the Neo and Twist is 3″, but the Juice’s base length is 2 3/4″. Honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference while I wearing them. The necks of the these plugs are all the same at 3 1/2″ circumference. I think it’s the perfect width for long term wear or for getting back in the game. I wouldn’t use these plugs to warm up for a large dildo though. I do use them to open up for a larger plug.

The one thorn in my side…

There is one thing I didn’t like about all three of these plugs, and that’s the smell. For some reason they all came smelling strongly of plastic. I boiled them, bleached, and covered them in a baking soda paste. The smell diminished greatly, but it’s still apparent. After use, it retains the smell even after sterilization. I leave them out for a day and the ass smell is gone, but the plastic smell is still there. I was curious, so I did a flame test on the Neo’s base, with three matches, and it passed. I had no doubt in my mind that a Tantus product would pass, but I just wanted to check.


I am in love with these plugs. Even my Ryder (my first plug) has been benched by these plugs. The size of the three plugs are nearly all the same and they work regardless of when it last was, that I stuck an inanimate object into my butt. I love that they are silicone, because I LOVE sterilizable materials. Their flexibility mixed with their velvety smooth, matte finish makes them so comfortable to insert and wear. The minimal but fully functioning base design, makes wearing it in public a breeze, since you don’t have to reach in your pants to check it. I’m glad that I went with all three, even though it may seem excessive. I love being able to ask myself “Who am I going to play with today?”.

DO NOT USE WITH SILICONE LUBE, it may damage the toy. If you’re hell bent, spot test where it isn’t insertable.


Jun 212013

 I don’t hide my toys, but I don’t keep them all around the house either. Between my son (who assumes everything  outside of our bedroom is his), and a pitbull who chews on everything, I keep things organized and out of the way. Where the bookcase is located, is in a corner of our bedroom next to the entertainment center. It’s nice because if I leave the door half open (not folded all of the way back), it blocks the top shelf. Making it so the casual passerby won’t see my brightly colored cocks, half bottle of Maximus water-based lube, or my modest porn collection (I say my porn collection because my husband prefers it online). Not that we have a lot of foot traffic in our room. It’s only when we give the dreaded “TOUR”. To the right of the book case is a metal brief case. This is where I store all of my glass toys. They’re in bags within the case, but I figured this was a nice way to keep them from getting jostled around when I’m getting to my silicone toys, batteries, etc. On the very top of the bookcase is where I keep massage oils and my drying rack. The drying rack is actually a cookie cooling sheet that I got for five bucks, and underneath it is a plastic zebra print place mat that I got at the 99cent store. It’s there to keep the water from warping the wood.

The books on the second shelf are all sex or fetish related, in some way or another. From a few penthouse mags, to artistic erotica. Some are books that I read once and despised, and there are others that are filled with fun facts that I use for toilet reading. Even though they take up precious storage room, I like knowing that they’re here rather than in my guest bedroom, mixed with my rather abundant library of classics and science fiction. That room does get foot traffic.

Now my favorite part. My bins. I am always, always on the look out for new storage. I just happened to be checking out the end caps of the home decor section of Target, and these bins caught my eye. My initial thought was “freshman dorm”. I’ve never been one for zebra print, but I took a chance on it. Turns out that when my toys are in it, you can’t discern what’s inside. I know exactly what’s in there, because I’m borderline OCD about organizing my toys. If you were to  glance at it, you’d see nothing but random glimpses of color.

 The larger boxes hold my extremely long dildos, odd shaped dildos, dildos in bags, large vibrators, candle collection, rope and shears. In the smaller boxes, I have my butt plugs in baggies, small bullets, a shit ton of batteries (my camera has been eating them up lately) and colored mesh wraps that I use for mood lighting. I have extras of both sizes for the future. I’m glad that I bought with that in mind, because as always when I went back today, they were already gone. There are different designs that they always have in stock (the kids section has different colored stripes and rainbow hearts), and they always get funky designs around the new school year.

-Keep in mind that all of the dildos that are in the bin above are all made by Tantus Inc. They themselves store their silicone toys together. Not all silicone toys can be kept together. I would not mix brands in my boxes. Call me paranoid, but there you go.

