Dec 132014
Review: Amsterdam from Tantus

Mondo Cock. That’s the Amsterdam for you. Think big and then double it. It’s a pillar of black silicone waiting for a hole that’s up to the challenge. I couldn’t pass up the chance to give this behemoth a try. I consider myself a bit of a size queen, so naturally I had to give Read More

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Oct 152014

I’m working on a project for my Communications 12 class, and it’s supposed to be a mixed genre piece. I chose sex as my subject. I want to convey that sex is amazing, but for people to be safe. I’m working on how to make this interesting, informative, while still entertaining. I thought, “Oh, I’ll Read More

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Oct 092014
My Life Right Now.

Lately, I’ve been plagued by guilt. I’ve been feeling guilty for not reviewing. I am still active on Twitter, Instagram, and talk to my sex blogger friends on the outs, but I haven’t reviewed in a long time. Here’s why: When I was registering for classes this semester, I was full of high expectations for Read More

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Aug 062014
Review: Ceramix No. 10 from Pipedream

It’s beautiful, and that’s all it has to offer. I love the color scheme of the Ceramix No. 10 from Pipedreams. I think it’s wonderful that they are trying to bring ceramic sex toys to the masses, but they need to bring stronger vibrations to the mix. Ceramic toys sealed with a body-safe glaze, are Read More

Jun 262014
Package of the Day - The Hammer from Doc Johnson

As soon as I saw SheVibe’s Instagram video of The Hammer, I wanted it. I was stoked to find out that it was open to review. It has not left my side since I opened the package yesterday afternoon. I’m not kidding, I had it on my nightstand when I woke up this morning. I’m Read More

Jun 192014
Package of the Day - Seduction from NobEssence

My first wooden toy! I’ve been wanting to try wood for a long time now, and the time has finally come! When I saw the mail person at the mailbox, I tried to play it cool. I took the trash cans up, trying to keep my excitement contained (I seriously was afraid I’d tackle the Read More

Jun 172014
Package of the Day - Amsterdam from Tantus Inc.

It’s here! I am excited and giddy about the Amsterdam from Tantus. LOOK AT IT. It’s a colossus cock. I’m still in awe of how huge it is, in my hands. I was surprised that it made my huge boiling pot look like a pathetic little sauce pan. I’m looking forward to taking on the Read More

Jun 142014
Review: Revel Body by True Sonic Technology

I have two versions of the Revel Body; the first and second version. The first version I received was quickly deemed obsolete and a second version came out soon after. The first version was extremely weak, and the instruction manual was ridiculous. It had 8 pages of warnings; such as “Don’t use on loose skin.” Read More