The huge piece of glass that is next to the bookcase is actually for a table top, to avoid scratching the wood. Instead of using it for that, I used it to avoid having to sterilize every single toy after taking my collection pictures. I know this doesn’t have anything to do with my bookcase, but I’ve been sitting on these pics for over a month and I have been itching to share them. Sometimes you gotta purge the urge.

Jun 212013

Before I got the Salsa in my hands I felt like I was living the words of the Bonnie Tyler’s song Holding Out For A Hero. I was waiting for a vibe that would take me away, save me from disposable batteries and the sound of a thousand wasp nests, but had mind blowing power. I was doubtful at first. It was like looking at Clark Kent and trying to see Super Man. You knew it was him, but you couldn’t get past your doubts. Well, I finally did. I got the chance to to fly around the bedroom with this quiet delight.

I feel liberated. I feel free. I feel like I’m finally in the “know”.  I feel like a testimonial on an infomercial. “Before I found the Salsa I spent tons of money on disposable batteries (cue falling money on the green screen), and my husband was constantly waking up when I was using my old toys (cue husband violently tossing and turning). It took me forever to cum with my old vibrators (cue rapid time lapse). Now I’m saving money for new toys, my husband sleeps soundly, and I’m currently a boneless heap of flesh.” Sometimes you have to take the leap of faith with highly revered toys. I did and my feet still haven’t touched the ground.

The Salsa works GREAT as a substitute bullet for vibrating toys. There are some toys that I wouldn’t risk it getting stuck, but there many toys this will work well for. Like bullet sleeves and ticklers. The Salsa takes the nice design and amps it up to 11. Make sure you spread a little bit of lube on the Salsa when inserting it into the toy, this helps getting the Salsa out, without having to reach for needle nosed pliers. Before you stick your Salsa into another toy, check to see how difficult it is to get the bullet out that’s include with the toy. I thought I would be able to stick my Salsa in my Flex by Tantus, but before I did, I used the bullet that was included. Even with lube, the bullet got stuck, and I ended up fucking with it until I broke it. So before you risk your bullet, check to make sure retrieval is easy and safe for the toy.

*With that in mind, do not use this toy for anal insertion. You think losing it in a toy is bad, imagine sitting in the ER waiting for them to call your name. It’s dangerous and very risky. Don’t risk puncturing your colon, just because you think you have a handle on it. So I say this with love, DON’T STICK IT IN YOUR BUTT.

The Salsa is waterproof, so this opens the doors to many fantastic places you can use it. You can use it in the bath, shower, pool, in the rain. It’s up to you. I love not having to worry about it, when I’m hopping into the shower for some fun time.
Some quick stats on the Salsa –

-It’s made from hard 100% body safe ABS plastic (the same thing Legos are made out of). It’s made from food grade material, it’s non-porous, phthalates-free, latex-free, and hypo-allergenic. Yay! It can be used with all types of lubricants. Which can be tricky if you’re going to couple it with a silicone toy. Do not use silicone lubricants with silicone toys. If you insist on using silicone lube, spot check it on an area of the silicone toy that is not insertable, before you proceed.

-It’s 3 1/4″ long and the circumference is 2 1/4″.  The slightly flared base is 2 1/2″ in circumference.

-It comes with a magnetic charger, that when including the plug-in, reaches 6 feet in length. (This is great if your plugs are in hard to reach places.)
Okay, now onto the fun stuff. The Salsa.

When you get the Salsa it needs to be charged for 90 minutes. You’ll know it’s charging by a small pin hole light on the charger. When it’s finished the light will shut off. Keep an eye on the clock, as the light may go off if there is a weak connection. Magnetic chargers can be finicky about the connection. When you press the button on the base, you’ll see that you don’t need to press it hard. I’ve found with other vibes that you have to press extremely hard for it register. Not with the Salsa, there’s no need to try and shove your finger in there to turn it on. After it’s on, you can run through the different vibration patterns. The Salsa has 8 vibration patterns.

1  LOW  3000 rpm VIBE

2  MEDIUM  3600 rpm VIBE

3  HIGH  4200 rpm VIBE

4  ULTRA  4800 rpm VIBE


6   WAVE



To turn the toy on, you simply press the button. To turn it off, you hold the button down for three seconds. When you start it back up, it will start on the last pattern you used. The only way for it to start on the lowest setting is if you flip through the patterns to turn it off.

Each of these vibrations is relatively quiet. It can be slightly heard from under the covers, but impossible to hear through a closed door. The vibrations of the toy can be felt strongly in your hand when in use, but it isn’t an overly buzzy vibration, so it doesn’t hurt your hand. Nothing worse than feeling like you’re holding on to an electronic shock pad, when you’re trying to get off.

I love that cleaning the Salsa is so easy. You can use a baby wipe, soap and water, or wipe is down with isopropyl alcohol. I love it because I tend to leave my Salsa in a desk organizer in my top drawer of my night stand. A quick wipe, and away it goes.

Now the packaging for the Salsa is interesting. It’s a nice look, but can be a hassle to use for storage. I personally have only held on to it for this review. It comes with a white satin bag that is big enough to hold the Salsa vibe and the charger. Making it nice if you need a small bag to take on the road with you. The white satin bag is folded within a small plastic bag, and in the white box, along with the charger/power cord. Under the small box is the small manual that has extremely basic instructions (basically everything I told you about charging it before use). The actual charging port is removable from the power cord, and is held in place by a plastic positioner along with the Salsa. My Salsa was shipped in a bubble bag and it got to me unscathed. So, know that the packaging is made of sturdy material and will keep your toy safe during shipment (that doesn’t mean you can go stomp on it).

To be honest, it took me awhile to get around to investing in the Salsa, I was a skeptical non-believer. When I heard that We-Vibe was discontinuing it, I knew I had to get my hands on this unicorn before it was nothing but a fantastical legend told by sex bloggers the world over. Fortunately when it came, I had a lot going on, so I was able to leave it on the charger without hovering over it. I took it upstairs for the test. Pants off, laying on the bed, I started it up. It took me a second to figure out that it didn’t take more than a simple press of the button to turn it on, but when I got it up to the 4th setting (my favorite) I had to sit up. I couldn’t believe that such a small vibe held this much power AND that it was so quiet. *Boom* Mind blown. Then when I touched it to my clit, I jumped. I’ve had vibes that dance around in my hand like ferret on crack, but when in use they were seriously weak. Not the Salsa. The crazy dance it did in my hand, was the same on my clit. Even with extra pressure it powered on. Within two minutes the Salsa (with the help of a personal fave from my Spank Bank) had me on the verge of slipping into post-orgasmic coma. I say verge because I had to shake it off and go pick my kid up from day care. I’m happy to say that since then I use it at least once a day or night, and each time the results are the same–Bliss.

I use clit vibes primarily for a quick thrill. I like to be able to stop whatever I’m doing, get out my vibe for a quickie, and be back to whatever I was doing within a few minutes. I don’t always do this, but for the most part, it’s what I’m able to get in during a busy day. Since I received it two weeks ago, I’ve only had to charge it three times (that’s including the first charge). I’ve used it at least 6 different times on a single charge. There is a very slight decline in power as it loses it’s charge. It’s very small but noticeable. Just know that after you feel that slight loss of power that it’s going to come to an end soon, because within two uses it’ll just die. No drawn out death rattle, just done. I keep my charger plugged in behind my nightstand, with the magnetic charging port next to my lamp. The length of the cord is great if you live in a place where outlets are few and far in between.

I love my new found hero, the Salsa. I wish the charge lasted longer, but with the cord being right there, charging is a breeze. I thought the small size would make my hand cramp, but because of its power I don’t have to apply much pressure. The small size makes it great to use with a dildo as larger vibes can pinch delicate flesh between the itself and the dildo of day. I’m thoroughly impressed and am proud to say that I am now a believer.

~The Salsa IS being discontinued. So snatch it up while you still can.~


Jun 202013

Well, here I am.

I was participating on a certain website as a sex toy reviewer, but due to the most recent bull shit, I’ve left. I love writing reviews on sex toys, talking to people about sex in general, and adding toys to my repertoire. So, to keep going with it, here I am.

I’m going to be writing about all of that, along with other things bouncing around in my head. Be prepared for random thoughts, strange similes, and extreme metaphors. This is my blog, and I’ll do what I want.

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